A few reminders for upcoming games:

All players on your team should have the current SoCal Elite Black/White uniforms. If not, please have the parents email us at [email protected] to purchase one or pick one up.

Schedule for Weeks 2-4 are now posted, please review online. Weeks 5-6 will be posted in July 2017.

Talk to the referees before the game to discuss any rules you have questions on. There will be a summary of the rules (cheat sheet) on each scores table, so be sure to review them before the game.

There is a site director at each site, if you have any questions please ask the scores table for the site director.

If there are questions regarding a rule or a call during the game please talk to the referee, not the score keeper. The score keeper cannot change a call or clarify a call, so be sure to talk directly to the referee.

You may ask the scorekeeper about playing time of a player, timeouts or fouls, but please ask these questions between quarters or at half time.