Hi Parents,

We hope your holidays were wonderful.

Schedules for the next two weeks (1/6 & 1/13/19) can be found on our website under the schedules tab.

Youth League: https://socalelite.org/leagues/winter/youth/schedules/

Within the next week, game schedules for the next five weeks will be and can only be found on TeamSnap.

If your team does not appear to have a game scheduled in a given week (BYE Week), your team will have a double header the next. This is to compensate for the odd number of teams in team’s division. If your team does not appear to have double headers after a BYE Week, please inform us through [email protected].

HS League: https://socalelite.org/leagues/winter/high-school/schedules/


Happy New Years,

SoCal Elite Sports