Starts on Saturday, March 9th
Recurs every other Saturday

Game Series Basketball Academy

Every other Saturday @ Beacon Park School Gym

Membership • $75/mo.

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The Game Series Academy is a biweekly recurring program that focuses on in-game scenarios and situational awareness.

  • Boys & Girls: 2nd–8th grade
  • Professional instructors: SoCal Elite Club Basketball coaching staff

Class Schedules



Parking is available in the parking lots adjacent to the gymnasium off Benchmark and Cultivate streets


Game Series Pass

One (1) visit every other week – Basketball training classes at same time & place.

$75 per month

  • Auto-debit recurring program: paid by credit card (monthly fee on the same day each month)
    • Commit to one (1) month and you will be charged for additional months thereafter, unless cancelled.
  • Your child’s membership starts the day you register!
  • Only valid for your registered class day and time.

Note: To change or stop your membership (3 days or 72-hr notice), you MUST email: [email protected]

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SoCal Elite’s basketball training academy is unique because of its breakdown in skill level. The Academy is broken down into multiple skill and grade levels. The Academy is open weekly year-round, except major U.S. holidays. Rookie (1st–2nd grade) is for beginners and young players and uses a lower height hoop. Next is Beginner (2nd-4th grade) which is similar to Rookie and serves as a transitional level for beginner players who are ready to play on 10-foot hoops. Novice (3rd–5th grade) is one of our most popular levels for those elementary-aged kids with a little experience or want to try out the sport for the first time. Intermediate (5th–8th grade) is for more experienced players or for those players who have graduated from the first few levels. Finally, Advanced (6th–8th grade) is for the advanced players who are usually older.

Depending on your child’s skill level, you should try to match it to the corresponding Academy level. Usually when a player is first starting out, he or she will start with the Rookie or Novice level and work his or her way up. If the player has already been playing for a while, the Intermediate level should work best.

Players are required to bring their own appropriately-sized basketball. Players are recommended to bring their own water/refreshments and wear comfortable athletic apparel (athletic shorts, rubber-soled closed toed shoes and short sleeves – no jeans or sandals).

Unfortunately at this time and due to Covid-19 restrictions, we do not offer any make-ups for missed classes. Your child is ONLY allowed to attend the class you have registered for.

Your child’s recurring membership starts the day you register for the academy league and begins the next upcoming academy session. You do not need to re-register after your initial registration. Your membership is on an auto-debit system that recurs every month and enrolls you into your class every week.

To change or stop your membership, please email us your cancellation request at least 72 hours before your next billing date with your child’s name, grade, and academy class they are registered in.