2019 Fall League Week 5 and 6 and Bracket Play

Rookie Division: Schedules for the rest of the season have been posted. As we approach the final 2 weeks we will be tapering off our staff training session to give coaches more time to coach their teams. Coaches, if you would prefer to do a group workout with our staff please let them know.

Youth League: Brackets are now live! The next 2 weeks will be entering bracket play. This means the SportsEngine schedule tab will no longer work to show your games.

Please make sure to follow the bracket as some divisions may have a double header in the first week. There are two ways you can view the schedule.

Option 1:
1. Go to our website socalelite.org
2. Hover over Leagues and select Schedules in the pop up menu
3. Log in to SportsEngine using your account

Option 2:
1. Navigate to our SportsEngine webpage: Click Link!

2. Hovering over Leagues, Fall League, Division and selecting your team
Please note you must be logged into the SportsEngine account that was used during registration to view your team’s page (or any guardian account that was added).

This page will show the master schedule as well as overall standings. On the bottom will be your division bracket. In some divisions there are multiple brackets so if you do not see your team simply click on the dropdown menu to select the second bracket.

In addition your bracket games will now have 2 referees per game. As usual, if there is a rule clarification or concern I highly encourage your coach to talk to the referees before the game.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]

Thank you,
SoCal Elite Sports

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