Club Basketball

Club Teams 3rd – 6Grey

  • 3rd Grade Black

    Coach:  Lindsay

    Tuesday’s | SCCCA Gym 6:30p-7:50p
    Friday’s | Irvine HS Gym 6p-7:30p

  • 4th Grade Black

    Coach:  Allan

    Monday’s | SCCCA Gym 4:00p-5:30p
    Thursday’s | SCCCA Gym 6:30p-7:50p

  • 5th Grade Black

    Coach:  Jason

    Monday’s | SCCCA Gym 5:00p-6:30p
    Wednesday’s | OH Gym 7p-8:30p

  • 5th Girls Black

    Coach:  Paul


    Monday’s | OH Gym 5:30p-7p
    Friday’s | Irvine HS Gym 6:00p-7:30p

  • 6th Grade Grey

    Coach:  Jason

    Wednesday’s | OH Gym 5:30p-7p
    Friday’s | Irvine HS Gym 6:00p-7:30p

Club Teams 6Blk – 8th

  • 6th Grade Black

    Coach:  Bim/Drew

    Monday’s | SCCCA Gym 5:30p-7p
    Wednesday’s | OH Gym 5:30p-7p

  • 7th Grade Black

    Coach:  Bim/Drew

    Monday’s | SCCCA Gym 4p-5:30p
    Wednesday’s | OH Gym 7p-8:30p

  • 8th Grade Black

    Coach:  Seng

    Monday’s | SCCCA Gym 5:30p-7p
    Friday’s | Irvine HS Gym 6:00p-7:30p

  • 7/8th Girls Black

    Coach:  Lindsay

    Try-outs Coming Soon!
    Monday’s | Orchard Hills Gym

2016 Club Seasons

  • Fall

    September – December

  • Winter

    January – April

  • Spring/Summer

    May – July | Try-out End of April | Early May

SoCal Elite Club Head Coaches


Director / Head Coach – 6th Blk & 7th Blk

Played college basketball at SJSU; former college coach.

Email Club:


Head Coach – 5th Blk & 6th Grey

Former high school coach with over 10 years experience.


Head Coach – 4th Blk

Played college basketball at UOP | Club Coach 4 years


Head Coach – Boys 3rd Blk &  Girls 7/8th Blk

High School Varsity coach with over 10 years experience.


Head Coach – 8th Blk

Club Basketball Coach 8 years

2016 Fall Tournaments Schedule

  • Sept. 24th/25th

    Sept. 24th/25th

  • Oct. 8th/9th | 22nd/23rd

    SGV Aloha Classic Event Oct. 8th/9th – ASC / TBD
    SoCal Elite Super 8 Event Oct. 22nd/23rd – Ladera Sports Center

  • Nov. 5th/6th | 19th/20th

    Nov.  5th/6th LSC *Tentative
    Nov. 19th/20th SNU Showtime

  • Dec. 10th/11th | 17th/18th

    Dec. 10th/11th Edge Super 8 Event
    Dec. 17th/18th Open Gym Premier

2017 Winter Tournaments Schedule TBD

  • Jan. TBD


  • Feb. TBD

    SGV Invitational

  • Mar. TBD

    Nikos Tournament

  • Apr. TBD



SoCal Elite’s Club Basketball Program is for those players who have progressed beyond the SoCal Elite Recreational Leagues or other City Leagues. Club Basketball is the best place to compete against the best youth basketball players and teams in the area. The SoCal ‘Elite’ will travel and play the top youth level teams in the area as well as some teams from outside the area.

Please understand that this is a high level of commitment and tournament weekends will take up most of the weekend. This is however, the program for those players who want to be challenged and want to play High School basketball or beyond. SoCal Elite’s teams are formed through tryouts and feature non-parent professional coaches. There will be a full team tryout in August and additional tryouts, depending on how many players we need to add per season.

Each team consists of 10 players and there are up to two teams per grade level. The club basketball year is broken up into three seasons: Spring/Summer (April – July), Fall (September – December) and Winter (January – March). We expect that if you choose to play, you are fully committed to that season and expected to travel outside of the city to play in weekend tournaments and/or leagues. Most tournaments will be in Orange County, CA but this past year featured tournaments in Sacramento, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego and Las Vegas.


We do not expect a year-long commitment, but we do expect a season commitment. For example, if you want to play club basketball and baseball, then you could play the first two seasons and opt out of the third season to go play baseball. All players and parents must sign a commitment contract before being selected on a team. We expect players and families to have a commitment to the team for the duration of the season including mandatory weekly team practices.

Note: Once teams are formed, you will have to wait for someone to leave to take someone’s spot. There are no refunds and once you are on a team, you are on the team for that entire season.


– Two indoor team practices per week.
– Paid professional coach for all practices and games.
– One or Two club tournaments per month.
– Optional weekly academy training on Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursdays depending of grade level and skill sets.  Please visits our Academy page for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my child play in SoCal Elite’s club basketball program?

SoCal Elite’s Club Basketball teams are a great opportunity for your child to play against the top competition in Southern California. This exposure to the best competition is paramount to a players’ improvement on a grander stage. Our club teams play in 1-2 tournaments per month and practice three times per week in indoor gymnasiums. Playing on a SoCal Elite Club team is a great way to develop camaraderie with fellow teammates, all while playing against top-notch competition. Unique to SoCal Elite, we will assist you with any financial difficulties you have; our main focus is to make sure that those players who CAN play at the club level, DO play at the club level.

How do SoCal Elite’s club basketball teams work?

SoCal Elite’s club basketball teams have two (2) team practices with their head coach per week. In addition to two team practices per week, club players will also have access to weekly fundamental training at The Academy with SoCal Elite trainers. This system is designed to help your child improve as a basketball player and develop chemistry with teammates, all while allowing them to make time for other obligations. In addition, there is a mandatory ‘open gym clinic’ every Friday night for additional practice before the weekend.

How long is the Club season?

The full Club year runs from mid-September to mid-August and is divided into three seasons: Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer. Each season runs 3-4 months.

How many days will my son/daughter have practice?

Each week there are two 90-minute team practices, with a one-hour clinic practice on Fridays.

How many players are on a team?

There are 8-10 players on each team at all grade levels. In cases where we have enough at a grade level to form two teams, there will be a Black and a Grey team. Players will be placed accordingly at the coaches’ discretion.

How many coaches are involved with each team?

Each team will have a Head Coach. Friday clinics will be run by each and every one of our team coaches on a rotational schedule.

Will my son/daughter have guaranteed playing time?

Club basketball is different from Recreational League basketball in that there is no guaranteed playing time for any player. Coaches will do their best to get every player in the game, but some players will play more than others.

How many tournaments do you play in and how often?

We play in two tournaments per month. Most tournaments will have games on both a Saturday and Sunday. Some will be over holiday weekends with play over three days.

How soon in advance will we know the game times for a tournament?

We realize that every family has schedules outside of basketball and like to plan their weekend in advance. However, tournament schedules in Club basketball are typically not set until the Thursday night before a tournament. Schedules are set by the tournament organizers and not by us, unless it is a SoCal Elite sponsored event. We send out schedules as soon as we get them to give our families as much notice as we can. Please know that some scheduled dates can/will change due to changes set by the tournament host which are out of our control.

Do you play in out-of-town tournaments that require hotel stay?

Most of our tournaments will be local. However, we will play in 2-3 out of town tournaments in Santa Barbara, San Diego and Las Vegas. These are scheduled during the Spring and Summer where travel does not interfere with school schedules. Hotel stay is recommended.

Do tournaments cost extra?

Tournament fees are calculated at the beginning of each season and are due with Club fees. However, every tournament charges an entry fee for spectators. Parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. will pay a daily fee and sometimes a parking fee for each car. The fee is set by the tournament host and is not controlled by SoCal-Elite.

Can we drop out if it’s not for us?

We ask that every player make a commitment they plan to honor for the entire season. Pulling out of the program mid-season is disruptive to the program and the team process. After one season ends and before the next one begins, each player will be asked to recommit for that upcoming season. This would be the point at which a player can move on to pursue other interests if he/she so chooses.

What is AAU Basketball? And why do we need AAU membership?

AAU basketball is the largest governing body of club basketball in the country. While not all tournaments are AAU sanctioned events, we will be participating in several throughout the year. We require that all coaches and players purchase the extended AB membership which not only allows us to play in AAU events, but also gives everyone insurance in any of our events. The membership is valid until September 1st of the calendar year regardless of purchase date.

What does Club basketball cost?

Club basketball has a higher cost than recreational basketball. We offer a cheaper pay-all-up-front option or a two-pay option. Understand that we have to pay for the following: Gym rent for all practices, coaches, web management, and tournaments, which can add up when it is a small group. For a typical 4-month season, the cost is around $900 per player, which includes 7-8 tournaments and all practices and associated fees.

Are uniforms and other gear included in the cost?

Uniforms are separate and not included in the fee as most players are returning. We only require players to purchase a new uniform if they do not have a current SoCal Elite club uniform.

What happens next after my son/daughter makes the team?

If your son/daughter makes a team, SoCal Elite will contact you and set up a team meeting to introduce your entire team and answer any questions you may have. This will be done within the first week of practice. We will announce teams no later than 48 hours after the final tryout.