League Information! – WEEK 5

Hi Coaches,

Reminders for the upcoming weekends:

  1. Please review the PLAYING TIME RULES prior to the next game.
  2. Talk to the referees before the game to discuss any rules you have questions on. There will be a summary of the rules (cheat sheet) on each scores table, so be sure to review them before the game.
  3. All players on your team should have the current SoCal Elite Black/White uniforms.If not, please have them email us at [email protected] to set up a pick up time/date at our office.
  4. If your player does not have a jersey, he/she will not be able to play.
  5. Make sure jerseys are tucked in before and during the game
  6. Please review your schedule for Week 5: Click Here!
  7. Week 6 schedule will be posted by Tuesday (10/10/17) by 5PM. All teams will have a game on 10/15/2017 regardless of win/lose this upcoming weekend.
  8. There is a site director at each site, if you have any questions please ask the scores table for the site director.
  9. If there are questions regarding a rule or a call during the game please talk to the referee, not the score keeper. The score keeper cannot change a call or clarify a call, so be sure to talk directly to the referee.
  10. You may ask the scorekeeper about playing time of a player, timeouts or fouls, but please ask these questions between quarters or at half time.