2016-17 SoCal Elite Basketball Winter League – Welcome Letter + Important Dates

Hello Parents,

Thank you for registering for the 2016-17 SoCal Elite Winter Basketball League! We are excited for the upcoming season as it is only a few weeks away!

For those who have friends and/or family who would still like to register, please inform them that Winter League Registration CLOSES on Friday October 21st.

Please review the Important Dates/Info below by scrolling down!

Youth Winter League 3rd-12th Important Dates

Oct 23rd:  3rd-8th Grade EVALUATIONS: Check for Updates Click Here!
Nov 1st:  Team Drafts Starts Ending on Nov. 10th
Nov 13th:  Weekend NO GAMES, take off for Veterans Day
Nov 20th:  First scrimmage date for youth games
Nov 29th:  1st Week Schedule released
Dec. 3rd/4th:  START OF 2016-17 ROOKIE WINTER LEAGUE
Week 1 | Dec 3rd/4th | 1st Week Games
Week 2 | Dec 10th/11th | 2nd Week Games
Week 3 | Dec 17th/18th | 3rd Week Games

Dec.  19th- Jan. 6th: Winter Holiday Break – Off – NO GAMES

Week 4 | Jan 7th/8th | 4th Week Games
Week 5 | Jan 14th/15th | 5th Week Games
Week 6 | Jan 21st/22nd | 6th Week Games
Week 7 | Jan 28th/29th | 7th Week Games
Week 8 | Feb 4th or Feb 12th | 8th Week Games
Week 9 | Feb 11th or Feb 19th | 9th Week Tournament Play
Week 10 | Feb 18th or Feb 25th | 10th Week Championship Games


Rookie League PreK thru 2nd Important Dates

Nov 20th:  Jersey/Ball Pickup
Nov 29th:  Team Rosters released
Nov 29th: 1st Week Schedule released
Dec. 3rd/4th:  START OF 2016-17 ROOKIE WINTER LEAGUE
Week 1 | Dec 3rd/4th | 1st Week Practice/Scrimmage | Make up jersey pickup at Irvine HS
Week 2 | Dec 10th/11th | 2nd Week Practice/Scrimmage
Week 3 | Dec 17th/18th | 3rd Week Practice/Scrimmage

Dec.  19th- Jan. 6th: Winter Holiday Break – Off – NO GAMES

Week 4 | Jan 7th/8th | 4th Week Practice/Scrimmage
Week 5 | Jan 14th/15th | 5th Week Practice/Scrimmage
Week 6 | Jan 21st/22nd | 6th Week Practice/Scrimmage
Week 7 | Jan 28th/29th | 7th Week Practice/Scrimmage
Week 8 | Feb 4th or Feb 12th | 8th Week Practice/Scrimmage

Thank you again for registering for the 2016-17 Winter League. More information is to follow soon!
If any questions, please email SoCal Elite at INFO@SOCALELITE.ORG

Thank you,

SoCal Elite Staff

2016 SoCal Elite Fall Basketball League – Final Weekend!

League Information – Final Weekend!

Hello Parents!

This weekend marks the final games for the 2016 Fall League.

Please make sure to confirm your players’ schedule for Sunday October 16th.

Schedule: Click Here!

SoCal Elite Basketball 2016 Fall League WEEK FOUR (4)

Hello Parents!

Please review the info below as we enter week 4 of the Fall League:

Please confirm your team’s schedule for Sunday 10/2 by clicking the link below…

Week 4 Schedule:

Click Here For Schedule!

> Week 5 and 6 Schedule:

There will be games on October 9th and October 16th. We are currently working to finalize those schedules and those will be posted by Tuesday October 4th by the end of the day.

Thank you,

SoCal Elite Basketball

2016 Summer Basketball Youth League – Final Weekend

League Information! – Final Week

Hello Parents!

Here are some notes as we enter the final weekend of the Summer League: 


To view your schedule, please click the link below:

Summer Camps

Registration for our summer camps is now open!

To Register, please visit our camp page: CLICK HERE!

2016 Fall Basketball League Registration

Registration for Fall League is now open! Take advantage of Special July Pricing!







Thank you!

SoCal-Elite Basketball Leagues
Home of Irvine / Tustin Youth Basketball

2016 Summer Basketball League – Week 2 Update

Hello parents!

As we enter Week 2 of the Summer League, please review information below…


As a reminder…

ROOKIE LEAGUE – The scheduled time will be the start time for practice with the game following after.

Example: Scheduled game at 11 AM…. Teams will begin practicing 11 AM, work with a SoCal-Elite trainer for 30 minutes and then the teams will play a game after the training session (Two 20 minute halves)


YOUTH LEAGUE –  The scheduled time will be the start of your game! You are allowed to practice before your scheduled game on the OUTSIDE COURTS. Teams will not be able to have indoor gym practice due to the other games taking place.

Example: Scheduled game at 11 AM…. Teams will begin playing their game. If you would like to practice at 10:30 outside, you can do that. The decision is up to the coaches, just remember you will not be able to get onto the gym floor until your scheduled time.

Please confirm your schedule for this weekend (Sunday June 12th)!




As a final reminder, all players should now have their jerseys. If your player does not have the proper Blue & White jersey, please contact your coach right away!

Referees have been instructed to not allow players to play starting this weekend without the proper jersey.


If any questions, please send all inquiries to