Fri, Jun 3rd, 2022

2022 Spring [Youth] League – Week 5

Thank you for all of your help this season. We hope you and your team have an exciting finish to close out the Spring League.

For the remainder of the season, we will be using two (2) referees per game for the Youth divisions. Please make sure to discuss any potential issues you’ve had or anticipate with the referees in the meeting before tipoff. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss any officiating clarifications. As an example, this would be a time to go over how strictly traveling will be enforced, 3 seconds in the key, contested rebounds to establish possession when no full-court pressing is allowed, etc.

Our Fall League registration is now open, and we would like to invite you to take advantage of our Alumni Players discounted pricing ($195) expires June 19th.
Fall League info, calendar of events and registration:

As an added thank you for your hard work over the season, we are offering a special promotion. Coaches from the 2021-22 Winter League or 2022 Spring League who register as a Head Coach for the upcoming Fall League – and are selected to coach – will receive 50% of their League fees back after the second week of league play.

We hope to have you back playing with us in the Fall, and we wish your team good luck this Sunday!

Wed, May 18th, 2022

2022 Spring [Youth] League – Mercy Rule Update

Thank you for all your help this season! After reviewing the scores from the previous weeks we have updated the Mercy Rule. You can find this change on the coaches portal.

Mercy Rule

If a team has a 15-point lead at any time during the game, the mercy rule will go into effect.  The team will not be allowed to employ a full-court press or a half-court press.  A man-to-man defense with no double teaming will be used, setting up below the volleyball line.  The clock shall become a running clock at all times until the point difference is 10 points or less, except for time outs. Once the game becomes 25+ fast breaks will be stopped by the official and teams will have to inbound the ball. The clock will become a regulation clock if the point difference reaches 10 points or less.


We cannot work on the schedule until after the games on May 22nd. For the end of the season we will be building custom matchups so that teams can have the most competitive game as possible. Due to limited gym space, teams will either have games on June 5th OR June 12th. As a reminder there are no schedule requests.

Fri, Apr. 29th, 2022

2022 Spring League – Schedule Rough Draft Weeks 3 & 4

The schedule for Weeks 3 and 4 are now tentatively live. Everyone has access to the schedule but please keep in mind it is a rough draft until Monday May 2nd.

Due to limited gym space and taking holidays off (Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day) we are condensing the schedule to ensure that all teams have 5 games after Week 4 May 22nd. Gyms are being renovated in June and we have had a few cancellations since the season started. As such all teams will have a double header during Weeks 3 or week 4.

Please review the schedule and contact us at [email protected] if:
1. Head Coach coaching conflict – 2 games scheduled at the same time
2. Playing the same team multiple times before having a chance to play every team in your division

Link to schedule:

Thu, Apr. 21st, 2022

2022 Spring League – Schedule Rough Draft

We just finished the rough draft of the schedule:

Please note that this schedule only includes the first 4 weeks of play. The final 2 weeks will be published after schedules games to rebalance the schedule. Please let us know if there is a scheduling conflict, mainly for coaches that are coaching multiple teams. There are no schedule requests.

We will be releasing the schedule league wide at 3:00p on Thurs April 21st.

Wed, Apr. 20th, 2022

2022 Spring League – Coaches Schedule Update

Several changes have been made to the schedule since the initial rough draft was sent out.

Of special note – we received complaints about Mothers Day and are re-evaluating playing on May 8th. To that end we are releasing the first 2 weeks only and anticipate having May 15th and 22nd released the following week.

We will be sending out the schedule and rosters momentarily league wide.

Wed, Apr. 20th, 2022

2022 Spring League – Practice Court Allocations and Schedules

Practice Courts
Thank you for your help with the draft. The practice court allocation sheet has been published and is only viewable on the coaches portal:

At 11:00a today the file will open up and each coach will be able to select ONE time slot for half court use. Please note that any coaches with 2 time slots will have both times deleted by SoCal Elite Sports.

Friday April 29th at 11:00a coaches will be able to select additional practice time. This is done so that all teams have an equal oppertunity to find a practice time that works for them and their teams.

With drafts completed we will now begin working on the schedule. Reminder, there are no schedule requests. The schedule will go live by Friday April 22nd at Noon but if we can get it out sooner we will.

Email to team
Please make sure to contact your team and introduce yourself as the Coach. It is highly suggested to include a description of what you will be wearing or where to meet on Sunday for Week 1 of games as players and families may not know who you are.

Thur, Apr. 7th, 2022

2022 Spring League – Coaches

You are receiving this email because you have been selected as a coach for the upcoming 2022 Spring League!
Please login to your TeamSnap account to find your team.

As a reminder the coaching responsibilities are:
Head Coach: Attend player evaluations (Strongly Encouraged) and your division’s virtual team draft via Google Meet. Responsible for consistently communicating with your team and coaching during your scheduled games. Coordinate at least one (1) outside practice per week.
Co Coach: Co-Coaches will be paired up to split the duties of a Head Coach above. There are no coaching requests for Co-Coaches. Not an assistant coach.

**If you cannot attend evaluations please let us know. We will have video for coaches to review**

Evaluations: Head Coaches and Co-Coaches are strongly encouraged to attend evaluations for the entire division. Please bring paper and something write on to take notes to assist you with the draft.
We will have video of the evaluations uploaded on the coaches portal with a priority of adding divisions who have the first draft (April 12th).
If you are unable to attend evaluations your child will automatically be treated as a 1st round draft pick unless your child played in the Winter League.

Drafts: Dates and times will be sent out after Evaluations. Drafts are done over Google Meets and will take place on one of these days: April 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 18th. We will reach out with an email at a later date. Coaches kids are automatically placed on your team.

Mon, Feb. 21st, 2022

2021-22 Winter League Schedule – Rough Draft 2/27

The rough draft of Bracket play is now live! We are only showing the game times for this upcoming weekend 2/27.

Some divisions have more than one bracket, so please look at both the A and B to find your team. Once you identify your team, navigate the bracket to ensure that you do not miss any potential double-headers.

When using a mobile device you will have to click on the View button on the very bottom of your division page under the Brackets section.

As a reminder there are no schedule requests.

We will officially release the schedule league wide on Wed 2/23. We are asking that coaches look at the bracket and make sure there are no scheduling errors. This is mainly for coaches with multiple teams.

SoCal Elite Sports

Fri, Feb. 11th, 2022

All League Nominations

Thank you for all of your help this season. We would like to start compiling the nominations for All League. Please fill out the form here with your nominations:

Nominations are for the All League game tentatively scheduled for Sunday March 13th.

Please note that each coach may nominate up to 4 players, with your top nomination being player 1. Players will be contacted based on their round nominated, meaning all 1st round picks, then 2nd round until 2 teams are formed.

SoCal Elite Sports

Wed, Dec. 15th, 2021

Week 2: New Covid-19 Guidance for the Use of Masks

In accordance with the California Department of Public Health’s latest guidance for the use of masks, proper face coverings over mouth AND nose are required when indoors at any of our indoor game locations and must be worn by everyone at all times. The only exception to this rule is players when they are actively participating in game play (players are required to wear masks while on the bench).

These protocols must be followed to ensure we continue receiving conditional use permits from the Irvine and Tustin Unified School Districts. If anyone does not comply they will be asked to leave the gym. Please note that if these procedures are not followed correctly we may be forced to cancel or forfeit games accordingly.

Rookie Divisions

  1. The start time on each week’s schedule denotes the prompt start time of practice. Please remind your team’s parents to arrive before that time to make sure each session starts and finishes on time.
  2. Rookie Division coordinators are the following people. Reach out to your corresponding commissioner if you have any issues.
    1. Boys TK: Tim ([email protected]) • ‪(949) 522-5490‬
    2. Boys K: Tommy ([email protected]) • ‪(949) 522-5490‬
    3. Boys 1st: Tim ([email protected]) • ‪(949) 522-5490‬
    4. Boys 2nd: Brendan ([email protected]) • (949) 414-9005
    5. Girls K/1st: Cary ([email protected]) • ‪(949) 522-5490‬
    6. Girls 1st/2nd: Cary ([email protected]) • ‪(949) 522-5490‬

Youth Divisions

  1. Players who are missing shorts will receive them the first weekend back after the holiday break. We will deliver the shorts to each gym on game day.
  2. For team practices, make sure your conditional use permit is accessible while on location in case it needs to be presented to a school or city staff member.
Wed, Dec. 8th, 2021

Team Schedules + Coach Feedback Form

We hope everyone met their teams and is ready for League games to start this weekend!

Team Schedules: Please make sure to check the schedule on our website every Friday to verify your game time. Some divisions will have double headers.

Please do not add the schedule manually anywhere and refer your players to the schedule on our website. If you have added any games in TeamSnap please delete them. Each game is scheduled for both teams and any data input runs the risk of user error. Furthermore, if we make a schedule change it would not be automatically updated in your TeamSnap as we do not control it.

Coach Feedback Form

At this point all teams should have signed up for a practice court allocation. To ensure that all players have been contacted and that they are also responding to you, we have put together a feedback form for coaches to complete. Please complete this by Thursday, Dec. 9th. This is mandatory. We want to make sure your teams are starting the season on a great note.

Note: If you have any issues with a specific player later in the season you can complete this form out again.


Please make sure to visit the Coaches Portal for the following:
1. League rules.
2. Practice court allocations – 2nd practice date opens Fri, Dec. 10th.
3. New – League parents can be directed to the updates page for all league communication: Rookie Divisions | Youth Divisions
4. New – All coach communication will be compiled on one page from now on to stay organized. View here:

Mon, Nov. 15th, 2021

Coaches Portal & Team Drafts

Thank you for volunteering this season! The Coaches Portal has been updated to include the video and photos from the Player Evaluations on November 7th and 14th.

Please view our coaches portal here:

You can find out draft rules as well as the tentative time for the drafts (subject to change). We will send out a reminder the day of the draft.

Wed, Nov. 3rd, 2021

Welcome & Thank You

Thank you again for volunteering for the 2021-22 Winter League, we greatly appreciate our parent volunteers. For more details and an overview this season please review our coaches portal here:

Head Coaches

We will be contacting Head Coaches directly as we select them and set-up their teams on TeamSnap. We will start with contacting all Head Coaches in the Youth Divisions that have filled out the coaches registration.

Rookie Divisions coaches will not be selected until we start building teams as the process of team formation is different.


We are still short Head Coaches in multiple divisions. If you would like to step up to a Head Coach we would greatly appreciate it. We will begin reaching out and building teams of Co-Coaches after player evaluations next week (Nov. 8th–12th). As such please make sure to attend evaluations and take notes!

Coaches Registration

If you have not complete the coaches registration, please make sure to fill it out as soon as possible: