Thank you for participating in the 2021 Basketball League! The last weekend of play is this Sunday, 6/20 with makeup games for those affected by rain-outs scheduled for 6/27.

Medals & Certificates

We will be distributing medals to all 1st and 2nd place Youth League and High School teams. Some divisions are very competitive and 1st or 2nd place may depend on an outcome later in the day. If you division falls into this category, we will contact 1st and 2nd place teams by Wednesday, June 23rd.  If your division has make up games due to the rain out, then we will notify winning teams by Monday June 28th.  All Rookie League players will receive a certificate at this weekends games.

Please make sure to verify your schedule for this weekend on our website.

Baselines clear: Please make sure to keep all bags, basketballs and water clear of the baseline. We do not want to create tripping hazards for players or referees.

Location Specific Information:

1. The red firelane cannot be used for parking or drop-off. Please park in the parking lot stalls.
2. Spectators must wear a face covering while inside the fenced area. If you do not want to wear one, please remain outside the fenced off area to watch the game.
3. Please do not crowd the gates while teams are trying to leave.

Irvine HS
The best place to park is in the back of the school off of Escolar street. The outdoor basketball courts are located behind the practice gym near the back of William Woollett Jr. Aquatics Center’s pools.

Heritage Park
We suggest parking in the Heritage Park parking lot. The outdoor basketball courts are located by the large baseball field.

Las Lomas Community Park
We suggest parking in the Las Lomas parking lot. The outdoor basketball courts are next to the parking lot.

If you have any issues please contact one of our staff members.

Thanks, and good luck this weekend,

SoCal Elite Sports