All Academy League game situations take place the first day of the new month each month (depending on your membership). Reminder that members must wear a reversible SoCal Elite Sports Jersey.
Example: If you have a membership for Tuesday at 4:00p @ Lakeside your game situation will take place on the first Tuesday of each month at Lakeside at 4:00p. (Oct 5th, Nov 2nd, etc).

Below are the days for game situations for each membership this month (same time and location as your class):
Sunday: Oct 3rd
Tues: Oct 5th
Wed: Oct 6th

Thursday: Oct 7th

Starting the month of October jerseys will be required to participate during the Academy League game situation days.
It is highly encouraged that all members wear their jersey to the Academy to all of their classes. This will ensure that members always have their jersey during game day and will help coaches in various drills.

If you do not have a SoCal Elite reversible jersey members will need to purchase one from our store on TeamUp:

Once purchased we will send out an email when your apparel is ready for pick up at our office. Please do not come to our office until you receive this notification email.

Upcoming Events in October

Oct 31st (Sunday): Halloween

Upcoming Events in November

Nov 7th (Sunday): Daylight Savings
Nov 11th (Thursday): Veterans Day
Nov 25th (Thursday) Thanksgiving – No Academy

Upcoming Events in December

Dec 25th (Saturday): Christmas
Dec 31st (Friday): New Years Eve

Academy League News

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