2019-20 Winter Youth League

Boys & Girls 3rd-8th Grade Players

Hi Parents,

We are reaching out to go over the evaluation process for this Sunday to make your experience as smooth and seamless as possible.

Evaluations times can be viewed here: https://socalelite.org/leagues/winter/preseason/

1. Please make sure that your child arrives at Northwood High School Gym 15 minutes before scheduled start time to check-in.

2. Check-in your child at the table under the SoCal Elite canopy in front of the Gym.

3. Once your child has checked in please help him/her put their ID number on the  front of their shirt and be ready with their shoes on before entering the gym.

4. We will have chairs in the center of the gym with staff members directing your child where to go.

5. All parents please stay off the court. There will be bleachers to sit on or if you  prefer to stand you can do so against the wall.

6. After evaluations our staff will be collecting your child’s ID number, so please do not take them home or throw them away.

7. Once your ID numbers are collected you are good to go.

8. We will have the draft Nov. 18th-24th.  You will be contacted by your coach shortly after that.

Thank you,

SoCal Elite Sports

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