SoCal-Elite Sports Partners with Source of Life Foundation

Irvine, CA – SoCal-Elite Sports has partnered with the Source of Life Foundation (SOL). SoCal-Elite and SOL will be hosting a free youth basketball clinic this coming Monday night, December 29th, at the South Coast Chinese Cultural Center.

For more info, view the flyer below!

Source of Life Foundation Basketball Clinic

Kobe Bryant Jab Step

Basketball Fundamental: Jab Step

The “Jab Step” has been and will still be one of my favorite basketball moves after catching the ball. A jab step is when you fake that you drive to one direction towards the basket, then drive towards the opposite direction or shoot the ball. Here are the key steps on how to execute a good jab step.

Step 1: Establish a pivot foot. Once you catch the ball, you have to establish which foot will be the pivot foot, the foot that does not move, and establish the jab step foot, the foot opposite of your pivot foot which you will utilize to perform your jab step. After you catch the ball, the first foot that moves off the ground will be your jab step foot, while the foot that does not move will be your pivot foot. If you do not set a pivot foot, the referee will call a traveling violation on you.

Step 2: Get in attack position. For the jab step to be effective, you do not want to be upright and not in a position to either attack the basket, shoot or pass. Make sure you have solid triple threat to keep the defensive players guessing while keeping the ball away from the defensive player. If you stand upright and not in any position to perform a basketball move, a good defensive player will take advantage and try to steal the ball away from you.

Step 3: Perform the jab step. When you perform the jab step, you do not want to step away from the basket since that will negate the effectiveness of the jab step. What you have to do is to step towards the same side as your jab step foot to attack the defensive player guarding you and towards the basket. Also, make sure your pivot foot does not move, otherwise it will be a traveling violation.

Step 4: See what the defensive player does. If the defensive does not react to your jab step, then just drive towards the basket. If the defensive player does react however, you have the option of putting your right foot back and shoot the ball, drive towards the opposite side of the defensive player, or take another jab.

Footnote: When you drive towards the basket after performing the jab step, utilize your body to seal off the defensive player from getting in front of you, especially if the defensive player guards you tightly.

If you would like to master the jab step move along with other fundamental basketball moves that will make you a better basketball player, please join and sign up for our Weekly Training Basketball Academy.

Youth Girls Basketball

SoCal-Elite Announces 2014-15 Winter Girls Basketball League + Training Program

Register Now: 2014-15 Winter Girls Basketball League / Girls Only AAU Training Program

Irvine, CA – SoCal-Elite Sports is excited to announce a special new offer for all girls basketball players! This summer, SoCal-Elite is offering a ‘Girls Only’ AAU Training Program as part of the 2014-15 Winter Basketball League. The Training Program ($79 value) is included FREE until August 15th, 2014.

As part of the Training Program, SoCal-Elite will be partnering with Concordia University of Irvine’s Women’s Basketball program and Head Coach Trisha Stafford-Odom. During her playing career, Stafford-Odom starred in the WNBA and other basketball leagues overseas. Stafford-Odom was also a two-time 1st Team All-Pac 10 selection for her outstanding play for the California Bears. Following her playing career and prior to coaching at Concordia University of Irvine, Stafford-Odom coached at UCLA, Duke, and University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC.

The Training Program will also feature the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball — the next-generation basketball that is revolutionizing training with its bluetooth connectivity and accompanying smartphone mobile application.

SoCal-Elite’s Girls Only AAU Training Program will begin in September and run through October. Sessions will be Sunday nights from 6-8PM at Concordia University of Irvine’s Gym. Along with training from some of the highest-regarded women’s coaches in America, girls players who sign up for this program will also receive: a FREE ‘The Academy’ t-shirt, a FREE Mikasa basketball, a FREE draw-string backpack, a FREE kids meal, and FREE tickets to Concordia University Basketball home games. The program is available exclusively for girls who register for SoCal-Elite’s 2014-15 Winter Girls Basketball league.

SoCal-Elite’s Winter Youth Basketball League provides girls basketball players (K-8th grade) with a chance to play with girls their own grade and skill level. The League includes 8-10 Sunday basketball games (Saturday OR Sunday for K-2nd grade teams) at local Irvine / Tustin Unified School District Gyms. SoCal-Elite’s Winter Girls Basketball League also provides youth girls basketball players with a complete uniform, guaranteed equal participation for all players, and weekly team practices. Since all girls who sign up will be guaranteed equal playing time, no previous experience is required to play.

To take advantage of the Girls Only AAU Training Program for free, register for SoCal-Elite’s 2014-15 Winter Girls Basketball League by August 15th. Registration is open now and space is limited for the AAU Training Program, so please make sure to register as soon as possible!

2014-15 Winter Girls Basketball League