SoCal Elite Sports

SoCal Elite Sports is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit youth sports organization. Founded in 2003 with just a few kids, SoCal Elite has evolved into the place to play for youth basketball & volleyball. Combining first-class training, camps, club travel teams, and seasonal recreational leagues, SoCal Elite offers everything your child needs to become a better basketball or volleyball player, and most important of all, have fun!

SoCal Elite prides itself on providing the most enjoyable experience possible for its players. Beginning as early as four years old, players are able to start learning the game of basketball from an early age. SoCal Elite’s constructive playing environment at all age levels fosters substantial growth, as both players and individuals. As a nonprofit organization, SoCal Elite’s primary focus is improving each child’s overall experience, and continuing to perfect its wide range of services.

Mission Statement

SoCal Elite Sports’ mission is to educate the general public’s youth about all aspects of sports, promoting the life lessons that sports generate, as well as promoting good health and high activity levels to all participants. SoCal Elite Sports is able to perform these services through academy classes, camps, leagues, club travel teams, and tournaments.

What Others Say About SoCal Elite Sports

“SoCal Elite’s League is great – our son enjoys playing with a group of players and against other teams of similar level/experience. Much better than a typical rec league program. Perfect for our 10 year old athlete.”

Kristen B. – Parent

“We’ve had an excellent experience with SoCal Elite Sports – both in the regular league and on the travel team. What impressed our family about this league is the level of organization, commitment and training that our son receives. We have played in other basketball leagues locally and have found this one to be much more rigorous and with a higher degree of training. We are especially impressed with the caliber of coaches that they have recruited for the travel teams. Our kids are coached by coaches who coach at the competitive high school level, and bring a great deal of passion and educational skills to the game. We love this league!!!”

Sheila S. – Parent

“SoCal Elite is providing a higher level basketball that previously could not be found in Irvine. The upsides: lower costs, high level professional coaching, tournament experience, great/fun practices, very competitive and an organization that cares about its athletes. This is my son’s second full season with SoCal Elite and we have been very pleased with our experience.”

Mayra C. – Parent

“My son has attended the clinic for at least 2 years. From having no experience to thinking he is the best at his school. It is funny to me but I am proud that he is proud and is confident! Yes, the head coach can be tough but he knows when to pull back. The other coaches are more relaxed.”

Twinkies T. – Parent