Starting the month of November, the Academy League will be undergoing some changes. After this first month of Academy League games we want to update the classes and make sure each member has the best experience we can provide. To that end, we are revamping the composition of our classes.

Old Structure – Changes dependent on location
Rookie (K-2nd)
Beginner (2nd-5th)
Intermediate (5th-8th)
Advanced (6th-9th)

We know that the experience can improve even more by splitting the classes up to more equitably balance the grade levels and provide a more competitive environment. There also has been an overlap of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced with some members not knowing where they should enroll.

New structure – Starts Nov 8th at Lakeside and Venado and Nov 16th at Beckman 
Rookie (K-2nd)
Beginner I (2nd/3rd)
Beginner II (4th/5th)
Intermediate (6th-8th)
Advanced (Invite only)

This will provide a more level playing field for members in other classes as the grade disparity is reduced. The change to Advanced invite only ensures that members of all skill levels have a clear path to graduate to the next class type and every member is capable of competing at our highest level.

What this means:

The class structure will change starting in November. In addition to class changes, Beckman will be moving from three courts to two courts. This will enable more space for classes as well as provide a better experience during pickup and dropoff.

We will be sending each group a more detailed email regarding their potential changes, if any.

Beckman New Schedule Starting Nov 17th

Lakeside and Venado Schedule starting November 8th.

We have also opened up a new indoor Academy location at Beacon Park School Gym on Wednesdays. Rookie League programs are currently only offered at Beckman and Venado.

Members will have the opportunity to move to a new location that better suits their schedule. Players who wish to move indoors will be able to keep their current membership price.

We appreciate your help and understanding,
SoCal Elite Sports