Please note, these are the outside courts – you can find directions here:

We wanted to reach out to make sure the team isn’t having any issues with communication. If your coach or manager has not contacted you by Friday night, please let us know by emailing us back at [email protected].

There are several key things to go over for 3v3 Sharp Shooting:

What you need:

  1. All Non-Players must wear a mask.
  2. Every player will need their own inflated basketball. If you ordered one, we will have it available at your game’s location – otherwise you will need to bring your own. We suggest you bring a sharpie to clearly label it.
    • 27.5 = Boys & Girls K-4th Grade 
    • 28.5 = Boys 5th/6th Grade & Girls 5th to Adult 
    • 29.5 = Boys 7th/8th to Adult
  1. Review this week’s game plan and plays on our website:  We recommend all teams K–4th start with Beginner. If as a team Beginner is too easy, please adjust as needed.
  2. We recommend bringing water as drinking fountains are still not available for use. If you would like to sit down and watch, you will need to bring your own chair or towel. In addition, the bathrooms will not be available for use.

Pre & Post Game

When arriving at your game please do your best to maintain social distancing. We ask that when your game is over your team moves off the court as soon as possible so the teams waiting can enter the court area. If there is a game happening when you arrive, please do not crowd the court and meet with your team away from the court area.