Beginning the first week of November, our Tuesday classes at Venado will be moved to Wednesday. The last Tuesday class will be October 26th, 2021 and the first Wednesday class will be the following week November 3rd, 2021.

We ultimately decided to move the class day to provide an overall better experience for the players and parents. The volleyball academy currently uses the outdoor court at Venado on the black asphalt due to our basketball academy having their classes at the same time. Fortunately, our volleyball academy will now be able to use the fieldhouse at Venado on Wednesdays.

The fieldhouse provides a lot of benefits and amenities for our volleyball academy.
1. A covered court for the players to play on. This is especially beneficial for hot and rainy days.
2. The players will be moved off the black asphalt which was a risk for potential injuries.
3. A covered seating area for parents to spectate from.
4. With the days starting to get darker sooner, the fieldhouse has lights.
5. The court is closer to the restrooms.
6. The walls prevent balls from rolling away and will minimize time spent shagging.

We hope you understand our goal for moving your volleyball academy classes to Wednesdays. Within the coming weeks, our staff will be creating the Wednesday classes and moving the current players in the Tuesday classes over. If there are any conflicts or questions, please notify us so we can help you.

SoCal Elite Staff