There are a couple of upcoming announcements for the Basketball Winter League:

Photo Day

There are two upcoming opportunities for team photos. More details will be shared closer to the following dates:

  1. Sunday, January 26th
  2. Saturday, February 1st

Photos will automatically be uploaded to our website and a link will be provided. They will be free to access and available to download to print your own copies.

Rookie Division (Saturday & Sunday)

Schedule for the entire season is published.

Youth & High School Divisions

The schedule is published through February 9th. Bracket play will begin on February 16th and 23rd.

Double-Header Games: Some divisions have an odd number of teams and so there will be a double-header every other week. Please check your team’s schedule for any upcoming double-headers.

Our staff will be reaching out to those teams directly, but we do not want the schedule to be a surprise.