What others say about SoCal Elite Sports

“We’ve had an excellent experience with SoCal Elite Sports – both in the regular league and on the travel team. What impressed our family about this league is the level of organization, commitment and training that our son receives. We have played in other basketball leagues locally and have found this one to be much more rigorous and with a higher degree of training. We are especially impressed with the caliber of coaches that they have recruited for the travel teams. Our kids are coached by coaches who coach at the competitive high school level, and bring a great deal of passion and educational skills to the game. We love this league!!!”

Sheila S. – Parent

“SoCal Elite is providing a higher level basketball that previously could not be found in Irvine. The upsides: lower costs, high level professional coaching, tournament experience, great/fun practices, very competitive and an organization that cares about its athletes. This is my son’s second full season with SoCal Elite and we have been very pleased with our experience.”

Mayra C. – Parent

“Words cannot explain how amazing SoCal Elite has been for our son. Compared to other leagues, SoCal Elite is the most organized. Their Academy/Clinics are amazing as well – Coach Matt and Brandon are the best by far and continue to shine with their drills and discipline.

Our son (7 years old) as a rookie couldn’t even dribble the ball, but in only 4 months, he can now dribble as well as the rest of kids. His overall happiness alone is what keeps us coming back.

Kudos to this amazing company! We are proud to represent SoCal Elite!”

Daniel L. – Parent

“My fiancé has 8 year old twins who used to sit around all day with their noses in Nintendo games and Pokemon card collections. I decided to sign them up for organized sports to get them moving, and picked my favorite sport: basketball. I signed them up last winter for the Winter League. They had no experience and all they knew about basketball was that the ball was orange and we are not Laker fans (hehe). The winter league was great. Both kids LOVED it, even the super shy, bashful twin. The coach was great, emailed us every week about practices and game locations and times and it was an enjoyable experience for the kids and parents alike. I also signed them up for the following Spring league. Between the Spring and Summer league, I enrolled them in another local league because they were getting bored and I could tell from day 1 of that other league that our twins were the best players. They carried a team of first time players all the way to the finals and championship and have a trophy to prove it. Yeah!! There’s no doubt to me that they have become such good players because of the coaches at SoCal Elite. SoCal Elite also offers weekly training that I have signed up the boys for. The boys like the practices and say Coach Patrick is the best. Twins told me the other day to sign them up for all the leagues at SoCal Elite. Would highly recommend!!”

Roni H. – Parent

“SoCal Elite’s League is great – our son enjoys playing with a group of players and against other teams of similar level/experience. Much better than a typical rec league program. Perfect for our 10 year old athlete.”

Kristen B. – Parent

“My son has attended the clinic for at least 2 years. From having no experience to thinking he is the best at his school. It is funny to me but I am proud that he is proud and is confident! Yes, the head coach can be tough but he knows when to pull back. The other coaches are more relaxed.”

Twinkies T. – Parent