2024 Basketball Fall League

  • Dates: Aug. 25th – Oct. 2024
  • Boys: K thru 8th grade
  • Girls: K thru 8th grade
  • Day/Time: Sundays after 11 AM
  • Season: 6-7 games
  • Location: IUSD / TUSD gyms

Calendar of Events

Tentative dates (subject to change)

Fri, June 7th: Registration opens
Fri, Aug. 23rd: Registration closes (wait list opens)

Sat, Aug. 25th: Youth (2nd–8th grade) divisions Player Evaluations

Tue, Sep. 3rd – Tue, Sep. 10th: Youth Divisions team drafts (by coaches)

Wed, Sep. 11th: Schedules and Team Rosters published

Sun, Sep. 15th: Week 1 Games
Sun, Sep. 22nd: Week 2 Games
Sun, Sep. 29th: Week 3 Games
Sun, Oct. 6th: Week 4 Games
Sun, Oct. 13th: Week 5 Games
Sun, Oct. 20th: Week 6 Games
Sun, Oct. 27th: Week 7 Games

2024 Basketball Fall League - Player Registration - SCCCA

  • Player Info
  • League Info
  • Waivers

Please read through each question carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.

Player Info

Parent/Guardian Info

Fall League Info

Early Bird Player Fee: $279
  • All games only on Sundays sometime between 10:30 AM and 6:00 PM.
  • There are NO schedule requests.

[Rookie] Boys K–1st & Girls K–2nd Grade • 8-ft Hoops

  • Beginner players with instruction and pregame practices. All games are played Sundays on 8-foot hoops.
  • Each player is guaranteed up to 20 minutes of playing time per game.
  • Practice + Game = 1.5 hours each Sunday (no outside commitment other than your 90-minute time slot).
  • Practices will be on Monday nights.

[Youth] Boys 2nd Grade • 9-ft Hoops

NO Buddy or Coach Requests

  • Recreational players with Sunday games on 9-foot hoops.
  • Each player is guaranteed up to 20 minutes of playing time per game.
  • Practices will be on Monday nights.


Sibling Request

  • Siblings of the same grade and gender will automatically be placed on the same team.
  • To qualify, siblings must:
    1. Live in the same household (identical addresses). If addresses do not match your sibling request will not be honored.
    2. Register under the same email address.

Volunteer Info

  • Recreational youth sports leagues function in large part due to the work of parent volunteers. To build teams, each team will need a volunteer coach.
  • We can only build as many teams as we have volunteer coaches per division.
  • In the event we do not have enough coaches, we will move players to a wait list based on their registration date.
  • Please note: A $49 payment will be added and charged if the following required duties go unfulfilled or your volunteer status changes by the second week of league play.
  • Volunteer coaches who do not fulfill duties or change volunteer status after registration will be moved to the bottom of the wait list.

Head Coach Role & Responsibilities

  1. Youth divisions only: Attend player evaluations and your division's virtual team draft via Google Meet.
  2. Manage a team as a parent volunteer for the full season.
  3. Responsible for consistently communicating with your team and coaching during scheduled games.
  4. Youth divisions only: Coordinate and hold at least one (1) outside practice per week.

Non-Volunteer (buyout)

  1. Youth Sports require parent volunteers to form teams, so please consider volunteering if you are able to. We are only able to build as many teams as we have parent volunteers for.
  2. Volunteer buyout fees help cover the costs of required background checks for coaches. 

Volunteer Registration

Head Coach Duties Fulfillment Status

  • By agreeing to volunteer as a Head Coach, your non-volunteer buyout fee ($49) will be waived and you will receive a refund or future credit for your child's player fee after the second week of play as long as the following steps are completed:
      1. Complete the volunteer Coach Registration.
      2. Agree to coach your team for the full season (games and practices), if selected as a coach.
      3. Youth divisions only: Attend your division's player evaluations and team draft.
      4. Communicate weekly with your team.
      5. Manage your team during games and practices.
      6. Youth divisions only: Hold at least one outdoor practice each week.

Changing from a Volunteer to a Non-Volunteer

  • If a coach decides to change from a volunteer to a non-volunteer, the registered player will be moved to the bottom of the wait list.
  • Former volunteer's child will only be placed on a team if we have enough coaches in that particular division.

SoCal Elite Jersey

Ship to Home Address: $4.50

Additional apparel can be purchased from the Gear Shop.

City of Irvine Facilities Use

The City of Irvine charges $11 per participant to use facilities for the season.

View City Fee Document

City of Irvine Facilities Use Fee: $11


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