League Information! – WEEK 5

Hi Parents,

Reminders for the upcoming weekends:

  1. Your child should have the current SoCal Elite Black/White uniforms.If not, please email us at [email protected] to set up a pick up time/date at our office.
  2. Players will not be able to play without the proper SoCal Elite Jersey.
  3. Please review your schedule for Week 5: Click Here!
  4. Week 6 schedule will be posted by Tuesday (10/10/17) by 5PM. All teams will have a game on 10/15/2017 regardless of win/lose this upcoming weekend.
  5. Please make sure your child brings a pumped up basketball each week so your child can participate in the clinics prior to the game.
  6. The time listed online is the time your child’s clinic will begin, the game will follow immediately after.