Hi Members,

Our current SoCal Elite Weekly Basketball Academy that you know and love will soon be evolving into a new program: The Academy League!

Starting September 7th, we will be restructuring The Academy to incorporate games once a month. This means The Academy League will consist of at least three (3) sessions of lessons and fundamentals practice and one (1) session of structured games per month. Game days will incorporate specific in-game scenarios.

Please note: Members will need to have a SoCal Elite reversible black & white jersey to participate during game days. If you need one, please indicate when completing the form below.

Effective the week of September 7th we are moving the Academy at Las Lomas (Outdoor) to University High School (Indoor). Pricing will not change.

ALL members must complete and fill out this form as soon as possible: https://socalelite.org/academy/change-form/

Overview of Changes:

1. Active Memberships – We greatly appreciate your support and commitment to our Academy program. Any active membership is transferable to a new location.

2. Class Length – Starting September 7th, all Academy classes will change to 1-hour weekly sessions. Start times will change as classes will be offered in hour intervals:

  • Venado Tuesday/Thursday: 4:00 PM (Rookie), 5:00 PM (Beginner) or 6:00 PM (Intermediate)
  • Lakeside Tuesday/Thursday: 4:00 PM (Beginner), 5:00 PM (Intermediate) or 6:00 PM (Advanced)
  • Beckman Wednesday: 4:00 PM Rookie, Beginner & Intermediate
  • Beckman Wednesday: 5:00 PM Rookie, Beginner & Intermediate
  • Beckman Wednesday: 6:00 PM Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
  • New Horizon Tuesday: 5:00 PM (Beginner) or 6:00 PM (Intermediate) – Indoor
  • University HS Sunday: 5:00 PM (Beginner) or 6:00 PM (Intermediate) – Indoor

3. Jersey (GAME DAYS ONLY) – Any SoCal Elite reversible white & black jersey will be allowed. If a member needs a jersey, they will simply need to indicate so on the above link form.

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Starting Friday 9/3 (September 3rd) we will begin to make changes. When migrating your membership to the new program TeamUp will notify you about cancelling or purchasing a new membership or joining new classes. Please disregard these as we are simply preparing your account for the changes taking place.