Day One (8/11)

SoCal Elite’s third Summer Basketball Camp kicked-off Monday morning as about 90 eager campers walked into the gym at 9:00am. Before the fun and games, all of the coaches were introduced and ground rules were set to make sure each player had the best experience at camp. All players were then divided into groups, first by age and then by skill level. Like any sport, it is always important to start off with a warm up. Coaches led warm ups in each individual group, ages 4 to 14, through ball handling and stretching. Next was the core of the camp, stations. Monday’s stations consisted of six stations in the areas of: 1. Ball handling, 2. Shooting, 3. Passing, 4. Footwork, 5. Defense, and 6. Lay-ups. Each station ran about ten minutes long and players were able to interact with every coach through the rotations as they learned and practiced a new skill. Lastly, campers ended the day with 5 on 5 scrimmages and closed with a traditional SCE huddle.

Day Two (8/12)

On Tuesday morning, campers were up bright and early at the SCCCA. Just before nine o’ clock, balls were flying; players were already dribbling and shooting baskets while they waited for the starting whistle to sound. As always, warm up groups were divided and the day began. Campers fell into a routine of warm ups, stations, snack, and games after day two. Tuesday’s stations were 20 minutes long and focused on: hand-eye coordination using tennis balls, shooting in the key, shooting form, and transitions from defense to offense.

Day Three (8/13)

Before Day Three of camp began, players were working hard to perfect their free throws, jump shots, and some of them, their three pointers. Some coaches were showing off their 3-point range, trick shots, and not quite perfected dunks. Wednesday’s warm ups included pivot squats, figure 8 dribbling between the legs, bear crawls, and backwards dribbling. The day’s stations of three 20-minute rotations focused on two ball dribbling, a defensive shell drill that showed players how to position their bodies -“see player, see ball”, and games of lightning.

Day Four (8/14)

Thursday was probably the day most campers were excited but sad about because it was the last day! Just before the last day of camp started, campers were practicing on their own while others had fun watching some of our coaches compete in games of lightning. After warm ups, teams were given jerseys and then split off into stations. Thursday’s stations comprised of 20-minute rotations of ball handling, games, and more games! At the end of camp each player took home a SoCal-Elite shirt, a drawstring bag, kid’s meal vouchers, OC Youth Sports bracelets, and a new basketball. At the end of the week, all players had a great time playing and learning about basketball, improved on their skills, and took home awesome gifts and memories!

If you or some you know is interested in joining our final summer basketball of the summer (Aug. 25-28), click here: SoCal-Elite Summer Basketball Camp IV