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Basketball League

Thank you for volunteering! Below are important updates about the league.

1. Evaluations: Player evaluations take place Sunday, Mar. 24th, 2024.

Important: All coaches must watch their entire division and take notes.
It is out suggestion to print the player information sheet to take notes on the Saturday or Sunday before evaluations to ensure your copy is as up to date as possible.

Evaluations Responsibilities:
Observe your division and take notes – we will have a space for the coaches on the court.

2. TeamSnap: We will be importing your teams into TeamSnap. As part of the preseason we will be creating your placeholder team and adding you as the coach. After drafts we will be importing all players into TeamSnap. Please do not change team names!!

3. Teams Drafts: We will update this page with specific day/times for the drafts which are held on Google Meet online.

4. Communication: Once your teams have been drafted we ask that coaches reach out to their teams within the next 24 hours introducing yourselves as the coach

5. Practice Allocations: Team practice slots will open after the last draft. An email will be sent to all coaches with a link to the Coaches Portal and instructions on how to book a slot.

6. Team Schedules: We are unable to start working on team schedules until after the Team Drafts end. Please do not reach out with special schedule requests. Schedules are set to go live by Tues, Apr. 2nd.

Joining Google Meet for Team Drafts

To join the draft using Google Meet, please make sure to copy the emailed link to your browser. If you are using a phone, you will need to download the Google Meet mobile app. If you are on a desktop, the link should take you straight to the draft.

You will need to log in to a Google account to access the draft. Please make sure that you do not have any added security features preventing you from joining the draft. If you do, you my use the Call-In Feature but you may have a harder time following the draft.

Team Drafts

All teams in the Youth League (Boys 2nd Grade and Boys & Girls 3rd grade – High School) divisions are formed via team drafts. Please view important information below.

Draft Rules

The draft follows the rules of a snake draft. If there are 4 coaches numbered 1-4 the picks would go as follows:

  • Round 1: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Round 2: 4, 3, 2, 1
  • Round 3: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • and so on…

Evaluations Guidelines

All players are expected to attend evaluations. If they are not present, they will be placed on the Wait List and marked as “No Eval.” These players are ineligible to be drafted* and will instead be randomly assigned to a team at the end of a draft until all teams have 10 players (or 11 if a coach is willing). These players cannot be traded.

* The only way these players can be selected is if a coach volunteers information about the player before the draft begins. This information should include the player’s approximate height, position, notable skills (e.g. good ball handler or shooter) and a ranking between 1-10. If the player is mentioned in this way, they are only eligible to be drafted in the first 3 rounds – after which, they will be randomly assigned to teams at the end of the draft.

**New: If players are on the wait-list and we do not have enough coaches to take all players than no players can be nominated and will instead be a random hat pick at the end until all teams have 10 players.**

Coaches’ Children

Coaches’ children are automatically placed on their own team. They will be ranked by our staff from evaluations and placed in the round they were identified as minus ONE round. **New** If a coaches pick is a 1st round player adjusted to 2nd round pick they will go at the end of the draft. Example if there are 6 coaches and 2 have a player deemed a 1st round pick they would take slots 5 and 6.

In the event that a coach has multiple children on the same team, the lowest-ranked player will use their real rating. Example: A coach has 2 children that were ranked as a 1st round pick and 2nd round pick. The coach would have their children as a 2nd round and 3rd round pick.


Trades will be conducted at the end of the draft. Coaches do not have to accept trades and players can only be traded +/- one round pick.

Example: If a coach is attempting to receive a different team’s 3rd round pick, only his or hers 2nd, 3rd and 4th round players would be eligible in the trade.

Any players caught performing poorly on purpose (“sand-bagging”) at evaluations will be treated as a 1st round pick and not subject to the minus one round rule.

Team Drafts

Drafts are via Google Meet. Please make sure you can login before your designated time slot

Mar 27thWedGirls 3rd/4th6:00pGoogle Meet
Mar 27thWedGirls 5th/6th7:00pGoogle Meet
Mar 27thWedBoys 5th8:00pGoogle Meet
Mar 28thThurBoys 7th6:00pGoogle Meet
Mar 28thThurBoys 8th7:30pGoogle Meet
Mar 28thThurBoys 6th8:30pGoogle Meet
Mar 29thFriBoys 4th6:00pGoogle Meet
Mar 29thFriBoys 3rd7:15pGoogle Meet
Mar 29thFriBoys 2nd8:30pGoogle Meet

Contact Your Team

Sample email for after your team's draft.

Hi Team,

My name is Coach [Name] and I will be your coach for the 2024 Basketball Spring League! Our Team ID for the schedule is [ex. G3401 – Last Name].

Our first game will be on Sunday, Apr. 7th. We will be holding our first practice on [insert date]. The League hasn’t sent out the schedule yet, but I’ll reach out with an update when I have it to let you know where we will be meeting and what I’ll be wearing.

Looking forward to this upcoming season!

[Coaches Name]

Youth Divisions

Player Info

Note: Speed Test is time to dribble sideline to sideline. SoCal Elite scores are between 1 and 5, with 5 being the best. Photos and videos will not be available until a few days after evaluations.

Grp PhotoSpeedRankingWinter League Drafted (1-3 only)2023-24 All LeagueDraft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberLast NameFirst NameGrade (Boys)ExperienceAthletic AbilitySchoolYouth Volunteer as
57.4552nd round All LeagueB202 - Doshi1256SanchezBrandon2nd13Stonegate Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter7.651B202 - Doshi2236AndrewTaban2nd23Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
48.0232B202 - Doshi3210JeffersonChiang2nd13Hicks Canyon Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.534B202 - Doshi4207LondonLay2nd14Hicks Canyon Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
37.99331st round All League1B202 - Doshi5201AdityaDoshi2nd43Orchard Hills SchoolHead Coach
28.283B202 - Doshi6239SimEverett2nd32Arroyo Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
Wintermissing2B202 - Doshi7232dilanvibhaker2nd43Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
28.943B202 - Doshi8248TruongEthan2nd22Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
38.43B202 - Doshi9206Artintagarian2nd03Oak Creek Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
No ShowB202 - Doshi10220EthanLin2nd23Stonegate Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
No ShowB202 - Doshi11245YangAnderson2nd04Pegasus SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.784B201 - Dakak2244KumarDeven2nd23Beacon Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
2nd round All League2B201 - Dakak2AdvikUniche2nd33Beacon Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
B201 - Dakak3LukeAnyanwu2nd14Meadow Park Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
B201 - Dakak4CanonMcCoy2nd43Village MontessoriCo-Coach
B201 - Dakak5KaiDakak2nd33Portola Springs Elementary SchoolHead Coach
B201 - Dakak6WorkuEliab2nd13Brywood Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
B201 - Dakak7AtabekOliver2nd33Springbrook Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
47.823B201 - Dakak9250KamyabAdrian2nd02Loma Ridge Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
No ShowB201 - Dakak10235ShaunYu2nd05Stonegate Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
No ShowB201 - Dakak11205MansukhaniAyush2nd12Stonegate Elementary SchoolCo-Coach
37.26511st round All LeagueB205 - Longenecker1226NoahTorres2nd44KillybrookeNon-Volunteer
57.5853B205 - Longenecker2225JaydenLongenecker2nd33The Pegasus schoolCo-Coach
18.054B205 - Longenecker3219ChristianLai2nd23Loma Ridge Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.34B205 - Longenecker4238VeysiArteen2nd13Loma Ridge Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
57.753B205 - Longenecker5258NguyenEvan2nd02PegasusNon-Volunteer
17.933B205 - Longenecker6252LeeMacintosh2nd33Beacon Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
28.6931B205 - Longenecker7216TajCheema2nd12Westpark Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
38.23B205 - Longenecker8253GopiSahishnu2nd33Springbrook Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
38.12B205 - Longenecker9240RosenblattLevi2nd02Eastshore Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
48.722B205 - Longenecker10260PanerIcaia2nd22IUSD IVA AcademyNon-Volunteer
No ShowB205 - Longenecker11229LucaChou2nd12Loma Ridge Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.75B206 - Dhoot | Shah1254KhandharDev2nd33Heritage Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
57.874B206 - Dhoot | Shah2214IanMcLaughlin2nd14Loma Ridge Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.623B206 - Dhoot | Shah3228AlexanderKarasik2nd24Peters Canyon Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter8.634B206 - Dhoot | Shah4211KabirDhoot2nd12Vista Verde SchoolNon-Volunteer
57.973B206 - Dhoot | Shah5255ShahRohan2nd33Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter91B206 - Dhoot | Shah6215AsherBarry2nd14Glen YermoNon-Volunteer
57.723B206 - Dhoot | Shah7237LiamFlojo2nd12Cypress Village Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.733B206 - Dhoot | Shah8213BenjaminWong2nd21Alderwood ElementaryNon-Volunteer
27.933B206 - Dhoot | Shah9209MasonNong2nd33Oak Creek Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
18.332B206 - Dhoot | Shah10261McGheeCharlie2nd03Eastshore Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
No ShowB206 - Dhoot | Shah11221TheoPak2nd44Peters Canyon Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter8.843B204 - Hsu | Chan1230EeshaanRajasekar2nd14Westpark Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
No Show5B204 - Hsu | Chan2204HsuHunter2nd02Orchard Hills SchoolCo-Coach
37.242nd round All LeagueB204 - Hsu | Chan3203ColinChan2nd33Woodbury Elementary SchoolCo-Coach
28.431B204 - Hsu | Chan4249PatelSanjay2nd44Eastwood Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
18.353B204 - Hsu | Chan5243CollinsEric2nd22Woodbury Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
28.132B204 - Hsu | Chan6242JahangiriRemi2nd23PegasusNon-Volunteer
57.872B204 - Hsu | Chan7234HenryKim2nd02Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
38.382B204 - Hsu | Chan8233MasonNguyen2nd23Vista Verde SchoolNon-Volunteer
58.43B204 - Hsu | Chan9246ChuJay2nd33Loma Ridge Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
58.573B204 - Hsu | Chan10259HashimZakariya2nd03Hicks Canyon Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
No ShowB204 - Hsu | Chan11231RichardHuang2nd03Stonegate Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.134B203 - Alvarado1227EvanKo2nd43Hicks Canyon Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
37.542B203 - Alvarado2217NATHANLAI2nd23Cypress Village Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
38.5846B203 - Alvarado3202AldoAlvarado2nd44Canyon View Elementary SchoolHead Coach
57.755B203 - Alvarado4262WangKaiden2ndSCCCANon-Volunteer
27.573B203 - Alvarado5264BryanHu2ndSCCCANon-Volunteer
2B203 - Alvarado6263ShenMike2ndSCCCANon-Volunteer
27.853B203 - Alvarado7208AlexanderChung2nd03Brywood Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.973B203 - Alvarado8224EthanFu2nd03Turtle Rock Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
18.173B203 - Alvarado9251LiangMarcus2nd32Loma Ridge Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
49.152B203 - Alvarado10257AbdallaNaseem2nd33Northwood Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
No ShowB203 - Alvarado11218AndyZheng2nd23Beacon Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
Grp PhotoSpeedRankingWinter League Drafted (1-3 only)2023-24 All LeagueDraft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberLast NameFirst NameGrade (Boys)ExperienceAthletic AbilitySchoolYouth Volunteer as
17.13411st round All LeagueB305 - Chen1352CamachoGavin3rd42Alderwood ElementaryNon-Volunteer
37.683B305 - Chen2322ApolloWild3rd44Alderwood ElementaryNon-Volunteer
No Show1B305 - Chen3345ChenLucas3rd02Cypress Village Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.723B305 - Chen4315EvanNguyen3rd33Rosita ElementaryNon-Volunteer
Winter7.733B305 - Chen5329AllenLong3rd43Greentree Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter7.44B305 - Chen6349GiuffridaLuciano3rd33Red Hill Elementary School (Tustin)Non-Volunteer
47.463B305 - Chen7331MohammedDadabhoy3rd23Tustin Memorial AcademyNon-Volunteer
48.583B305 - Chen8354KentSampson3rd13Westpark Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter7.93B305 - Chen9337Arikkalutantrige3rd33Ladera Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
No ShowB305 - Chen10333MaximilianoMarin3rd44Westpark Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
16.715B302 - Yeung1353LeoChheng3rd43Beacon Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.334B302 - Yeung2326JordanThong3rd43Foothill RanchNon-Volunteer
57.8741st round All League2B302 - Yeung3303YeungBruce3rd23Santiago Hills Elementary SchoolHead Coach
Winter8.1312nd round All LeagueB302 - Yeung4321EthanLuk3rd23University Park Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
47.53B302 - Yeung5332RoyCui3rd13Northwood Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.753B302 - Yeung6339GuLevin3rd12Santiago hillsNon-Volunteer
38.274B302 - Yeung7340PengJack3rd01Stonegate Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.573B302 - Yeung8355StrehinLevi3rd13Alderwood ElementaryNon-Volunteer
Winter8.13B302 - Yeung9323AaronLe3rd22Tustin Memorial AcademyNon-Volunteer
Winter8.41B302 - Yeung10348KhlebnikovPlaton3rd33Ladera Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.234B301 - Vaidya2316AaronQin3rd44Loma Ridge Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.863B301 - Vaidya3314ZachHernandez3rd03Brywood Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
57.4152nd round All League3B301 - Vaidya3301RyanSabha3rd44Turtle Rock Elementary SchoolHead Coach
B301 - Vaidya4310FuRyan3rd14Turtle Rock Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
B301 - Vaidya5302VaidyaZayn3rd32Hicks Canyon Elementary SchoolCo-Coach
57.553B301 - Vaidya7350ChenLeo3rd02Cypress Village Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
B301 - Vaidya7311RanveerShah3rd34Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
1st round All LeagueB301 - Vaidya8312PatelKiran3rd14Vista Verde SchoolNon-Volunteer
18.23B301 - Vaidya10344DayritElon Kristoff3rd01Alderwood ElementaryNon-Volunteer
No ShowB301 - Vaidya11318GraysonVance3rd23Newport ChristianNon-Volunteer
WaitlistB301 - Vaidya12waitGhaniZakariya3rd33Portola Springs Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
37.235B304 - Hildebrand1317SihanZhao3rd33Cadence Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.05522nd round All League4B304 - Hildebrand2305DavidHildebrand-Larra3rd24Solis Park SchoolHead Coach
57.293B304 - Hildebrand3330AlexanderTsai3rd33Solis Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
47.853B304 - Hildebrand4328BryceNourparvar3rd33Arroyo Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.294B304 - Hildebrand5319LeonardHsia3rd13CaliforniaNon-Volunteer
47.623B304 - Hildebrand6324GabrielGestine3rd23Northwood Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
48.283B304 - Hildebrand7342WangJacob3rd12Tustin Memorial AcademyNon-Volunteer
58.563B304 - Hildebrand8359HanJaxson3rd23Brywood Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
38.023B304 - Hildebrand9362IbrahimAdam3rd14Cypress Village Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
18.013B304 - Hildebrand10308NassarZayd3rd12Northwood Elementary SchoolCo-Coach
37.785B303 - Abdou | Yau1336MESUTERARSLAN3rd13Meadow Park Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
47.464B303 - Abdou | Yau2334MasonChin3rd03Bonita Canyon Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
No Show5B303 - Abdou | Yau3306ConnorYau3rd44Ladera Elementary SchoolCo-Coach
38.253B303 - Abdou | Yau4307AbdouEmmanuel3rd13Ladera Elementary SchoolCo-Coach
27.783B303 - Abdou | Yau5341GarrovillasEli3rd23Meadow Park Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
37.383B303 - Abdou | Yau6361CajucomCodie3rd04Loma Ridge Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
47.943B303 - Abdou | Yau7357LopezSebastian3rd01College Park Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
28.083B303 - Abdou | Yau8360WangDean3rd11Newport CoastNon-Volunteer
37.163B303 - Abdou | Yau9363BittencourtOliver3rd12Loma Ridge Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
37.953B303 - Abdou | Yau10320AdamLe3rd03Heritage Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
6B306 - Lefler3rd
26.664doesnt show upB306 - Lefler1325MatthewNishimura3rd43Heritage Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.124doesn't show upB306 - Lefler2309MengChunwei3rd13Turtle Rock Elementary SchoolCo-Coach
47.384B306 - Lefler3351WatkinsAlphi3rd23Heritage Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
28.294B306 - Lefler4327EddyWu3rd13Santiago Hills Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.313B306 - Lefler5364MonshizadehAmir3rd12StratfordNon-Volunteer
27.513B306 - Lefler6313JasonWang3rd12Santiago Hills Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
18.523B306 - Lefler7358WuEthan3rd02Turtle Rock Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
38.763B306 - Lefler8338ChenRyan3rd11Cadence Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter83B306 - Lefler9343OhAsher3rd22Hicks Canyon Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
47.263B306 - Lefler10335MarkLin3rd03Canyon View Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
No Show WinterNo ShowB306 - Lefler11356ChamtiehRami3rd33Peters Canyon Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
Grp PhotoSpeedRankingWinter League Drafted (1-3 only)2023-24 All LeagueDraft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberLast NameFirst NameGrade (Boys)ExperienceAthletic AbilitySchoolYouth Volunteer as
47.54B403 - Robinson1433ChenEric4th43Arroyo Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
46.8741B403 - Robinson2434ChenEden4th23Eastwood Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
37.111B403 - Robinson3452zhuangAaron4th32Westpark Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.231B403 - Robinson4401RobinsonRhys4th34KaiserHead Coach
17.571B403 - Robinson5445WangKuan4th23Eastshore Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.382B403 - Robinson6402RobinsonBrooks4th33KaiserHead Coach
Winter7.53B403 - Robinson7421NewtonNawrocki4th43Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter7.93B403 - Robinson8414AriPardeshi4th23Hicks Canyon Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
37.713B403 - Robinson9430KimJay4th22Canyon View Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
47.51B403 - Robinson10451SongHajun4th12Cypress Village Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
26.863B405 - Rugani1441GongRichard4th43Solis Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.032B405 - Rugani2418QuinnLinquiti4th13Guin Foss Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
18.152B405 - Rugani3419HanselRuiz4th43Foothill Ranch ElementaryNon-Volunteer
47.872B405 - Rugani4427NolanChegini4th13Tustin Ranch Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.982B405 - Rugani5442TadepalliPraneel4th02Deerfield Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
28.13B405 - Rugani6408LeoWang4th33Canyon View Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.6512B405 - Rugani7405RuganiConor4th23The Craig SchoolCo-Coach
17.152B405 - Rugani8446BANIAN4th13Tustin Memorial AcademyNon-Volunteer
37.812B405 - Rugani9439ChenAlexander4th32Beacon Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter8.43B405 - Rugani10416DeanAbdali4th33The Prentice SchoolNon-Volunteer
37.734B404 - Galdamez1424SebastianAckermann4th43Myford Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
37.024B404 - Galdamez2425TiagoAckermann4th43Myford Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
1No #2B404 - Galdamez3449HoganRobert "RJ"4th23Myford Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
18.552B404 - Galdamez4429NguyenIan4th43Myford Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
28.8323B404 - Galdamez5403LukeGaldamez4th33Myford Elementary SchoolHead Coach
36.831B404 - Galdamez6417aydenRen4th23Cypress Village Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
37.582B404 - Galdamez7447MattosMatthew4th02Springbrook Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
28.851B404 - Galdamez8443SandovalSebastian4th02Myford Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
47.692B404 - Galdamez9410Joon WooChang4th33Cypress Village Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
No Photo7.26B404 - Galdamez10428SongEric4th45Deerfield Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
4B402 - Nakagawa1wuzijun4th34Beacon Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
B402 - Nakagawa2AustinChu4th22Westpark Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
1st round All LeagueB402 - Nakagawa3NakagawaKaiden4th24Meadow Park Elementary SchoolHead Coach
B402 - Nakagawa4ZHUJASPER4th44Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
B402 - Nakagawa5PengCollin4th32Foothill Ranch ElementaryNon-Volunteer
B402 - Nakagawa6PengBraedon4th32Foothill Ranch ElementaryNon-Volunteer
Winter7.83B402 - Nakagawa8436LanAaron4th22Deerfield Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter7.43B402 - Nakagawa9431KimLogan4th22Plaza Vista SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.421B402 - Nakagawa10444GaoMichael4th13Cadence Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
28.42B402 - Nakagawa11422NathanBrandes4th22Vista Verde SchoolNon-Volunteer
1st round All League5B401 - Yun1LiuWilliam4th33Peters Canyon Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
B401 - Yun2NolanNguyen4th43Woodbury Elementary SchoolCo-Coach
2nd round All LeagueB401 - Yun3YunRiley4th43Orchard Hills SchoolHead Coach
B401 - Yun4RaonPark4th43Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
B401 - Yun5AhnAeric4th43Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
48.171B401 - Yun7420MasonDong4th13CaliforniaNon-Volunteer
Winter7.33B401 - Yun8426EnochLai4th44Turtle Rock Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
B401 - Yun9BermanChristopher4th43Foothill Ranch ElementaryNon-Volunteer
37.352B401 - Yun10404wongkayden4th03Woodbury Elementary SchoolCo-Coach
B401 - Yun11hatMahmoudTayseer4th43CaliforniaNon-Volunteer (buyout) (+$59)
27.292B406 - Overlien1407EmersonReyen4th13Myford Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
26B406 - Overlien2454OverlienJadin4th33Plaza Vista SchoolNon-Volunteer
47.6622B406 - Overlien3435chuSteven4th44Cypress Village Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.41B406 - Overlien4415HamzaCeker4th14New horizon schoolNon-Volunteer
48.323B406 - Overlien5423MarcusNguyen4th23Vista Verde SchoolNon-Volunteer
37.422B406 - Overlien6409AndrewLiu4th23College Park Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
47.671B406 - Overlien7438PanjaSreehaas4th13Deerfield Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.732B406 - Overlien8432ParkTheodore4th23Solis Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
37.281B406 - Overlien9440HuEric4th32FairmontNon-Volunteer
17.881B406 - Overlien10448HwangChristian4th12Tustin Memorial AcademyNon-Volunteer
Grp PhotoSpeedRankingWinter League Drafted (1-3 only)2023-24 All LeagueDraft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberLast NameFirst NameGrade (Boys)ExperienceAthletic AbilitySchoolYouth Volunteer as
47.725B503 - Lee1556DeepakVihaan5th43Deerfield Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter7.832B503 - Lee2536PrabhuArin5th14Cypress Village Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
97.53B503 - Lee3526JoshuaGuo5th23Santiago Hills Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
68.613B503 - Lee4555parkjason5th32Cypress Village Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
38.0731B503 - Lee5503LeeIan5th22FletcherHead Coach
67.623B503 - Lee6540ArumugamMahilan5th23Deerfield Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter7.43B503 - Lee7511BrandonYou5th43Deerfield Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
No ShowB503 - Lee8528TorabiArian5th43Turtle Rock Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
No Show71st round All LeagueB503 - Lee9554GreggOliver5th25Stonegate Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
37.2252B505 - La1512Williamwang5th14Newport Christian SchoolNon-Volunteer
48.1242B505 - La2531ZhangSimba5th33Westpark Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.34B505 - La3537XueHongyi5th13Cypress Village Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
97.823B505 - La4527EliYohannes5th02Stone Creek Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
107.8432B505 - La5505DavidLa5th13Springbrook Elementary SchoolHead Coach
88.73B505 - La6542NguyenWill5th32Plaza Vista SchoolNon-Volunteer
No Photo7.413B505 - La7515Sri KrishnaKunduru5th23Cadence Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
No ShowB505 - LaN/SWaitChenyuZhang5th24Cypress Village Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
B505 - LaLate RegYuHenry5th04Stonegate Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer (buyout) (+$59)
27.415B504 - Ramirez1549PadillaDominic5th43Covenant ChristianNon-Volunteer
28.43B504 - Ramirez2552WuJayden5th33StratfordNon-Volunteer
58.1743B504 - Ramirez3504CaidenBridges5th23Excel AcademyHead Coach
28.123B504 - Ramirez4550TejaniMilo5th03Brywood Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
47.973Not showing up to gamesB504 - Ramirez5543BANERJEEEVAAN5th33Turtle Rock Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
48.242B504 - Ramirez6546BrodieBentley5th03Portola Springs Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
48.423B504 - Ramirez7519RohanDedhia5th44Deerfield Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
78.193B504 - Ramirez8521GarrettHsieh5th12Alderwood ElementaryNon-Volunteer
78.81331st round All LeagueB506 - Mustafa1509FerrerZyan5th44Oak Creek Elementary SchoolHead Coach
Winter842nd round All LeagueB506 - Mustafa2518IsaiahAgustin5th33Anaheim Hills Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
68.424B506 - Mustafa3551BakySono5th43Meadow Park Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
87.993B506 - Mustafa4548ZhouLawrence5th33Brywood Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
57.5934B506 - Mustafa5506MustafaGhassan5th32Ladera Elementary SchoolHead Coach
58.093B506 - Mustafa6513JacobTian5th33Northwood Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
37.173B506 - Mustafa7W952/557RizviSyed-Mustafa5th04Deerfield Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
58.453B506 - Mustafa8525LukeYang5th02Stonegate Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
107.135B502 - Shah1534LeeDaniel5th23Beacon Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
108.3255B502 - Shah2502AaryanShah5th33Beacon Park SchoolHead Coach
28.294B502 - Shah3539Olivares-SneeDante5th03Community Roots AcademyNon-Volunteer
17.7443B502 - Shah4532ParkElias5th44Solis Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
18.114B502 - Shah5522julianrios5th33Arroyo Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
77.693B502 - Shah6529DanielLandon5th12Beacon Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter7.63B502 - Shah7541IftekharSafwan5th33Journey SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter7.72B502 - Shah8510RylanFlores5th12Myford Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.4532nd round All LeagueB501 - Sessions1524MatthewLee5th33Cypress Village Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
No Show2nd round All League6B501 - Sessions2501LandynSessions5th43Meadow Park Elementary SchoolHead Coach
17.924B501 - Sessions3520MihirDevu5th44Solis Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
57.494B501 - Sessions4523AkitakaFukui5th42College Park Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
58.173B501 - Sessions5514AkashSivasubramaniam5th43Deerfield Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
78.053B501 - Sessions6517BradyAn5th23Stonegate Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
48.193B501 - Sessions7535TrivediAarav5th32Fairmont Private School HACNon-Volunteer
88.193B501 - Sessions8533ShanahanSean5th03Beacon Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
77.725B507 - Alexander | Kim1516OliverLiu5th13Santiago Hills Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
874B507 - Alexander | Kim2553BrooksGavin5th23Cadence Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
87.193B507 - Alexander | Kim3547Taonathan5th43Canyon View Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
37.6237B507 - Alexander | Kim4507LAWRENCEKIM5th13Greentree Elementary SchoolCo-Coach
38.173B507 - Alexander | Kim5508AlexanderIsaiah5th33Stone Creek Elementary SchoolCo-Coach
67.163B507 - Alexander | Kim6538YeDavid5th12Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
28.643B507 - Alexander | Kim7544DoniaBradley5th12Trabuco Mesa Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter7.13B507 - Alexander | Kim8530WangLuca5th12Hicks Canyon Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
Grp PhotoSpeedRankingWinter League Drafted (1-3 only)2023-24 All LeagueDraft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberLast NameFirst NameGrade (Boys)ExperienceAthletic AbilitySchoolYouth Volunteer as
37.094.5B603 - Obillos1630TsugeMorimichi6th14Cypress Village Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
26.68B603 - Obillos2641MorganIsaiah6th13Cadence Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter7.632nd round All LeagueB603 - Obillos3645CaagoyElijah6th44Stonegate Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.1311st round All League1B603 - Obillos4603VillanuevaLucas6th23Loma Ridge Elementary SchoolHead Coach
46.733B603 - Obillos5628VincentCarroll6th34St. Marys SchoolNon-Volunteer
46.7721B603 - Obillos6614NicoShaffer6th33Pioneer Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter7.93B603 - Obillos7637LIYU AN6th42Canyon View Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
18.122B603 - Obillos8620AmmarSheikh6th13Woodbury Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
37.532B603 - Obillos9626AravShah6th43Alderwood ElementaryNon-Volunteer
16.74B605 - Chi | Baume1646GonzalezAdrian6th43El Sol Art and Science AcademyNon-Volunteer
47.4813B605 - Chi | Baume2617AkshayTangirala6th43Solis Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
47.4232B605 - Chi | Baume3606ChiIan6th33Cadence Park SchoolCo-Coach
27.5833B605 - Chi | Baume4607BaumeDaniel6th43PaularinoCo-Coach
48.0432nd round All LeagueB605 - Chi | Baume5613TheoKim6th43Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.423B605 - Chi | Baume6648SayaEsa6th43Loma Ridge Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter8.73B605 - Chi | Baume7643RuizKaleb6th43Other (not listed)Non-Volunteer
27.173B605 - Chi | Baume8624SosukeSato6th43Woodbury Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
47.481B605 - Chi | Baume9619colinwyland6th12intl school of ocNon-Volunteer
27.132B605 - Chi | Baume8625VinayakVohra6th43The Pegasus SchoolNon-Volunteer
2nd round All League3B601 - Tran1Diaz jrOmar6th45Westpark Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
B601 - Tran2NguyenMaxwell6th12The Pegasus SchoolNon-Volunteer
B601 - Tran3Ong-TranConnor6th23Westpark Elementary SchoolHead Coach
1st round All LeagueB601 - Tran4WeintraubEthan6th44Cadence Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
B601 - Tran5DiazAlijah6th43College Park Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
B601 - Tran6WurtzJake6th22Loma Ridge Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
3rd round All LeagueB601 - Tran7JoshuaGima6th23Brywood Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
B601 - Tran8StarkeWalker6th32Cypress Village Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
B601 - Tran9RivasAnthony6th12Brywood Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.152B602 - Pham1618TejveerSaini6th02Alderwood ElementaryNon-Volunteer
4No #22B602 - Pham2629PatelAaryan6th34Cadence Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
37.053.54B602 - Pham3602BuiKayden6th43Beacon Park SchoolHead Coach
37.423B602 - Pham4601PhamEthan6th32Beacon Park SchoolHead Coach
16.662B602 - Pham5622JaydenWang6th13Brywood Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter6.533rd round All LeagueB602 - Pham6636JoshiJai6th44Cadence Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
471B602 - Pham7634MUNIZJACOB6th14Pioneer Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.982B602 - Pham8647KalantarianKiavash6th23Eastshore Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
3No #1B602 - Pham9644MadsenDavid6th12Westpark Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
29.75Sandbag | 5 (check video)2B606 - Prados1639ZhengAndrew6th11Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
38.972.5B606 - Prados2640LiuYongsheng6th02Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
36.793B606 - Prados3642YuTerence6th33Bonita Canyon Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.14315B606 - Prados4608Prados MiaoCarlos6th44Eastshore Elementary SchoolHead Coach
26.711B606 - Prados5633TranJustin6th22Fletcher Mandarin Language and Gate AcademyNon-Volunteer
46.4622B606 - Prados66513JaceGriffin6th12Westpark Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
46.7822B606 - Prados7652BerniusEdgaras6th33Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
No ShowB606 - Prados9635ZhuJonathan6th04Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
No Show | 51st round All League6B604 - Hsu | On1605ConnorOn6th23Fletcher Academy (Orange)Co-Coach
16.3352nd round All LeagueB604 - Hsu | On2604CarsonHsu6th43MVCSCo-Coach
26.953B604 - Hsu | On3623EverettKao6th43Santiago Hills Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
16.393B604 - Hsu | On4611TobyHuang6th13Deerfield Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
36.552B604 - Hsu | On5616DylanMatsushita6th43Cypress Village Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
47.782B604 - Hsu | On6615DevanshMarwaha6th13Santiago Hills Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
47.281B604 - Hsu | On7650TullyColeman6th13Brywood Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
47.073B604 - Hsu | On8621DawudMujahid6th23Portola Springs Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter7.253B607 - Cortegana | Kwon1632LitvinAnton6th45Santiago Hills Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter6.7422nd round All LeagueB607 - Cortegana | Kwon2612KasraZokaei6th24Loma Ridge Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
36.553.57B607 - Cortegana | Kwon3610KwonAiden6th14Eastwood Elementary SchoolCo-Coach
37.53.5B607 - Cortegana | Kwon4627JakubCleveland6th13Stone Creek Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.982B607 - Cortegana | Kwon5609CorteganaKyle6th02Deerfield Elementary SchoolCo-Coach
Winter7.93B607 - Cortegana | Kwon6631YehKason6th43Solis Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.52B607 - Cortegana | Kwon7638JunIsaac6th02Solis Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
16.761B607 - Cortegana | Kwon8651StrehinAlex6th03Eastshore Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
Grp PhotoSpeedRankingWinter League Drafted (1-3 only)2023-24 All LeagueDraft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberLast NameFirst NameGrade (Boys)ExperienceAthletic AbilitySchoolYouth Volunteer as
26.4551B704 - Balestrieri | Brown1704BalestrieriAnthony7th14Epic CharterCo-Coach
26.265B704 - Balestrieri | Brown2705BalestrieriNino Jr7th14Epic charterCo-Coach
26.112B704 - Balestrieri | Brown3724RyanLee7th33Cypress Village Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
16.393B704 - Balestrieri | Brown4720JasonGee7th43Jeffrey Trail Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
16.032B704 - Balestrieri | Brown5715BrentKearns7th13Jeffrey Trail Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
36.633B704 - Balestrieri | Brown6703BrownDylan7th03Sierra Vista Middle SchoolCo-Coach
27.713B704 - Balestrieri | Brown7709DhruvBerry7th23Corona Del Mar Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
36.862.5B704 - Balestrieri | Brown8745KheniSaket7th03Venado Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
37.511B704 - Balestrieri | Brown9735PalushiMarvin7th43Jeffrey Trail Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
No ShowB704 - Balestrieri | Brown10727MaxwellFaruki7th44St. MarysNon-Volunteer
27.1432nd round All LeagueB701 - Austin1710SaifAhmed7th23Venado Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
36.7943rd round All LeagueB701 - Austin2749ChoDavid7th44Sierra Vista Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
16.961B701 - Austin3743ChenSkye7th04Jeffrey Trail Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
28.463.52B701 - Austin4701AustinASHER7th43Rancho San Joaquin Middle SchoolHead Coach
36.8743B701 - Austin5728AlbertZhang7th45Rancho San Joaquin Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
16.8122B701 - Austin6739StrainSutton7th23La Paz IntermediateNon-Volunteer
36.883.5B701 - Austin7711KianWu7th33Vista Verde SchoolNon-Volunteer
26.091B701 - Austin8706NippAshton7th11Rancho San Joaquin Middle SchoolCo-Coach
36.482B701 - Austin9730HsiaoRay7th14Sierra Vista Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter7.13B701 - Austin10736YuZongyou7th23Jeffrey Trail Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
18.54.5B703 - Machhor | Wilson1733GuKevin7th33Other (not listed)Non-Volunteer
37.64B703 - Machhor | Wilson2741wangcharles7th44fairmont privateNon-Volunteer
15.714B703 - Machhor | Wilson3726KaiPicerne7th13The Pegasus SchoolNon-Volunteer
37.132.5B703 - Machhor | Wilson4746Wongrylan7th43Jeffrey Trail Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
37.032B703 - Machhor | Wilson5713Ayaanmozaffar7th43Rancho San Joaquin Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
26.092B703 - Machhor | Wilson6734RangsisMax7th03South Lake Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.682B703 - Machhor | Wilson7740AmaroZachary7th44South Lake Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
16.73.5B703 - Machhor | Wilson8731KohlerAlex7th13South Lake Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter733B703 - Machhor | Wilson9707HarryXiao7th23CaliforniaNon-Volunteer
Winter6.43B703 - Machhor | Wilson10747OhPaul7th33Venado Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
No ShowB703 - Machhor | Wilson11732HareeshAarav7th44Sierra Vista Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
3B703 - Machhor | Wilson7thHead Coach
36.352B702 - Bui1719OliverMackenzie7th33CaliforniaNon-Volunteer
Winter7.252B702 - Bui2721BrownsellDavid7th44Hewes Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter7.243B702 - Bui3722BrownsellBryce7th44Hewes Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.13.52nd round All LeagueB702 - Bui4744TseoThomas7th32Cadence Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
36.9831st round All League4B702 - Bui5702BuiBlake7th43Lakeside Middle SchoolHead Coach
17.412B702 - Bui6737BAIJULIAN7th23Pioneer Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter6.53B702 - Bui7714NoahPak7th44Pioneer Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
36.963B702 - Bui8723LucasChen7th23Sierra Vista Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
401B702 - Bui9738OharaSoya7th13Lakeside Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
28.022B702 - Bui10742HuynhGavin7th02South Lake Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
Grp PhotoSpeedRankingWinter League Drafted (1-3 only)2023-24 All LeagueDraft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberLast NameFirst NameGrade (Boys)ExperienceAthletic AbilitySchoolYouth Volunteer as
47.644B802 - Matsushita1815CharlesSun8th03Beacon Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
16.1833rd round All LeagueB802 - Matsushita2809RobertJokumsen8th33Lakeside Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
35.8242nd round All LeagueB802 - Matsushita3804JustinFine8th44Hebrew AcademyNon-Volunteer
26.3932B802 - Matsushita4811DeanPerez8th44Jeffrey Trail Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
36.8231B802 - Matsushita5801MatsushitaTyler8th43Jeffrey Trail Middle SchoolHead Coach
26.322B802 - Matsushita6810HudsonHuang8th43Jeffrey Trail Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
26.6643B802 - Matsushita7814GavinCarson8th44Sierra Vista Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
26.863B802 - Matsushita8819BradenLawson8th43Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
26.943B802 - Matsushita9812AdamChichakly8th13Lexington JHSNon-Volunteer
No ShowB802 - Matsushita10836AliHumza8th34Venado Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
2nd round All League2B801 - Bayati | Jacobs2HauserParker8th33Pioneer Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
46.6823B801 - Bayati | Jacobs2817JabezLee8th44Beacon Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
B801 - Bayati | Jacobs3AyaanHablani8th44Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
4th round All LeagueB801 - Bayati | Jacobs4LeeJona8th43Beacon Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
B801 - Bayati | Jacobs5ChoiAiden8th44Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
B801 - Bayati | Jacobs6AakashParikh8th44Lakeside Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
B801 - Bayati | Jacobs7ShivenMusal8th44Cadence Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
B801 - Bayati | Jacobs8ShinnSteven8th14Venado Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
No ShowB801 - Bayati | Jacobs10839SunEthan8th24Rancho San Joaquin Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
B801 - Bayati | Jacobs10ViswaAnish8th33Jeffrey Trail Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
26.234B803 - Kurtz1832MiaoMax8th03FairmontNon-Volunteer
16.243B803 - Kurtz2831ZhaoJohn8th23Fairmont private schoolNon-Volunteer
15.983B803 - Kurtz3803BrandonChiu8th12Lakeside Middle SchoolCo-Coach
16.763B803 - Kurtz4807ZackaryRay8th34Ensign Intermediate SchoolNon-Volunteer
36.7234th round All League3B803 - Kurtz5802KurtzLANDON8th33Sierra Vista Middle SchoolHead Coach
46.9633rd round All LeagueB803 - Kurtz6816AustinLai8th44Cadence Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
46.263B803 - Kurtz7835FandinoEnzo8th44Beacon Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
26.832B803 - Kurtz8838ParkJayden8th13Jeffrey Trail Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter6.63B803 - Kurtz9825OuLucas8th43Jeffrey Trail Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
No ShowB803 - Kurtz10834AlkabbaniHamza8th23Irvine High SchoolNon-Volunteer
4B804 - Manalo8thHead Coach
36.83B804 - Manalo1840ChenJustin8th34Beacon Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter6.63.54th round All LeagueB804 - Manalo2822KimJohn8th44Sierra Vista Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
46.91B804 - Manalo3818JuanSeo8th43Jeffrey Trail Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
26.714th round All LeagueB804 - Manalo4830YuTerrence8th44Jeffrey Trail Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
36.313B804 - Manalo5842SagiDhanush8th03Lakeside Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
36.043B804 - Manalo6820GuddetiAryan8th35Sierra Vista Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
37.711B804 - Manalo7813TianyiZhao8th33Venado Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
16.243B804 - Manalo8841ThakurRudra8th03Lakeside Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
16.272B804 - Manalo9821PascuaMatthew8th13Venado Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
46.432B804 - Manalo10823morganJoshua8th33HomeschoolNon-Volunteer
5B805 - Manalo8th
46.25421st round All LeagueB805 - Manalo1837PanJohann8th14Venado Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
26.112B805 - Manalo2805KimCaleb8th43Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
26.042B805 - Manalo3806KimIan8th43Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
16.193B805 - Manalo4826KangHaram8th44Venado Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
46.852B805 - Manalo5843SalimOmer8th12Venado Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
16.313B805 - Manalo6829LyuTianyun8th04Jeffrey Trail Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
16.352B805 - Manalo7828LyuTianyang8th03Jeffrey Trail Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
45.983B805 - Manalo8808YICHENGQIU8th34FAIRMONT SAN JUAN CAPISTRANONon-Volunteer
16.683B805 - Manalo9833XuBen8th03The Pegasus schoolNon-Volunteer
47.943B805 - Manalo10824BhatnagarIshaan8th43Jeffrey Trail Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
Grp PhotoSpeedRankingWinter League Drafted (1-3 only)2023-24 All LeagueDraft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberLast NameFirst NameGrade (Girls)ExperienceAthletic AbilitySchoolYouth Volunteer as
28.353G3402 - Bayaa14321AlbakriDahlia4th12AndersenNon-Volunteer
Winter9.24G3402 - Bayaa24323QuaderJasmine4th43Springbrook Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
18.924G3402 - Bayaa33409CocoGamboa3rd43Plaza Vista SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.45333rd round All LeagueG3402 - Bayaa43405JulietCharles3rd43Vista Verde SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.4731G3402 - Bayaa53401ZainaBayaa3rd03Portola Springs Elementary SchoolHead Coach
27.683G3402 - Bayaa64324ThorntonCharlotte4th03EastbluffNon-Volunteer
28.193G3402 - Bayaa74320KalinskyEmily4th33Woodbury Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
28.453G3402 - Bayaa84313SanyaPatel4th12Alderwood ElementaryNon-Volunteer
No ShowG3402 - Bayaa94325LeQuangKiyomi4th22Vista Verde SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.375G3404 - Mahmoud | Masilamani14322PatelSophia4th12AndersenNon-Volunteer
27.37433rd round All LeagueG3404 - Mahmoud | Masilamani23412HendersonEdith3rd44Vista Verde SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.9542G3404 - Mahmoud | Masilamani33403MahmoudSufiya3rd23CaliforniaCo-Coach
28.084G3404 - Mahmoud | Masilamani44314JayaBerry4th32EastbluffNon-Volunteer
27.41411st round All LeagueG3404 - Mahmoud | Masilamani54319LucyChoueke4th23Meadow Park Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
18.252G3404 - Mahmoud | Masilamani63404Mohanakartikavira3rd12Springbrook Elementary SchoolCo-Coach
27.94G3404 - Mahmoud | Masilamani7W957CharlotteChoueke2nd23Meadow Park Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
No ShowG3404 - Mahmoud | Masilamani9BharatwajAart4th13Stonegate Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
2nd round All League3G3401 - Lawson1SelbyHarrington4th34Springbrook Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
G3401 - Lawson2ElianaKhenansho4th34Orchard Hills SchoolNon-Volunteer
1st round All LeagueG3401 - Lawson3LawsonSevyn4th43Meadow Park Elementary SchoolHead Coach
G3401 - Lawson4CuevasAlessandra4th42Canyon View Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
G3401 - Lawson5GigiWeitzel4th13Arroyo Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
G3401 - Lawson7ShruthikaSachinKumar4th13Stonegate Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
28.513G3401 - Lawson84318AnishkaBishnoi4th23Woodbury Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
3rd round All LeagueG3401 - Lawson9ChangMadelyn3rd44GCSCo-Coach
Winter No ShowNo Show3rd round All LeagueG3401 - Lawson103407MiaZheng3rd23Beacon Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.2351G3403 - Joshi14315EmmaGAO4th14Vista Verde SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter No ShowNo Show21st round All LeagueG3403 - Joshi24316AvaBarry4th43Eastshore Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.823G3403 - Joshi34317AalyaAggarwal4th32Beacon Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter7.32G3403 - Joshi44328OnAgatha4thSCCCANon-Volunteer
18.434G3403 - Joshi53402ShanayaJoshi3rd02Deerfield Elementary SchoolHead Coach
18.963G3403 - Joshi63411FengMiranda3rd04Santiago Hills Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
18.33G3403 - Joshi73408SrinidhiKesanam3rd13Beacon Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.563G3403 - Joshi83406LuviaHong3rd12Loma Ridge Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
No ShowG3403 - Joshi94326RackowElla4th33TVTNon-Volunteer
No ShowG3403 - Joshi104327RobertsonKarley4th14Foothill Ranch ElementaryNon-Volunteer
G3405 - CastilloCastilloAmelie3rd01Cadence Park SchoolHead Coach
G3405 - CastilloPatelSannaya3rd23Cadence Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
G3405 - CastilloNguyenColette3rd02Cadence Park SchoolNon-Volunteer (buyout) (+$59)
G3405 - CastilloMuriago CasalMaria Josefina3rd03Cadence Park SchoolNon-Volunteer (buyout) (+$59)
G3405 - CastilloFavarin WestruppAlice3rd12Cadence Park SchoolNon-Volunteer (buyout) (+$59)
G3405 - CastilloBrooksSiena3rd03Cadence Park SchoolNon-Volunteer (buyout) (+$59)
G3405 - CastilloAggarwalKajal3rd23Cadence Park SchoolNon-Volunteer (buyout) (+$59)
G3405 - CastilloHartisRiley3rd02Cadence Park SchoolNon-Volunteer (buyout) (+$59)
Grp PhotoSpeedRankingWinter League Drafted (1-3 only)2023-24 All LeagueDraft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberLast NameFirst NameGrade (Girls)ExperienceAthletic AbilitySchoolYouth Volunteer as
27.68523rd round All LeagueG5604 - Gerlach16512SnigdhaPulipati6th13Westpark Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.13332nd round All LeagueG5604 - Gerlach26520PastagiaElina6th13Westpark Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.594G5604 - Gerlach36519YassaOlivia6th03Vista Verde SchoolNon-Volunteer
Winter7.94G5604 - Gerlach46515AwadallahFarida6th43Jeffrey Trail Middle SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.5831G5604 - Gerlach56501MillieGerlach6th32Lake Forest Elementary SchoolHead Coach
27.342G5604 - Gerlach65606JillBailey5th43Vista Verde SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.552G5604 - Gerlach75607HernandezViolet5th12Oak Creek Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.993G5604 - Gerlach85608JacobsSophia5th43Springbrook Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.52G5604 - Gerlach96510wongalecia6th02Woodbury Elementary SchoolCo-Coach
No ShowG5604 - Gerlach106517RackowTalya6th03TVTNon-Volunteer
1st round All League2G5601 - Sim1MaceyNourparvar5th43Arroyo Elementary SchoolCo-Coach
G5601 - Sim2LilahDome5th44Arroyo Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
3rd round All LeagueG5601 - Sim3sarinadoshi5th43Eastwood Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
G5601 - Sim4SiennaSim5th43Arroyo Elementary SchoolHead Coach
G5601 - Sim5KaylaLe5th42Tustin Memorial AcademyNon-Volunteer
G5601 - Sim6EmilyDierck6th33Oak Creek Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
G5601 - Sim7kellyhuang6th22Turtle Rock Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
G5601 - Sim8OrwigSiena5th33Beacon Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.522G5601 - Sim10W955YukSophia5th02Loma Ridge Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer (buyout) (+$59)
1st round All LeagueG5602 - Gates1AudreaStalin5th23Eastshore Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
G5602 - Gates3LongLong5th44Greentree Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
G5602 - Gates4SofiaSobrino5th23Springbrook Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
2nd round All LeagueG5602 - Gates5MilaGates5th43Springbrook Elementary SchoolHead Coach
G5602 - Gates6KateJohnson5th12Springbrook Elementary SchoolCo-Coach
G5602 - Gates7AnnieMorgan5th33Springbrook Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
G5602 - Gates8RubinEmma5th32Westpark Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
3rd round All LeagueG5602 - Gates9OdegaardGrace6th33Vista Verde SchoolNon-Volunteer
G5602 - Gates10GagePeyton5th22Tustin Memorial AcademyNon-Volunteer
1st round All LeagueG5603 - Luu1AshiahThakkar6th45Pioneer Middle SchoolCo-Coach
G5603 - Luu2VelascoSarah5th44Other (not listed)Non-Volunteer
2nd round All LeagueG5603 - Luu3PrishaLuu6th44Woodbury Elementary SchoolHead Coach
G5603 - Luu4LaimOh5th22Woodbury Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
G5603 - Luu5AnnaDe Flaviis6th33Turtle Rock Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
G5603 - Luu6RyleeHenkel6th43Brywood Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
G5603 - Luu7AhnJaeeun5th22Oak Creek Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
G5603 - Luu8AdithamPranamya6th33Cadence Park SchoolNon-Volunteer
G5603 - Luu9ShroffSerena5th23Plaza Vista SchoolNon-Volunteer
3rd round All LeagueG5603 - Luu10BurwellSoraya6th15Alderwood ElementaryNon-Volunteer
17.4353 coaches kid no choice3rd round All LeagueG5605 - Sturm15603KurtzMaliya5th33Santiago Hills Elementary SchoolHead Coach
17.415G5605 - Sturm25605JosephKennedy5th23Arroyo Elementary SchoolCo-Coach
27.684G5605 - Sturm35604BhatiaEva5th24FairmontCo-Coach
28.153G5605 - Sturm46511GhaneianSofia6th23Loma Ridge Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
18.0133G5605 - Sturm55602SturmLexa5th13Meadow Park Elementary SchoolHead Coach
18.273G5605 - Sturm66516TakenoueKiara6th12Westpark Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
17.482G5605 - Sturm76514BhamidipatiDivya6th22College Park Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
27.721G5605 - Sturm85609WengMoli5th02Stonegate Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer
18.182G5605 - Sturm106518TaAudrey6th03Cypress Village Elementary SchoolNon-Volunteer