The schedule for the season has been posted. All game times and locations are the same as the first week to make times consistent for all participants.

We have also updated the Week 2 Game Plan. We will be updating the plays each week on Tuesday by 6:00 PM. This change was made so we can discuss and recap the weekend with our coaches on Monday.

Rule Change

Rather than alternating shots with the opposing team’s players, shots will now simply go in succession until the coach calls out to rotate. This will enable each team to get up far more shots and allow players to find more of a rhythm. Teams will be able to go as fast as they can while still maintaining social distancing.


Now that basketballs and apparel have been distributed, there will be more time for actual practices before rounds begin. It is important that during this time all players maintain social distancing. If you as a coach would like to lead your own practice, please feel free to do so – otherwise our staff members will step in and assist.

Out staff created The Academy At Home to give our players a chance to improve their ball handling and shooting form during the quarantine:
These training videos are a great resource for your players during the week – particularly after reviewing the upcoming week’s game plan. As we progress in the season, we would like to see our players focus on their weaknesses and these resources can help to achieve that.

Week 2’s Game Plan focuses primarily on crossovers for Beginner, adds between-the-legs for Intermediate, and behind-the-back for Advanced.

If you have any feedback on what you would like to see done differently, please contact us at [email protected].