Hi Parents,

Thank you for being a part of our 2019 Fall Volleyball League, we are excited for our season to begin!

Just some additional information about the structure of our Volleyball League:

The structure of the volleyball league will be a practice and then a game on the Saturdays listed in the dates below. If you ordered any additional items during registration, we will have those ready for pick up on the first day of league!

Final team formations will occur after the second weekend of league, this will allow us to build teams fairly based on skill level. There will still be games the first two weekends of leagues, but we will be focusing on working on the fundamentals and evaluating the skill levels of all the players.

Our overall goal is to have each player increase their volleyball skills and knowledge of the rules over the 6 week period, but most importantly, have fun!

Below you will see a list of our upcoming events:

August 20:  6 weeks schedule is now published in TeamSnap
August 21: Player registration closes

August 24 (Week 1): Merchandise Pick-up @ Irvine HS Practice Gym (10:30 AM to 2:00 PM)
August 24 (Week 1):
 First Saturday practice/matches

August 31 (Labor Day Weekend): NO MATCHES

September 7 (Week 2): Second Saturday practice/matches
September 14 (Week 3): Third Saturday practice/matches
September 21 (Week 4): Fourth Saturday practice/matches

September 28 (Week 5): Fifth Saturday practice/matches

October 5 (Week 6): Sixth Saturday practice/matches