SoCal-Elite Summer Camp II

SoCal-Elite Summer Basketball Camp II Recap

In case you missed our second basketball camp of the summer, we’ve got you covered with a recap! The camp ran from July 27th to July 31st at Northwood HS with four fun-packed days of basketball.

Day One

Our annual Northwood summer camp started off strong with our very first Social Media Challenge. We were excited to see a great turn out of returning campers accompanied by many new faces ready to learn! The first day had one basic agenda and that was to teach everyone the fundamentals of a perfect jump shot. After about thirty minutes of getting used to all the changes in their shots, all of the kids seemed to be making more shots and having a lot of fun. The campers learned about the three key fundamentals to shooting: knees bent, elbow straight, and hold your follow through until the ball hits the rim or goes in! Once everyone had their shot looking like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, we had a camp-wide shooting competition. The kindergarten group won both rounds of the shooting competition, though they might have had some assistance from the coaches. They were then announced champions while the remaining groups of campers all had push-ups to be done!

Day Two

The second day of camp was primarily focused on dribbling and a touch of defense. Patrick, SoCal-Elite’s head trainer, lead the whole camp in several dribbling drills, which ended with his favorite two-ball dribbling drills. To take care of the defense, every grade level worked on a “shell drill,” which taught everyone how to play defense correctly! Camp ended with our daily basketball games that would qualify each team into the championship games of their respective grade levels.

Day Three

Camp began with reinforcing all of our previous lessons in fundamentals to ensure no one forgot what we had learned the first couple of days. Lay-ups and footwork were the primary focus of the third day and coaches spent most of their time instructing proper techniques. Towards the end of the day, we played a few games of knockout to warm up for the next day’s championship round of knockout!

Day Four

Last day of camp and we already had six winners of our daily Social Media Challenges. At this point, everyone was waiting to see who would be the grand prize winner! During the final day of camp, we played a few more games of knockout to see who would represent his or her team in the championship round. The championship round consisted of two kids from each team to compete for the ultimate bragging rights! Next was the final full-court games that were matched up in order of the best records from the entire camp. As the final day of our Northwood basketball camp concluded, the grand prize of our Social Media Challenge was won by five-year-old Collin Tjin, who received a brand new 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball!

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