We want to reach out to make sure that everyone is off to a good start with the Winter League. Please reach out if you are having issues accessing your schedule or if you haven’t heard from your coach.

Please note that we do not use the scheduling tab in SportEngine. The schedule is view-able only on the home page found via a browser (your phone still works) not on the app. The reason for this is the scheduling tab does not update if any game changes occur unless logged out and back in. This has led to forfeits in the past and as such we do not use it.

One of the common errors of viewing your schedule is if you are logged into the wrong account. Only the account that was used to register has access to the team page. If you would like to add a separate account you can by following these steps.

  1. Navigate to your SportsEngine account.
  2. Find your child’s profile.
  3. Find the Guardians box and click ‘+’.
  4. Enter in contact information for the Guardian.
  5. Select the athlete profile that the Guardian should be able to manage.
  6. Send Invitation for the Guardian to accept.