Welcome Message

Welcome to the 2024 Spring Break Volleyball Camp!

  • Date: Monday, April 1st – Thursday, April 4th
  • Time: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • Location: Irvine High School Practice Gym, 4321 Walnut Ave, Irvine, CA 92604

Early Drop-off: 8:30 AM

Please note: If you arrive early we ask that you wait in the car until 8:30 AM so we can begin the check-in process.

The Irvine High School Practice Gym will be located in between the school’s stadium and the Woollett Aquatics Center.

Parents are more than welcome to stay and watch during the camp. Bleachers will be pulled out for seating.

Campers will be dismissed at 12:00 PM 

What to Bring

Water & Snacks

Each participant must bring his or her own refreshments and snack. SoCal Elite will not provide water/snacks. Players will be given a 10-15min snack break each day of the camp.

Athletic Attire

Please have campers wear comfortable athletic apparel (athletic shorts, rubber-soled closed toed shoes and short sleeves – no jeans or sandals). Knee-pads and passing sleeves are optional.


Irvine High School Practice Gym

Parking is located off Escolar street.


Camp Groups

Please note: Group numbers are not final. Players may be moved during the duration of the camp based on grade and ability.

FirstLastGenderGradeGroup #
AzzurraErdenebulganFemale4th Grade1
RyanLuMale8th Grade3
EricSongMale4th Grade1
SophiaRothenbergFemale6th Grade2
AakashParikhMale8th Grade3
ChelseaAbidinFemale8th Grade3
LydiaMorganFemale8th Grade3
ShelleyQiFemale8th Grade3
crystaltanFemale4th Grade1
LeahLewisFemale5th Grade1
SashaHaunFemale4th Grade1
ZoeCastroFemale5th Grade1
EnochByunMale6th Grade2
LilyPhungFemale7th Grade2
NehaNarraFemale6th Grade2
SamanthaNguyenFemale6th Grade2
BrandonNguyenMale8th Grade3
MelikeErenFemale8th Grade3
MyaleyaRodriguezFemale8th Grade3
SophiaLiuFemale8th Grade3
OliviaLedermanFemale4th Grade1
ZaraZhangFemale4th Grade1
AustinShaoMale6th Grade2
ElijahMitchellMale6th Grade2
MonaMongeFemale6th Grade2
ZacharyMillsMale6th Grade2
ColinHendrataMale8th Grade3
AarushRevuriMale4th Grade1
AndrenaChanFemale4th Grade1
DanielMazmanianMale4th Grade1
RituMuraliFemale5th Grade1
SuviIyerFemale4th Grade1
YutaMorinagaMale6th Grade2
AngelinaGomez-NguyenFemale8th Grade3
KevinChenMale8th Grade3
MaxwellChenMale7th Grade2