Practice Court Allocations

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League Rules


Basketball League

Thank you for volunteering! Below are important updates about the league.

1. Evaluations: Player evaluations take place Sunday, Nov. 5th, 2023. Make-Up Evaluations take place Sunday, Nov 19th.

Important: All coaches must watch their entire division and take notes.
It is out suggestion to print the player information sheet to take notes on the Saturday or Sunday before evaluations to ensure your copy is as up to date as possible.

Evaluations Responsibilities:
Observe your division and take notes – we will have a space for the coaches on the court.

2. TeamSnap: We will be importing your teams into TeamSnap. As part of the preseason we will be creating your placeholder team and adding you as the coach. After drafts we will be importing all players into TeamSnap. Please do not change team names!!

3. Teams Drafts: We will update this page with specific day/times for the drafts which are held on Google Meet online.

4. Communication: Once your teams have been drafted we ask that coaches reach out to their teams within the next 24 hours introducing yourselves as the coach

5. Practice Allocations: Team practice slots will open after the last draft. An email will be sent to all coaches with a link to the Coaches Portal and instructions on how to book a slot.

6. Team Schedules: We are unable to start working on team schedules until after the Team Drafts end. Please do not reach out with special schedule requests. Schedules are set to go live by Wed, Dec 6th.

7. Jersey/Apparel Pickup: Pickup for the Rookie League will take place Saturday Nov 19th. Youth League players will have their team apparel in a bundle for coaches to pickup (TBD).

Joining Google Meet for Team Drafts

To join the draft using Google Meet, please make sure to copy the emailed link to your browser. If you are using a phone, you will need to download the Google Meet mobile app. If you are on a desktop, the link should take you straight to the draft.

You will need to log in to a Google account to access the draft. Please make sure that you do not have any added security features preventing you from joining the draft. If you do, you my use the Call-In Feature but you may have a harder time following the draft.

Team Drafts

All teams in the Youth League (Boys 2nd Grade and Boys & Girls 3rd grade – High School) divisions are formed via team drafts. Please view important information below.

Draft Rules

The draft follows the rules of a snake draft. If there are 4 coaches numbered 1-4 the picks would go as follows:

  • Round 1: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Round 2: 4, 3, 2, 1
  • Round 3: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • and so on…

Evaluations Guidelines

All players are expected to attend evaluations. If they are not present, they will be placed on the Wait List and marked as “No Eval.” These players are ineligible to be drafted* and will instead be randomly assigned to a team at the end of a draft until all teams have 10 players (or 11 if a coach is willing). These players cannot be traded.

* The only way these players can be selected is if a coach volunteers information about the player before the draft begins. This information should include the player’s approximate height, position, notable skills (e.g. good ball handler or shooter) and a ranking between 1-10. If the player is mentioned in this way, they are only eligible to be drafted in the first 3 rounds – after which, they will be randomly assigned to teams at the end of the draft.

**New: If players are on the wait-list and we do not have enough coaches to take all players than no players can be nominated and will instead be a random hat pick at the end until all teams have 10 players.**

Coaches’ Children

Coaches’ children are automatically placed on their own team. They will be ranked by our staff from evaluations and placed in the round they were identified as minus ONE round. **New** If a coaches pick is a 1st round player adjusted to 2nd round pick they will go at the end of the draft. Example if there are 6 coaches and 2 have a player deemed a 1st round pick they would take slots 5 and 6.

In the event that a coach has multiple children on the same team, the lowest-ranked player will use their real rating. Example: A coach has 2 children that were ranked as a 1st round pick and 2nd round pick. The coach would have their children as a 2nd round and 3rd round pick.


Trades will be conducted at the end of the draft. Coaches do not have to accept trades and players can only be traded +/- one round pick.

Example: If a coach is attempting to receive a different team’s 3rd round pick, only his or hers 2nd, 3rd and 4th round players would be eligible in the trade.

Any players caught performing poorly on purpose (“sand-bagging”) at evaluations will be treated as a 1st round pick and not subject to the minus one round rule.

Team Drafts

Drafts are via Google Meet. Please make sure you can login before your designated time slot
Links have not been set up yet - Look for an email this coming week

Girls 3rd/4thMonNov 20th6:00p
Boys 7thMonNov 20th7:15p
Girls 5th/6thTuesNov 21st5:00p
Boys 6thTuesNov 21st6:15p
Boys 4thTuesNov 21st8:00p
Boys 2ndTuesNov 28th5:00p
Boys 8thTuesNov 28th6:30p
Boys 3rdTuesNov 28th8:00p
Boys 5thWedNov 29th6:00p
High SchoolWedNov 29th7:30p

Contact Your Team

Sample email for after your team's draft.

Hi Team,

My name is Coach [Name] and I will be your coach for the 2023-24 Basketball Winter League! Our Team ID for the schedule is [ex. G3401 – Last Name].

Our first game will be on Sunday, Dec. 10th. We will be holding our first practice on [insert date]. The League hasn’t sent out the schedule yet, but I’ll reach out with an update when I have it to let you know where we will be meeting and what I’ll be wearing.

Looking forward to this upcoming season!

[Coaches Name]

Youth Divisions

Player Info

Note: Speed Test is time to dribble sideline to sideline. SoCal Elite scores are between 1 and 5, with 5 being the best. Photos and videos will not be available until a few days after evaluations.

PlayersEvaluationsPlayers (Makeup)Evaluations (Makeup)
Grp PhotoHeightSpeedRankingFall League Drafted (1-3 only)Draft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberAll LeagueLast NameFirst NameSibling Name YouthGenderGrade (Boys)ExperienceDifferent SportsAthletic AbilityOther SportSchool DistrictIUSD SchoolsTUSD SchoolsNewport/Mesa SchoolsName of SchoolYouth Volunteer as
6051B201 - You1269ActiveLeeCalebMale4 or moreNo5 = AllstarIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
39.631B201 - You2243ActiveJohalJayvinMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)
B201 - You3ActivePrakashAdeepMale1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Northwood (K-6)I agree that the volunteer will complete the coach registration.
38.73yesB201 - You4245ActiveRandhawaEthanMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodFlag football (Fridays) plus one practice dayIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)I agree that the volunteer will complete the coach registration.
G2Makeup Eval (11/19)7.93double headerB201 - You5264ActiveLeeJoonyMaleNoneYes3 = GoodBaseball irvine coltsIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.73B201 - You6258ActiveStitzleinCesarMale2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodClub SwimmingNot Listed
37.42B201 - You7253ActiveTroutmanVinnyMaleNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Plaza Vista (K-8)
28.52B201 - You8246ActiveNguyenMasonMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodAzot Swim ClubNot Listed
18.31B201 - You9270ActiveChenEthanMaleNoneNo1 = New to SportsIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)
18.44B202 - Hertzfeldt1216ActiveRobertsRyderMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodNEWPORT/MESAWoodland (K-6)
3051st round All League2B202 - Hertzfeldt2201ActiveHertzfeldtWhitakerMale2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Eastshore (K-6)
28.14yesB202 - Hertzfeldt3238ActiveYoungKendrickMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodHockeyIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
4032nd round All LeagueB202 - Hertzfeldt4226ActiveRashid-MerrittAizanMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
282B202 - Hertzfeldt5265ActiveHardison VAllenMale2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentNot Listed
G2Makeup Eval (11/19)7.83B202 - Hertzfeldt6214ActiveSettlesAustynMaleNoneNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Eastshore (K-6)
603B202 - Hertzfeldt7257ActiveGongEvanMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceNot Listed
28.81B202 - Hertzfeldt8215ActiveBystedtMicahMaleNoneYes2 = NoviceAmerican Ninja Warrior on Wednesdays through Dec 6th.Not Listed
502B202 - Hertzfeldt9268ActiveFrohlichMagnusMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceNEWPORT/MESANewport (K-6)
27.93B207 - Thompson1217ActiveWangDanielMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodNot Listed
NoShow3B207 - Thompson2202ActiveThompsonTreyMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)
602yesB207 - Thompson3273ActiveRossAsherMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodNot Listed
G2Makeup Eval (11/19)7.33B207 - Thompson4251ActiveChuangAceMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodFlag footballIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)
19.82B207 - Thompson5234ActiveChuJayMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)
602B207 - Thompson6263ActiveLayLondonMale1 SeasonYes4 = ExcellentSoccer - Friday or Saturday gamesTUSD (Tustin)Hicks Canyon (K-5)
19.73B207 - Thompson7228ActiveSamaroMasonMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)
18.11B207 - Thompson8210ActiveKosakaPierceMaleNoneYes1 = New to SportsBJJ (Tues/Fri)Not Listed
501B207 - Thompson9218ActiveDehganMarcelMale2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Arroyo (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.65B203 - Doshi1254ActiveTabanAndrewMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Coaches Registration Youth
504B203 - Doshi2211ActiveChiangJeffersonMaleNoneYes3 = Goodswim club (4-5 times a week)TUSD (Tustin)Hicks Canyon (K-5)
28.341st round All League4B203 - Doshi3204ActiveDoshiAdityaMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
404yesB203 - Doshi4221ActiveKumarDevenMale1 SeasonYes4 = ExcellentSoccerIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
403B203 - Doshi5227ActiveWuGabrielMale1 SeasonNo1 = New to SportsIUSD (Irvine)Springbrook (K-6)
G2Makeup Eval (11/19)8.13B203 - Doshi6242ActiveZamanZaynMale4 or moreYes2 = NoviceHockeyIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)
393B203 - Doshi7232ActiveSimEverettMale2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Arroyo (K-6)
28.522nd round All LeagueB203 - Doshi8235ActiveSanchezBrandonMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodFlag footballIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)
No Photo/VideoLate No Eval (11/19) 8.60B203 - Doshi9231ActiveShemiraniAdrianMale1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceSoccerIUSD (Irvine)Oak Creek (K-6)
B203 - Doshi10Late reg 12/4ActiveAbdallaNaseemMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Northwood (K-6)
403B209 - Lavoignet1249ActivePatelSanjayMale4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentSoccer: Monday, Wednesday, SaturdayIUSD (Irvine)Eastwood (K-6)
5042nd round All LeagueB209 - Lavoignet2219ActiveFeinglassZahnMale3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodBasketballNot Listed
18.94B209 - Lavoignet3224ActiveLeeMacintoshMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)6.93B209 - Lavoignet4278ActiveIrvaniThomasMaleNoneNo4 = ExcellentNEWPORT/MESA
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)731st round All League5B209 - Lavoignet5266ActiveLavoignetAJMaleNoneNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)
401B209 - Lavoignet6225ActiveO'ConnorNoahMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodFlag football rec (1 practice TBD, Friday games)IUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)
503B209 - Lavoignet7274ActiveJahangiriRemiMale1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceFlag football, core bball clinicNot Listed
18.52B209 - Lavoignet8256ActiveHellbuschJohnMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodNot Listed
191B209 - Lavoignet9272ActiveBarryAsherMaleNoneNo3 = GoodNot Listed
B209 - Lavoignet10Late Reg 11/29ActiveMillerDustinMale1 SeasonNo1 = New to SportsIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)9.15B206 - Hsi | Carmichael1237ActiveCheemaTajMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)
NoShow6B206 - Hsi | Carmichael2208ActiveHsiShaneMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)
G2 & 4Both Evals8.44yesB206 - Hsi | Carmichael3W917 | 229ActiveNongMasonMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Oak Creek (K-6)
18.84B206 - Hsi | Carmichael4220ActiveWongBenjaminMale1 SeasonNo1 = New to SportsIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.73B206 - Hsi | Carmichael5280A ActiveCarmichaelFinnMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)University Park (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)8.63B206 - Hsi | Carmichael6244ActiveJambusariaReynMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Arroyo (K-6)
303B206 - Hsi | Carmichael7255ActiveLiangMarcusMale2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)8.23B206 - Hsi | Carmichael8250ActiveMeiklejohnTipperMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Meadow Park (K-6)
302B206 - Hsi | Carmichael9212ActiveShahRohanMale2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
NoShowB206 - Hsi | Carmichael10262ActiveBokJaceMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
G2Makeup Eval (11/19)7.751st round All League2B205 - Liu | Chan1276ActiveTorresNoahMale4 or moreYes3 = Goodsoccer. saturdaysNEWPORT/MESAKillybrooke (K-6)
4043yesB205 - Liu | Chan2239ActiveLAINATHANMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)8.84B205 - Liu | Chan3259ActiveRajasekarEeshaanMaleNoneNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)
G2Makeup Eval (11/19)7.53B205 - Liu | Chan4280BActiveHuBryanMale1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)
5037B205 - Liu | Chan5206ActiveLiuAnthonyMaleNoneYes1 = New to SportsIrvine Pony Baseball, 8U, All-star.Not Listed
50412nd round All LeagueB205 - Liu | Chan6207ActiveChanColinMale3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodBaseballIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)
603B205 - Liu | Chan7230ActiveGalloEvanMaleNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)
G2Makeup Eval (11/19)8.33B205 - Liu | Chan8279ActiveSungaLucas JamesMaleNoneNo1 = New to SportsIUSD (Irvine)Eastwood (K-6)
28.92B205 - Liu | Chan9271ActiveAndersenRyanMaleNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)
NoShowB205 - Liu | Chan10281ActiveWangKaidenMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)
38.851st round All LeagueB208 - Nixon1261ActiveSaighaniAlecMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)
604B208 - Nixon2267ActiveTillmanCadeMale1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceIrvine Youth Soccer League - Club TeamIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)
27.848B208 - Nixon3236ActiveShyuColinMale3 SeasonsYes2 = NoviceZeta FC, Monday and WednesdayIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)
G2Makeup Eval (11/19)8.73yesB208 - Nixon4282AActiveLopezParkerMaleNoneNo2 = NoviceNot Listed
4032nd round All LeagueB208 - Nixon5222ActiveCourthialGabrielMale3 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentSoccer irvine futbal clubIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)
37.73B208 - Nixon6241ActiveWongSilasMale1 SeasonYes2 = Novicejiu-jitsu (Tue, Thurs, Sat)TUSD (Tustin)Ladera (K-6)
G2Makeup Eval (11/19)8.43B208 - Nixon7275ActiveAbbassAliMaleNoneNo2 = NoviceNot Listed
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)8.63B208 - Nixon8277ActiveDhootKabirMale1 SeasonNo1 = New to SportsIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)
18.72B208 - Nixon9260ActiveHintonDavidMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Culverdale (K-6)
NoShowB208 - Nixon10282BActiveYildirimDemirMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodLiverpool soccerIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)
40431st round All LeagueB204 - McCoy | Dakak1240ActiveKuangRichardMale1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceRec TennisNot Listed
22.632nd round All LeagueB204 - McCoy | Dakak2233ActiveUnicheAdvikMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
38.24B204 - McCoy | Dakak3213ActiveAnyanwuLukeMale1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceJiu jitsu Flag footballIUSD (Irvine)Meadow Park (K-6)
5039B204 - McCoy | Dakak4205ActiveMcCoyCanonMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodFlag football - FridayIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)
503yesB204 - McCoy | Dakak5209ActiveDakakKaiMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)
G2Makeup Eval (11/19)7.83B204 - McCoy | Dakak6223ActiveWorkuEliabMale1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Brywood (K-6)
402B204 - McCoy | Dakak7247ActiveAtabekOliverMale2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Springbrook (K-6)
G2Makeup Eval (11/19)8.31B204 - McCoy | Dakak9248ActiveMalikRakeemMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)
NoShowB204 - McCoy | Dakak10283ActiveJacobsMontyMaleNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)
PlayersEvaluationsPlayers (Makeup)Evaluations (Makeup)
Grp PhotoHeightSpeedRankingFall League Drafted (1-3 only)Draft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberAll LeagueLast NameFirst NameSibling Name YouthGenderGrade (Boys)ExperienceDifferent SportsAthletic AbilityOther SportSchool DistrictIUSD SchoolsTUSD SchoolsNewport/Mesa SchoolsName of SchoolYouth Volunteer as
57.951st round All LeagueB301 - Rosser1351ActiveHallLukasMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodClub soccer (Monday & Wednesday practice, Saturday &/or Sunday games) Parkour (Saturday)IUSD (Irvine)Brywood (K-6)
17.64B301 - Rosser2328ActiveAlameRyanMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Eastwood (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.242nd round All League1B301 - Rosser3303ActiveRosserCarsonMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Santiago Hills (K-6)
27.74yesB301 - Rosser4347ActiveTsaiAlexanderMale2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodTaekwondoIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)
483double headerB301 - Rosser5318ActiveCatesGriffinMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Greentree (K-6)
48.23B301 - Rosser6368ActiveChenALEXANDERMale2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentNEWPORT/MESANewport Coast (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.93B301 - Rosser7385ActiveWuEddyMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodSaturdayIUSD (Irvine)Santiago Hills (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.12B301 - Rosser8357ActiveGuChengyuanMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceNot Listed
37.92B301 - Rosser9316ActiveShahMilanMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
17.93B301 - Rosser10339ActiveShinJacobMale3 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)
67.731st round All LeagueB305 - Austin1317ActiveGageRyanMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodClub soccer - Monday and WednesdayNot Listed
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.83B305 - Austin2377ActiveBeckAlexanderMale3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodTravel BaseballTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
NoShowB305 - Austin3381ActiveKimEthanMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
17.44B305 - Austin4332ActiveGiuffridaLucianoMale3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentNot Listed
683B305 - Austin5335ActiveOhAsherMale1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceTaekwondoTUSD (Tustin)Hicks Canyon (K-5)
6022nd round All League2B305 - Austin6310ActiveAustinRyanMale2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentTUSD (Tustin)Hicks Canyon (K-5)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)83yesB305 - Austin7321ActiveBemanianGavinMale2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
483B305 - Austin8352ActiveSeoJunMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
NoShowB305 - Austin9375ActiveIradjpanahSohrabMale3 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Hicks Canyon (K-5)
17.452nd round All LeagueB302 - Yoo1366ActiveTerryChanningMale1 SeasonNo5 = AllstarTUSD (Tustin)Ladera (K-6)
572B302 - Yoo2379ActiveWinberryBrodyMale1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentTUSD (Tustin)Red Hill (K-6)
28.141st round All League3B302 - Yoo3302ActiveYooBenjaminMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Peters Canyon (K-6)
69.22yesB302 - Yoo4330ActiveChenRyanMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)
27.42B302 - Yoo5353ActiveGiffinAsherMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Peters Canyon (K-6)
77.33B302 - Yoo6343ActiveMolanderJakobMale2 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentTBD soccer and flag footballIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)
37.63B302 - Yoo7340ActiveGauthamSidhanthMale1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Meadow Park (K-6)
57.93B302 - Yoo8369ActiveOlsonReeseMale3 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Hicks Canyon (K-5)
28.33B302 - Yoo9W910 | 370 ActiveChenNolanMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)Coaches Registration Youth
17.4512nd round All LeagueB308 - Lee | Tabrizi1342ActiveKuznetsovIvanMale3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Santiago Hills (K-6)
17.84B308 - Lee | Tabrizi2359ActiveKettunenOnniMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)
27.4421st round All League4B308 - Lee | Tabrizi3312ActiveLeeDannyMale2 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentClub Hockey - Jr Ducks 10U ANot Listed
57.642yesB308 - Lee | Tabrizi4334ActiveGestineGabrielMale1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceClub HockeyIUSD (Irvine)Northwood (K-6)
G2Makeup Eval (11/19)02B308 - Lee | Tabrizi5W929ActiveGhahremani TabriziRaadMale3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodFootball and tennisIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)8.82B308 - Lee | Tabrizi6358ActiveJaasmaEvanMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Bonita Canyon (K-6)
47.52B308 - Lee | Tabrizi7344ActiveBrunnerAugustMale2 SeasonsYes2 = NoviceTaekwondo, Tuesdays and ThursdaysNot Listed
27.93B308 - Lee | Tabrizi8341ActiveMillerPrestonMale1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceTaekwondo and GymnasticsIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)
38.51B308 - Lee | Tabrizi9376ActiveMedranoIsaiahMaleNoneNo3 = GoodNot Listed
67.54B304 - Hucko | Gillette1338ActiveFossumRobertMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodNot Listed
NoShow5B304 - Hucko | Gillette2307ActiveGilletteGarrettJames GilletteMale2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodIrvine Pony travel baseballIUSD (Irvine)Stone Creek (K-6)
27.441st round All LeagueyesB304 - Hucko | Gillette3304ActiveHuckoIsaiahMale4 or moreYes5 = AllstarMagic Elite basketball, some Saturdays.Not Listed
NoShowB304 - Hucko | Gillette4308ActiveGilletteJamesGarrett GilletteMale2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodIrvine Pony travel baseballIUSD (Irvine)Stone Creek (K-6)
57.63B304 - Hucko | Gillette5327ActiveRagsdaleCameronMaleNoneNo3 = GoodNot Listed
48.33B304 - Hucko | Gillette6355ActiveSpradlinMiloMaleNoneYes4 = ExcellentIysl soccerIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
38.41B304 - Hucko | Gillette7367ActiveKhlebnikovPlatonMale2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Ladera (K-6)
68.63B304 - Hucko | Gillette8325ActiveHoEthanMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
48.83B304 - Hucko | Gillette9363ActiveLaygoSeanMaleNoneYes2 = NoviceRec SwimmingIUSD (Irvine)College Park (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)732nd round All LeagueB304 - Hucko | Gillette10378ActiveKitoYuMale1 SeasonYes4 = ExcellentSoccerIUSD (Irvine)Culverdale (K-6)
67.73B307 - Sturm | Nair1365ActiveChenEdenMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Eastwood (K-6)
68.23B307 - Sturm | Nair2362ActiveChuStevenMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)
67.631st round All LeagueB307 - Sturm | Nair3364ActiveChenEricMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)
2833rd round All League6B307 - Sturm | Nair4309ActiveNairAdityaMale2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentTUSD (Tustin)Peters Canyon (K-6)
17.7332nd round All LeagueyesB307 - Sturm | Nair5313ActiveSturmAndrewMale1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Meadow Park (K-6)
58.132B307 - Sturm | Nair6354ActiveLeAaronMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Tustin Memorial (K-6)
37.821B307 - Sturm | Nair8305ActiveVillanuevaEmilioMale1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceSoccerIUSD (Irvine)Oak Creek (K-6)
18.82B307 - Sturm | Nair9314ActiveWangJacobMaleNoneYes2 = NoviceTennisTUSD (Tustin)Tustin Memorial (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)6.95B306 - Sabha | Vaidya1320ActiveLoriaRockwellMale4 or moreYes5 = AllstarRockwell will be claying club soccer. Practices are on Monday and Wednesday. There are some tournament weekends with games on Sunday, but we were able to play last season without missing any practices/games.IUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)
67.741B306 - Sabha | Vaidya2324ActiveFandinoElijah FandinoMale1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
47.642nd round All League7B306 - Sabha | Vaidya3306ActiveSabhaRyanMale4 or moreYes4 = Excellentpats soccerIUSD (Irvine)Turtle Rock (K-6)
67.23yesB306 - Sabha | Vaidya4373ActiveFuRyanMaleNoneYes4 = ExcellentNOVA swimming clubIUSD (Irvine)Turtle Rock (K-6)
57.72B306 - Sabha | Vaidya5311ActiveVaidyaZaynMale2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Hicks Canyon (K-5)
67.73B306 - Sabha | Vaidya7329ActiveShahRanveerMale2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
77.831st round All LeagueB306 - Sabha | Vaidya8331ActivePatelKiranMale2 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentFlag Football Soccer RecIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)81B306 - Sabha | Vaidya9346ActiveHernandezAidenMaleNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)
NoShowB306 - Sabha | Vaidya10384ActiveMooreDominicMaleNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Eastwood (K-6)
47.4521st round All LeagueB303 - Lyons1361ActiveCamachoGavinMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)
27.742nd round All LeagueB303 - Lyons2356ActiveHildebrand-LarraDavidMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)
37.748B303 - Lyons3301ActiveLyonsDiamondMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)
17.93yesB303 - Lyons4315ActiveKalutantrigeArikMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Tustin HS (9-12)
27.33B303 - Lyons5322ActivePatelNiamMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)
37.82B303 - Lyons6371ActiveDavidJaxonMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)
37.62B303 - Lyons7345ActiveWildApolloMale3 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentTennisIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)
57.93B303 - Lyons8348ActiveLeeOliverMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)
NoShowB303 - Lyons9323ActiveRamanDevanMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
NoShowB303 - Lyons10326ActiveNourparvarBryceMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Arroyo (K-6)
38.132nd round All LeagueB309 - Yeung1350ActiveLukEthanMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)University Park (K-6)
57.44B309 - Yeung2349ActiveLehlDeyvanMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Eastwood (K-6)
G2Makeup Eval (11/19)7.73B309 - Yeung3380ActiveLongAllenMale3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodgolfIUSD (Irvine)Greentree (K-6)
57.42B309 - Yeung4374ActiveYangOliverMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.731st round All League9B309 - Yeung5333ActiveYeungBruceMale1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Santiago Hills (K-6)
37.42yesB309 - Yeung6360ActiveHoffmanLiamMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Turtle Rock (K-6)
17.92B309 - Yeung8319ActiveWangJasonMaleNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Santiago Hills (K-6)
NoShowB309 - Yeung9382ActiveGourleyRobbyMale1 SeasonNo1 = New to SportsIUSD (Irvine)Eastshore (K-6)
NoShow3B309 - Yeung10336ActiveChamtiehRamiMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Peters Canyon (K-6)
PlayersEvaluationsPlayers (Makeup)Evaluations (Makeup)
Grp PhotoHeightSpeedRankingFall League Drafted (1-3 only)Draft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberAll LeagueLast NameFirst NameSibling Name YouthGenderGrade (Boys)ExperienceDifferent SportsAthletic AbilityOther SportSchool DistrictIUSD SchoolsTUSD SchoolsNewport/Mesa SchoolsName of SchoolYouth Volunteer as
3741B401 - Overlien1458ActiveSparksHeavenMale1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentNot Listed
No Photo or VideoLate No Eval (11/19) 7.6NA1B401 - Overlien2404ActiveOverlienJadinMale3 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Plaza Vista (K-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.63B401 - Overlien3411ActiveKingMilesMale3 SeasonsYes4 = Excellentclub soccerTUSD (Tustin)Hicks Canyon (K-5)
28.12B401 - Overlien4479ActiveYooBraydenMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
18.13B401 - Overlien5433ActiveLiuAndrewMale2 SeasonsYes2 = NoviceRec - Tennis, Swimming, Baseball, ParkourNot Listed
68.33B401 - Overlien6472ActiveChegininolanMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodSoccer mwTUSD (Tustin)Tustin Ranch (K-6)
57.93B401 - Overlien7448ActivePardeshiAriMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Hicks Canyon (K-5)
18.91B401 - Overlien8418ActiveOhLucasMale1 SeasonNo1 = New to SportsTUSD (Tustin)Hicks Canyon (K-5)
28.62B401 - Overlien9454ActiveVahabzadehEthanMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
28.242nd round All LeagueB404 - Gordon1424ActiveRicciTeddyMale1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentTUSD (Tustin)Arroyo (K-6)
NoShow1st round All LeagueB404 - Gordon2437ActiveStubblefieldIsaacMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Red Hill (K-6)
3Makeup Eval (11/19)7.5NoShowB404 - Gordon3475ActiveLeeSiyoonMale1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Eastwood (K-6)
583B404 - Gordon4468ActiveChangJoon Woo ChangMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)
68.43B404 - Gordon5431ActiveAbdaliDeanMale2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodSoccer tennisNot Listed
17.822B404 - Gordon6407ActiveGordonJakeMale3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodClub Soccer Monday and Wed and Travel Baseball Thursday and FridayTUSD (Tustin)Red Hill (K-6)
17.83B404 - Gordon7422ActiveLanAaronMale2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)9.41B404 - Gordon8W924ActiveKingNathanMaleNoneNo3 = Good
G2Makeup Eval (11/19)8.81B404 - Gordon9482ActiveDoxeyTylerMaleNoneNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Tustin Memorial (K-6)
NoShow21st round All LeagueB407 - Yun1417ActiveLiuWilliamMale3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodBaseballTUSD (Tustin)Peters Canyon (K-6)
NoShowB407 - Yun2412ActiveNguyenNolanMale2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)
From WinterFrom WinterFrom Winter432nd round All League3B407 - Yun3408ActiveYunRileyMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodBaseball Travel TeamTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
67.83B407 - Yun4449ActiveParkRaonMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.33B407 - Yun5455ActiveAhnAericMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodTeakwondo / Tuesday, FridayTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
57.33B407 - Yun6421ActiveWuKevinMale4 or moreNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
383B407 - Yun7481ActiveKwakZacharyMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.81B407 - Yun8471ActiveLiAidenMaleNoneYes2 = NovicebaseballIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)
NoShowB407 - Yun9483ActiveBermanChristopherMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodNJB Basketball (Saturdays), AYSO All StarsNot Listed
47.751st round All LeagueB406 - Jin1414ActivemengseanMale4 or moreYes4 = Excellentflag footballNot Listed
47.531B406 - Jin2439ActiveLeeLoganMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodSoccerIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Coaches Registration Youth
NoShow22nd round All LeagueB406 - Jin3435ActiveAgarwalKushalMale2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodKarateIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)
38.333B406 - Jin4438ActiveLiuJackMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
58.334B406 - Jin5403ActiveJinIanMale4 or moreYes2 = NoviceTae Kwon Do, tues/thurs/friIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)
37.1NoRatingB406 - Jin6W906 | 4339ActiveChoiYeonwoo BioMale1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
38.23B406 - Jin7477ActiveABDELFATTAHBASILMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
Late No Eval (11/19) 9.7B406 - Jin8444ActiveDen HartogMasonMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
NoShowB406 - Jin9434ActiveChinHoldenMale2 SeasonsYes2 = NoviceBaseballTUSD (Tustin)Tustin Memorial (K-6)
G-17.452nd round All LeagueB408 - Nakagawa1W922 | 450ActivewulucasMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
17.54B408 - Nakagawa2461ActiveChuAustinMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)
27.5411st round All League5B408 - Nakagawa3402ActiveNakagawaKaidenMale1 SeasonYes4 = ExcellentFlag Football - games on FridayIUSD (Irvine)Meadow Park (K-6)
183B408 - Nakagawa4453ActiveZhuJasperMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodtennisTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
38.33B408 - Nakagawa5457ActivePengCollinBraedon PengMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceNot Listed
393B408 - Nakagawa6456ActivePengBraedonCollin PengMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceNot Listed
G1 & 1Makeup Eval (11/19)8.32B408 - Nakagawa7W927 | 420ActiveMarteGlenn AbnerMaleNoneYes1 = New to SportsFlag football Great Park winter FridayIUSD (Irvine)Oak Creek (K-6)
68.43B408 - Nakagawa8446ActiveChienHendersonMale1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceTennisTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
NoShowB408 - Nakagawa9428ActiveWangEthanMaleNoneYes3 = GoodSoccerIUSD (Irvine)Eastwood (K-6)
NoShowB409 - Lai | Shieh1474ActiveDanforthJeremiahMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodSelect/Travel Baseball (his other teammates play basketball as well) and Club Soccer (it is only practice during winter basketball season)IUSD (Irvine)Bonita Canyon (K-6)
47.43B409 - Lai | Shieh2441ActiveKimSeanMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Eastwood (K-6)
57.94B409 - Lai | Shieh3460ActiveMishraRohanMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Turtle Rock (K-6)
67.731st round All League6B409 - Lai | Shieh4410ActiveAlzonaRylanMaleNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Oak Creek (K-6)
57.832nd round All LeagueB409 - Lai | Shieh5430ActiveShiehJakeMale2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodFootballIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)
67.332B409 - Lai | Shieh6432ActiveLaiEnochMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Turtle Rock (K-6)
68.73B409 - Lai | Shieh7427ActiveJhaSamikMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Eastshore (K-6)
27.43B409 - Lai | Shieh8442ActiveDibaRyanMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodJui jitsuIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)
B409 - Lai | Shieh9Late RegActiveMcLaughlinWestonMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Loma Vista (K-6)
68311st round All LeagueB402 - Mavros1409ActiveVelevPhillipMale3 SeasonsYes2 = NoviceSoccer- Harvest CupIUSD (Irvine)Oak Creek (K-6)
67.54B402 - Mavros2476ActiveRossEliasMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodNot Listed
57.642nd round All League7B402 - Mavros3405ActiveMavrosDylanMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodNot Listed
18.63B402 - Mavros4415ActiveMartinezColeMale2 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentBaseball, flag footballTUSD (Tustin)Loma Vista (K-6)
47.533B402 - Mavros5465ActiveNawrockiNewtonMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodFencing (GFC), swimTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
28.63B402 - Mavros6466ActiveGandhiDevMale4 or moreNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)
47.63B402 - Mavros7413ActiveShihNathanMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)
27.73B402 - Mavros8426ActiveGaoMichaelMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)
NoShowB402 - Mavros9462ActiveSongEricMale4 or moreYes5 = AllstarSwimming, soccerIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)
G2Makeup Eval (11/19)8.341st round All League2B403 - Chao1423ActiveAhmedMusaMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodNot Listed
67.63B403 - Chao2470ActiveReaJaxsonMaleNoneYes3 = GoodLiverpool club soccer. Tues/Thurs practiceNEWPORT/MESAAndersen (K-6)
37.442nd round All League8B403 - Chao3401ActiveChaoMatthewMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodNot Listed
47.233B403 - Chao4440ActiveLeeZackaryMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
27.94B403 - Chao5445ActiveNguyenMarcusMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodAZOT Swim ClubNot Listed
47.23B403 - Chao64334ActiveYeJasperMale1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceAquazot swimming club. competitive swimming for 4 yearsIUSD (Irvine)Brywood (K-6)
47.43B403 - Chao7464ActiveZafarAravMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)
183B403 - Chao8467ActiveLinquitiQuinnMaleNoneNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Guin Foss (K-6)
NoShowB403 - Chao9436ActiveChamtiehRJMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Peters Canyon (K-6)
NoShowB405 - Lee1447ActiveshintakucarterMale4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentClub baseball (mon, weds, sun)IUSD (Irvine)Northwood (K-6)
26.832nd round All LeagueB405 - Lee2425ActiveBystedtJesseMaleNoneYes3 = GoodAYSO soccer & FNL flag football is finishing up by end of Nov.Not Listed
67.93B405 - Lee3473ActiveKimJayMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodPatriot swim clubIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)
17.43B405 - Lee4459ActiveKimLoganMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Plaza Vista (K-8)
57.1331st round All League9B405 - Lee5406ActiveLeeEvanMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)
282B405 - Lee6480ActiveDongYimingMale1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Brywood (K-6)
68.93B405 - Lee7429ActiveLiLeoMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)
38.33B405 - Lee8416ActiveLancellottiRykerMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodNot Listed
B405 - Lee9Late add 12/4ActivePetrusJaydenMaleNoneYes5 = AllstarBaseball travel ball (Mondays and Wednesdays practice)IUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)
NoShow2nd round All LeagueB410 - Reed1486ActiveBiberBlakeMale3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Oak Creek (K-6)
G17.33B410 - Reed2443ActiveZamanYousufMale3 SeasonsYes2 = NoviceHockeyIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)741st round All League10B410 - Reed3485ActiveReedJacksonMale3 SeasonsYes2 = NoviceHarvest Cup SoccerIUSD (Irvine)Oak Creek (K-6)
47.53B410 - Reed4419ActiveCatesWilliamMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Greentree (K-6)
2Makeup Eval (11/19)7.62B410 - Reed5478ActiveVenkatNithinMale2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Peters Canyon (K-6)
58.23B410 - Reed6469ActiveChenAlexanderMale4 or moreYes2 = NoviceTennisIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
58.13B410 - Reed7451ActiveParkTheodoreMale1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceLiverpool SoccerIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)
48.62B410 - Reed8452ActiveChungSkylerMale1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceSoccer (recreational)IUSD (Irvine)Eastwood (K-6)
PlayersEvaluationsPlayers (Makeup)Evaluations (Makeup)
Grp PhotoHeightSpeedRankingFall League Drafted (1-3 only)Draft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberAll LeagueLast NameFirst NameSibling Name YouthGenderGrade (Boys)ExperienceDifferent SportsAthletic AbilityOther SportSchool DistrictIUSD SchoolsTUSD SchoolsNewport/Mesa SchoolsName of SchoolYouth Volunteer as
11B501 - Mustafa1ActiveShunmugasundaramSuryaMale3 SeasonsNo5 = AllstarIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)
283B501 - Mustafa (Fall)2563ActiveLoyaNathanMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
27.24B501 - Mustafa (Fall)3554ActiveAkiyamaMilesMale1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)
B501 - Mustafa (Fall)4ActiveMustafaGhassanNouh MustafaMale4 or moreNo2 = NoviceNot ListedChaparral
B501 - Mustafa (Fall)5ActiveLiuOliverMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodswimmingIUSD (Irvine)Santiago Hills (K-6)
B501 - Mustafa (Fall)6ActiveMustafaNouhGhassan MustafaMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodSoccerNot ListedChaparral
1st round All LeagueB501 - Mustafa (Fall)7ActiveGreggOliverMale1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)
47.612nd round All LeagueB501 - Mustafa (Fall)9524ActiveKooDylanMale1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceSwimTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
18.11B501 - Mustafa (Fall)10565ActiveOharaShinjiMaleNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)College Park (K-6)
17.24B506 - Shah1553ActiveNovakJamesonMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Red Hill (K-6)
27.842nd round All LeagueB506 - Shah2508ActiveRohDominicMaleNoneNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)
2741st round All LeagueB506 - Shah3544ActiveNagoyaJustinMale2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodbaseballIUSD (Irvine)Oak Creek (K-6)
17.24B506 - Shah4569ActiveHigginsCadeMaleNoneNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Red Hill (K-6)
58.32B506 - Shah5538ActiveLuiJacobMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodTaekwondo Tue Fri. Basketball Club Thurs.IUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)
37.2232B506 - Shah6504ActiveShahAaryanMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
18.54B506 - Shah7558ActiveliuziyiMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
27.73B506 - Shah8548ActiveMiaoOwenMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Turtle Rock (K-6)
27.82B506 - Shah9562ActiveMullarkyRileyMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodFlag FootballIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)
38,31B506 - Shah10537ActiveDoniaBradleyMaleNoneNo2 = NoviceNot ListedTrabuco Mesa Elementary School
48.2421st round All LeagueB504 - Callian1541ActiveSunTanghaoMale3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)
27.83B504 - Callian2533ActiveprabhuarinMaleNoneNo5 = AllstarIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)
67.343B504 - Callian3556ActiveParkEliasMale2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)
47.643rd round All LeagueB504 - Callian4522Activewangyiran(warren)Male4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentNot Listedfairmont
1842nd round All LeagueB504 - Callian5516ActiveAgustinIsaiahMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodNot ListedAnaheim Hills Elementary
From Winter112submitted with broken bone proof3B504 - Callian6503ActiveCallianEliMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Greentree (K-6)
58.24B504 - Callian7517ActiveTranLucasMale3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodgolfTUSD (Tustin)Heritage (K-5)
57.23B504 - Callian8540ActiveTianJacobMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Northwood (K-6)
67.83B504 - Callian9W919 | 5608 ActiveLeeDanielMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.62B504 - Callian10557ActiveArumugamMahilanMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)
48.7513rd round All LeagueB507 - Lam1510ActiveElgamalJoeMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)
2954B507 - Lam2501ActiveLamCodyMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)
58.831st round All LeagueB507 - Lam3512ActiveFerrerZyanMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Oak Creek (K-6)
311322nd round All LeagueB507 - Lam4514ActiveLinEthanMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)
66.83B507 - Lam5567ActiveHeZichengMale4 or moreNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)6.73B507 - Lam6525ActiveChuEthanMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Northwood (K-6)
173B507 - Lam7530ActiveYeDavidMaleNoneNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
47.33B507 - Lam8518ActiveXueHongyiMaleNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.43B507 - Lam9545ActiveWangHunterMale2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
47.51B507 - Lam10561ActiveShenFelixMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Eastshore (K-6)
17.81B507 - Lam11555ActiveYangYouyiMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodSoccer, rec. 2 seasons per yearIUSD (Irvine)Brywood (K-6)
37.541B505 - Chang1521ActiveHaElliottMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)
57.742nd round All LeagueB505 - Chang2539ActiveJohnsonTeddyMale3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)
47431st round All League5B505 - Chang3502ActiveChangJoshuaMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)
67.64B505 - Chang4566ActiveKimPrestonMale3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)
503B505 - Chang5527ActiveZhangJoshuaMale2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodhockeyIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)
58.34B505 - Chang6547ActiveAnBradyMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)
37.32B505 - Chang7532ActiveVeysiArshaMaleNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)
19.43B505 - Chang8550ActiveMahmoudNoahMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodSwim, karate, footballIUSD (Irvine)Eastwood (K-6)
202B505 - Chang9515ActiveparkjasonMaleNoneNo1 = New to SportsIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.63B505 - Chang10531ActiveIftekharSafwanMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodNot ListedJourney School
37.131st round All LeagueB503 - Lee1529ActiveCardenasAdrianMale3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)
17.34B503 - Lee2542ActiveWangWilliamMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodNot ListedNewport Christian School
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.132nd round All LeagueB503 - Lee3W926 | 536ActiveLeeMatthewMale3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodSoccorIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.54B503 - Lee4560ActiveGuoJoshuaMale2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodTennis 2 days a weekIUSD (Irvine)Santiago Hills (K-6)
27.93B503 - Lee5535ActiveBridgesCaidenMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodTravel ball training Monday/Wednesday 7-8:30pmNot ListedExcel Academy
57.22116B503 - Lee6505ActiveLeeIanMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceNot Listedfletcher
47.14B503 - Lee7W915 | 570ActiveChangElishaMaleNoneYes4 = ExcellentNoIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)
37.92B503 - Lee8W913 | 5615ActiveBANERJEEEVAANMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Turtle Rock (K-6)
58.22B503 - Lee9528ActiveWuJaydenMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodNot Listedstratford School
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.93B503 - Lee10526ActiveHuangOliverMaleNoneYes2 = NoviceTennisIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)
67.62B503 - Lee11534ActiveKunduruSriMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)
22nd round All League7B502 - Sessions1ActiveSessionsLandynMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Meadow Park (K-6)
384B502 - Sessions (Fall)2520ActiveZhangSimbaMale3 SeasonsYes2 = NoviceTennis: Monday, FridayIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)
3B502 - Sessions (Fall)3ActiveThanthrySkandaMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodKarate (Tuesday & Thursday evenings)IUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)
1st round All LeagueB502 - Sessions (Fall)4ActiveGindiElijahMale2 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentClub Soccer on Monday/Wednesday/Saturday. PLEASE PUT ON TEAM THAT PRACTICES ON TUES/THURS OR FRIIUSD (Irvine)College Park (K-6)
B502 - Sessions (Fall)5ActiveOakeyTheodoreMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodFlag football (Friday evenings)IUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)
B502 - Sessions (Fall)6ActiveDevuMihirMale3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)
B502 - Sessions (Fall)7ActivedingjohnMale3 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellenttennisIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)
B502 - Sessions (Fall)8ActiveSmithBenjaminMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodNot ListedLake Forest Elementary
67.63B502 - Sessions (Fall)9511ActiveBakySonoMale3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodClub Soccer - practice is on Tuesday and ThursdayIUSD (Irvine)Meadow Park (K-6)
B502 - Sessions (Fall)10ActiveSivasubramaniamAkashMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)
17.24B508 - Rao | Palkhiwala1513ActiveLiuJakeMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)College Park (K-6)
Late No Eval (11/19) 7.4NoShow112nd round All League8B508 - Rao | Palkhiwala2509ActivePalkhiwalaSatyaMale2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodTravel ball baseballTUSD (Tustin)Tustin Memorial (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.641st round All League3B508 - Rao | Palkhiwala3546ActivezhangchenyuMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)
37.74B508 - Rao | Palkhiwala4523ActiveHenryFranklinMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Tustin Memorial (K-6)
47.82B508 - Rao | Palkhiwala5507ActiveRaoVivaanMale2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)
584B508 - Rao | Palkhiwala6552ActiveDedhiaRohanMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)
37.233rd round All LeagueB508 - Rao | Palkhiwala7559ActivePatelNishantMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodTennis-Saturday, Swim-WednesdaysTUSD (Tustin)Tustin Memorial (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.13B508 - Rao | Palkhiwala8571ActiveWangLucaMaleNoneYes3 = GoodBaseballTUSD (Tustin)Hicks Canyon (K-5)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.43B508 - Rao | Palkhiwala9549ActiveYouBrandonMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodtennisIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)
67.72B508 - Rao | Palkhiwala10568ActiveFloresRylanMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Myford (K-6)
47.91B508 - Rao | Palkhiwala11519ActiveHsiehGarrettMaleNoneNo1 = New to SportsIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)
PlayersEvaluationsPlayers (Makeup)Evaluations (Makeup)
Grp PhotoHeightSpeedRankingFall League Drafted (1-3 only)Draft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberAll LeagueLast NameFirst NameSibling Name YouthGenderGrade (Boys)ExperienceDifferent SportsAthletic AbilityOther SportSchool DistrictIUSD SchoolsTUSD SchoolsNewport/Mesa SchoolsName of SchoolYouth Volunteer as
57.731st round All LeagueB602 - Chi | Baume1631ActiveThompsonBenMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodBaseballIUSD (Irvine)Eastwood (K-6)
16.24B602 - Chi | Baume2652ActivePatelAaryanMale4 or moreYes4 = Excellentsoccer Sat practice on Mon / WedIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)
37.7431B602 - Chi | Baume3606ActiveBaumeDanielMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodNEWPORT/MESAPaularino (K-6)
57.43B602 - Chi | Baume4607ActiveChiIanMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)6.742nd round All LeagueB602 - Chi | Baume5670ActiveMahanAriaMason and Liam MAHANMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)6.953rd round All LeagueB602 - Chi | Baume6671ActiveMahanMasonAria and Liam MahanMale4 or moreNo5 = AllstarIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.14B602 - Chi | Baume7672ActiveMahanLiamAria and Mason MahanMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)
46.73B602 - Chi | Baume8614ActiveHuangTobyMaleNoneNo1 = New to SportsIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)
47.43B602 - Chi | Baume9625ActiveClevelandJakubMaleNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Stone Creek (K-6)
1751st round All LeagueB608 - Lo1610ActiveSmithKarmeloMaleNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)
NoShow2B608 - Lo2673ActiveLoOwenMale4 or moreYes4 = Excellentmatt leinart flag footballIUSD (Irvine)Santiago Hills (K-6)
27.143rd round All LeagueB608 - Lo3650ActiveChoJacobMale3 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Plaza Vista (K-8)
57.432B608 - Lo4665ActiveGordonLucasMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodTrack and fieldIUSD (Irvine)Plaza Vista (K-8)
47.23B608 - Lo5644ActiveStoutOwenMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.13B608 - Lo6669ActiveRezaMaximusMaleNoneYes3 = GoodTaekwondo 2 days a weekIUSD (Irvine)Greentree (K-6)
37.732nd round All LeagueB608 - Lo7639ActivewuJeffreyMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.93B608 - Lo8668ActiveLiYu AnMale1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceTennisIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)
28.23B608 - Lo9641ActiveSheikhAmmarMaleNoneYes3 = GoodFootball on Friday eveningsIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)
67.14B607 - Malik | Rashid2626ActiveGriffinJaceMaleNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)
6732B607 - Malik | Rashid3638ActiveTangiralaAkshayMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)
27.53B607 - Malik | Rashid5624ActiveTsugeMorimichiMaleNoneYes4 = ExcellentTravel Baseball ClubIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)
27.632nd round All LeagueB607 - Malik | Rashid4612ActiveHsuCarsonMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodNot ListedMVCS
67.253rd round All League3B607 - Malik | Rashid1620ActivechengryuMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)
46.931st round All LeagueB607 - Malik | Rashid6634ActiveOnConnorMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceNot ListedFletcher Elementary (Orange USD)
68.53B607 - Malik | Rashid7663ActiveKhetanParthMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)
28.73B607 - Malik | Rashid8613ActiveRuizKalebMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodSchool team schedule tbdNot ListedFairmont
37.63B607 - Malik | Rashid9661ActiveSayaEsaMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)
57.533B605 - Lam1611ActivePrados MiaoCarlosMale4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentTable TennisNot ListedIrvine International Academy
NoShow4B605 - Lam2618ActiveZhengAndrewMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
27.25B605 - Lam3647ActiveCastroJonahMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)
57.44B605 - Lam4621ActiveKaoEverettMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodClub Basketball-Tues/Thurs practice and Tournaments 2x/MonthIUSD (Irvine)Santiago Hills (K-6)
673B605 - Lam5660ActiveMartinNicholasMale2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodClub baseballNot ListedHoly Family Catholic School
673B605 - Lam6657ActiveWylandColinMaleNoneNo2 = NoviceNot ListedIntl school of oc
46.83B605 - Lam7664ActiveTranJustinMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceNot ListedFletcher Mandarin and Gate
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.23B605 - Lam8645ActiveTranTylerMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodTravel BaseballTUSD (Tustin)Pioneer (7-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.41B605 - Lam9643ActiveCheungJinMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Plaza Vista (K-8)
16.54B601 - Park1630ActiveShafferNicolasMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Pioneer (7-8)
3731st round All LeagueB601 - Park2622ActiveHanJaeyoonMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)College Park (K-6)
17.133rd round All LeagueB601 - Park3659ActiveSwansonEvanMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodNot ListedChapman Hills Elementary School
37.63B601 - Park4656ActiveTawagonAstonMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodBrazilian JujutsuNot ListedLegacy Magnet Academy ( TUSD ) but not listed
37.435B601 - Park5604ActiveParkEthanMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)College Park (K-6)
67.632nd round All LeagueB601 - Park6640ActiveCAAGOYELIJAHMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)
17.43B601 - Park7667ActiveVohraVinayakMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodNot ListedPegasus School
37.93B601 - Park8651ActiveLauGarrettMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)
17.73B601 - Park9627ActiveMadsenDavidMaleNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)
17.341st round All LeagueB606 - Shah | Marwaha1655ActiveVillanuevaLucasMale2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodFlag Football - FridaysIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)
56.45B606 - Shah | Marwaha2616ActiveBerniusEdgarasMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
67.33B606 - Shah | Marwaha3642ActiveInamdarOmMale4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentTennisIUSD (Irvine)Santiago Hills (K-6)
28.236B606 - Shah | Marwaha4608ActiveShahAravMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)
57.73B606 - Shah | Marwaha5609ActiveMarwahaDevanshMaleNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Santiago Hills (K-6)
66.533rd round All LeagueB606 - Shah | Marwaha6649ActiveJoshiJaiMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)
19.4322nd round All LeagueB606 - Shah | Marwaha7658ActiveKimTheoMale4 or moreYes3 = Goodtennis, tuesdays.TUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)6.93B606 - Shah | Marwaha8666ActiveRodriguezGordonMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodSpeedball (baseball)IUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)
57.73B606 - Shah | Marwaha9637ActiveJohalVeerajMaleNoneYes3 = GoodCricket- clubIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)
27.3332nd round All LeagueB604 - Tran1646ActiveDiaz JrOmarMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)
27.33B604 - Tran2605ActiveNguyenMaxwellMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodNot ListedPegasus
27.4437B604 - Tran3601ActiveOng-TranConnorMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Irvine HS (9-12)
56.431st round All LeagueB604 - Tran4648ActiveWeintraubEthanMale3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)
17.73B604 - Tran5619ActiveDiazAlijahMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodNEWPORT/MESACollege Park (K-6)
47.33B604 - Tran6628ActiveWurtzJakeMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)
47.833rd round All LeagueB604 - Tran7632ActiveGimaJoshuaMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Brywood (K-6)
67.53B604 - Tran8615ActiveStarkeWalkerMale2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)
37.43B604 - Tran9653ActiveRivasAnthonyMale1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Brywood (K-6)
47.451st round All LeagueB603 - Pham1623ActiveLaraSebastianMale4 or moreYes4 = Excellentsoccer on Mondays and WednesdaysNot ListedPanorama in Orange
46.732nd round All LeagueB603 - Pham2633ActiveZokaeiKasraMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodFlag footballIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)
57.25B603 - Pham3617ActiveLitvinAntonMale4 or moreNo5 = AllstarIUSD (Irvine)Santiago Hills (K-6)
67.638B603 - Pham4602ActiveBuiKaydenEthan PhamMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
67.533B603 - Pham5603ActivePhamEthanKayden BuiMale3 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
67.133rd round All LeagueB603 - Pham6662ActiveGilLoganMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)
47.93B603 - Pham7635ActiveYehKasonMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)
17.23B603 - Pham8654ActiveMingoMalexMaleNoneNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Plaza Vista (K-8)
37.93B603 - Pham9629ActiveElrodJayceMaleNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)
37.53B603 - Pham10636ActiveBalanzaBenMaleNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Bonita Canyon (K-6)
PlayersEvaluationsPlayers (Makeup)Evaluations (Makeup)
Grp PhotoHeightSpeedRankingFall League Drafted (1-3 only)Draft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberAll LeagueLast NameFirst NameSibling Name YouthGenderGrade (Boys)ExperienceDifferent SportsAthletic AbilityOther SportSchool DistrictIUSD SchoolsTUSD SchoolsNewport/Mesa SchoolsName of SchoolYouth Volunteer as
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)8.75B703 - La1745ActiveGuChengyiMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodNot ListedFairmont school
56.541st round All LeagueB703 - La2727ActiveReevesJakeMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentTUSD (Tustin)Pioneer (7-8)
175B703 - La3723ActiveVarmaSajanMale4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentFlag football recIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)
47.342nd round All LeagueB703 - La4720ActiveRichardson LeclercHenryMale3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentTUSD (Tustin)Pioneer (7-8)
47.731B703 - La5706ActiveLaJamesMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)South Lake (7-8)
57.233rd round All LeagueB703 - La6711ActiveShippeeAnthonyMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Pioneer (7-8)
46.83B703 - La7717ActivePicerneKaiMaleNoneYes3 = GoodTennisNot ListedThe Pegasus School
16.3412nd round All LeagueB702 - Bui1708ActiveTorresAvenMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)
273B702 - Bui2725ActiveMcNeilTommyMaleNoneNo3 = GoodNot ListedDon Juan Middle School
27.94B702 - Bui3754ActiveZhangAlbertMale2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Rancho San Joaquin (7-8)
36.73B702 - Bui4759ActiveOharaSoyaMaleNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Lakeside (7-8)
27.431st round All League2B702 - Bui5702ActiveBuiBlakeMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Lakeside (7-8)
57.52B702 - Bui6714ActiveBaiJulianMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Pioneer (7-8)
46.92B702 - Bui7718ActiveChenLucasMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodSwimmingIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)
NA5'5"NoShow3rd round All LeagueB702 - Bui8751ActiveUntenCarterMale4 or moreYes5 = AllstarTravel baseball, some weekendsNot ListedStratford Mission Viejo
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.3411st round All LeagueB701 - Joshi1712ActiveVoKameronMale4 or moreNo5 = AllstarIUSD (Irvine)Lakeside (7-8)
16.73B701 - Joshi2734ActiveStrainSuttonMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodNot ListedLa Paz Intermediate
173B701 - Joshi3721ActiveXiaoHarryMale1 SeasonYes4 = ExcellentFencingNot ListedFairmont private school
27.732nd round All LeagueB701 - Joshi4710ActiveTseoThomasMale3 SeasonsYes2 = NoviceGolfIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)
27.73B701 - Joshi5735ActiveTorresJacobMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)
57.323rd round All League3B701 - Joshi6701ActiveJoshiSyonMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Lakeside (7-8)
37.13B701 - Joshi7732ActiveYuZongyouMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
NoShowB701 - Joshi8762ActiveLewisAldenMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)South Lake (7-8)
39.333rd round All LeagueB704 - Callian1744ActiveKimVincentMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Venado (7-8)
5741st round All League4B704 - Callian2741ActivebhushanunshMaleNoneYes4 = ExcellentNova swim club, Flag football.IUSD (Irvine)Venado (7-8)
39.54B704 - Callian3707ActiveCallianMicahMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Venado (7-8)
57.722nd round All LeagueB704 - Callian4750ActiveChungMarcusMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodNot ListedMariners Christian School
473B704 - Callian5743ActiveJeongHyeinMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)South Lake (7-8)
36.433B704 - Callian6736ActiveOhPaulMale2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodtrackIUSD (Irvine)Venado (7-8)
48.62B704 - Callian7748ActiveHuynhCameronMale2 SeasonsYes2 = NoviceNova swimmingIUSD (Irvine)Greentree (K-6)
NoShow1B704 - Callian87807ActiveKIMJUSTINjonathan pangMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)
NoShow2B704 - Callian97808ActivePangJonathanJUSTIN KIMMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)
16.83B705 - Cho1719ActiveRuppCadenMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodNot ListedThe Prentice School
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)6.82B705 - Cho2761ActiveBatlaZainMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
47.832nd round All LeagueB705 - Cho3713ActiveAhmedSaifMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)
58.121st round All LeagueB705 - Cho8709ActiveBaylissShaneMaleNoneNo1 = New to SportsNot ListedOrange County Classical Academy
47.533rd round All League5B705 - Cho5703ActiveChoDavidMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)
17.44B705 - Cho4757ActiveAndersenJoshuaMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
27.93B705 - Cho6758ActiveAUSTINASHERMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Rancho San Joaquin (7-8)
483B705 - Cho7716ActivePalushiMarvinMale3 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
17.131st round All LeagueB706 - Miller1752ActiveAllenNicholasMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentNot ListedLos Alisos
57.732nd round All LeagueB706 - Miller2753ActiveKolsyHuzaylMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Lakeside (7-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.546B706 - Miller3704ActiveMillerTravisMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodBaseball (Friday & Sundays), season starts in OctoberIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)
173B706 - Miller4722ActiveKimHeathMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
36.533B706 - Miller5733ActiveSeguraJosephMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentNot ListedMendez Intermediate School
1733rd round All LeagueB706 - Miller6730ActiveOHJOONMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
17.13B706 - Miller7760ActiveHarunoJordanMaleNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
27.53B706 - Miller8731ActiveYouBrad/SyuanBoMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)
27411st round All LeagueB707 - Lee1742ActiveManningCashMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodNot ListedAVMS
37.251B707 - Lee2755ActiveBrownsellDavidMale4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentClub soccer and cross countryTUSD (Tustin)Hewes (7-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.24B707 - Lee3763ActiveBrownsellBryceDavid BrownsellMale4 or moreYes5 = AllstarClub soccerTUSD (Tustin)Hewes (7-8)
36.933B707 - Lee4728ActiveGeeJasonMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
36.937B707 - Lee5705ActiveLeeCadenMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)
27.2322nd round All LeagueB707 - Lee6726ActiveAhnDavidMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
26.53B707 - Lee7746ActivePakNoahMale4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentNovaquaticsTUSD (Tustin)Pioneer (7-8)
47.323B707 - Lee8715ActiveWuKianMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)
PlayersEvaluationsPlayers (Makeup)Evaluations (Makeup)
Grp PhotoHeightSpeedRankingFall League Drafted (1-3 only)Draft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberAll LeagueLast NameFirst NameSibling Name YouthGenderGrade (Boys)ExperienceDifferent SportsAthletic AbilityOther SportSchool DistrictIUSD SchoolsTUSD SchoolsNewport/Mesa SchoolsName of SchoolYouth Volunteer as
36.1511st round All League1B804 - Lefler1813ActiveHayashidaRyanMale3 SeasonsNo5 = AllstarIUSD (Irvine)South Lake (7-8)
203B804 - Lefler2827ActivePerezDeanMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
174B804 - Lefler3806ActiveCarsonGavinMale2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)
2042nd round All LeagueB804 - Lefler4822ActiveFineJustinMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentNot ListedHebrew Academy
16.33B804 - Lefler5823ActiveCastroDylanMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
36.634th round All LeagueB804 - Lefler6807ActivekimJohnMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)6.533rd round All LeagueB804 - Lefler7817ActiveJokumsenRobertMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodGolfIUSD (Irvine)Lakeside (7-8)
26.83B804 - Lefler8812ActiveseoJuanMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
36.93B804 - Lefler9818ActiveHuangHudsonMale4 or moreNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
16.33B804 - Lefler10834ActiveMorganJoshuaMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodJujitsuNot ListedHomeschool
1032nd round All League2B803 - Manalo1829ActiveDinhBenjaminMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
26.931st round All LeagueB803 - Manalo2816ActivePanJohannMaleNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Venado (7-8)
3733B803 - Manalo3803ActiveleejabezMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
204B803 - Manalo4809ActiveFandinoEnzoMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
16.63B803 - Manalo5805ActiveCervantesIsaacMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Venado (7-8)
36.7323rd round All LeagueB803 - Manalo6815ActiveLaiAustinMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)
1034th round All LeagueB803 - Manalo7808ActiveYuTerrenceMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
16.93B803 - Manalo8810ActivePascuaMatthewMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Venado (7-8)
36.93B803 - Manalo9831ActiveWarehKareemMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodNot ListedCabrillo Point
37.52B803 - Manalo10836ActiveBhatnagarIshaanMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodMatt leinertIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
17.442nd round All LeagueB801 - Kurtz1814ActiveZuoJonathanMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Venado (7-8)
27.341st round All LeagueB801 - Kurtz2833ActiveSturgeon IIIBrantMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)South Lake (7-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)75B801 - Kurtz3W930 | 835ActiveManriquezDamianMaleNoneNo2 = NoviceNot ListedDoig Intermediate
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)6.343rd round All LeagueB801 - Kurtz4821ActivePeddiPrashanthMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)
27.334th round All League3B801 - Kurtz5801ActiveKurtzLandonMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)
17.33B801 - Kurtz6811ActiveRayZackMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodNEWPORT/MESAEnsign (7-8)
26.63B801 - Kurtz7825ActiveOULUCASMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)6.53B801 - Kurtz8838ActiveKimCalebIan KimMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)73B801 - Kurtz9839ActiveKimIanCaleb KimMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
G1 & 4Both Evals6.93B801 - Kurtz10W921 | W928ActiveSalimOmerMaleNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Venado (7-8)
36.341st round All League4B802 - Bayati | Jacobs1837ActiveMorrellGavinMale4 or moreYes3 = GoodClub basketball. Tues, Thur weekly and 2 Sunday mornings a monthIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)
17.332nd round All LeagueB802 - Bayati | Jacobs2828ActiveHauserParkerMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Pioneer (7-8)
2032B802 - Bayati | Jacobs3826ActiveHablaniAyaanMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
46.803rd round All LeagueB802 - Bayati | Jacobs9824ActiveLeeNoahMaleNoneYes3 = GoodREC 1 DAYIUSD (Irvine)Rancho San Joaquin (7-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)5.934th round All LeagueB802 - Bayati | Jacobs4802ActiveLeeJonaMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
37.73B802 - Bayati | Jacobs5804ActiveChoiAidenMale4 or moreNo5 = AllstarTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
36.431B802 - Bayati | Jacobs6830ActiveParikhAakashMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Lakeside (7-8)
37.33B802 - Bayati | Jacobs7820ActiveMusalShivenMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)
27.13B802 - Bayati | Jacobs8819ActiveShinnStevenMaleNoneYes4 = ExcellentML flag football - friday nightsIUSD (Irvine)Venado (7-8)
37.13B802 - Bayati | Jacobs10832ActiveViswaAnishMale4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentTennisIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
PlayersEvaluationsPlayers (Makeup)Evaluations (Makeup)
Grp PhotoHeightSpeedRankingFall League Drafted (1-3 only)Draft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberAll LeagueLast NameFirst NameSibling Name YouthGenderGrade (Boys)ExperienceDifferent SportsAthletic AbilityOther SportSchool DistrictIUSD SchoolsTUSD SchoolsNewport/Mesa SchoolsName of SchoolYouth Volunteer as
175B901 - Paik1919ActiveJamshidianArminMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentNot ListedCalifornia Pacific Charter Schools
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.64B901 - Paik2927ActiveMoyaAlonzoMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Woodbridge HS (9-12)
17.43B901 - Paik3917ActiveHablaniRohanMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentTUSD (Tustin)Beckman HS (9-12)
203B901 - Paik4905ActiveDengEdonMaleNoneNo5 = AllstarIUSD (Irvine)Northwood HS (9-12)
27.231B901 - Paik5901ActivePaikGabeMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodNot ListedCrean Lutheran High School
17.33B901 - Paik6916ActiveLehlArmaanMale3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Northwood HS (9-12)
17.83B901 - Paik7912ActiveHarenRhettMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)University HS (9-12)
NoShowB901 - Paik8911ActiveD'SouzaDanielMale1 SeasonYes4 = ExcellentSoCal AquaticsTUSD (Tustin)Beckman HS (9-12)
NoShowB901 - Paik9926ActiveHsiehBraydenMaleNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)University HS (9-12)
273B903 - Ali1923ActiveTurenschiEthanMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentNot ListedCanyon High
104B903 - Ali2921ActiveAiroodKareemMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Portola HS (9-12)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.25B903 - Ali3910ActiveAhnMichael TaegyuMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Portola HS (9-12)
16.83B903 - Ali4915ActiveChengDevinMale1 SeasonYes4 = ExcellentKarate on Monday and ThursdaysIUSD (Irvine)Portola HS (9-12)
26.432B903 - Ali5903ActiveAliAbyanMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Portola HS (9-12)
27.52B903 - Ali6902ActiveAliAarizMaleNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Portola HS (9-12)
26.23B903 - Ali7918ActiveNguyenDylanMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Portola HS (9-12)
181B903 - Ali8906ActiveYanBolaiMale2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodNot ListedOCSA
NoShowB903 - Ali9914ActiveAnDannyMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Portola HS (9-12)
26.933B902 - Bayati | Jacobs1909ActiveZhangJustinMale4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Irvine HS (9-12)
16.65B902 - Bayati | Jacobs2924ActiveUrbinaDevinMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Tustin HS (9-12)
26.83B902 - Bayati | Jacobs3907ActiveBowlesDarrenMale3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Woodbridge HS (9-12)
17.53B902 - Bayati | Jacobs4920ActiveZamaniDeenMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodNEWPORT/MESACorona del Mar (7-8)
27.25B902 - Bayati | Jacobs5913ActivechengkaiMale4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Irvine HS (9-12)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.924B902 - Bayati | Jacobs6922ActiveHernandezJonahMale1 SeasonYes3 = GoodsoccerNEWPORT/MESACorona del Mar (7-8)
17.83B902 - Bayati | Jacobs7925ActiveLampaertJonasMale1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceNEWPORT/MESANewport Harbor (9-12)
26.83B902 - Bayati | Jacobs8908ActivekimjasonMale1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Northwood HS (9-12)
NoShowB902 - Bayati | Jacobs9904ActiveChengEmersonMale3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Northwood HS (9-12)
PlayersEvaluationsPlayers (Makeup)Evaluations (Makeup)
Grp PhotoHeightSpeedRankingFall League Drafted (1-3 only)Draft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberAll LeagueLast NameFirst NameSibling Name YouthGenderGrade (Girls)ExperienceDifferent SportsAthletic AbilityOther SportSchool DistrictIUSD SchoolsTUSD SchoolsNewport/Mesa SchoolsName of SchoolYouth Volunteer as
12nd round All League1G3402 - Cun1ActiveEbelMila4th Grade4th Grade3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)
17.94G3402 - Cun (Fall)33406ActiveAnyanwuMia3rd Grade3rd Grade1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceJiu Jitsu Flag FootballIUSD (Irvine)Meadow Park (K-6)
3G3402 - Cun (Fall)3ActiveCunEllie3rd Grade3rd Grade4 or moreNo5 = AllstarNot ListedLa Madera
1st round All LeagueG3402 - Cun (Fall)4ActiveRobertsonHailey4th Grade4th Grade2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentNot ListedFoothill Ranch Elementary
G3402 - Cun (Fall)5ActiveRockoffMadelyn4th Grade4th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Meadow Park (K-6)
3rd round All LeagueG3402 - Cun (Fall)6ActiveDangKyndall3rd Grade3rd Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Tustin Memorial (K-6)
G3402 - Cun (Fall)7ActiveThaiSadie3rd Grade3rd Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)
19.62G3402 - Cun (Fall)94333ActiveGalloEmma4th Grade4th GradeNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)
13rd round All League2G3401 - Alacar1ActiveMockEmma4th Grade4th Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodBasketball, GymnasticsIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)
21st round All LeagueG3401 - Alacar (Fall)2ActiveBarryAva4th Grade4th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodNjBNEWPORT/MESAEastbluff (K-6)
32nd round All LeagueG3401 - Alacar (Fall)3ActiveSinthusiriSilvie Sinthusiri4th Grade4th Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodKarateIUSD (Irvine)Northwood (K-6)
G3401 - Alacar (Fall)4ActiveLavarroSarina4th Grade4th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodMMA /Parkour - Tu /ThIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
G3401 - Alacar (Fall)5ActiveIyerSuvi4th Grade4th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodNova swim club (m/T/F)IUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)
G3401 - Alacar (Fall)6ActiveHsiSophie4th Grade4th Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)
G3401 - Alacar (Fall)7ActiveNAMANIANVITHA4th Grade4th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)
G3401 - Alacar (Fall)8ActiveReshLexi3rd Grade3rd Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Stone Creek (K-6)
38.92G3401 - Alacar (Fall)103422ActiveVohraAanya3rd Grade3rd Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodNot ListedPegasus School
1031st round All LeagueG3407 - Mahoney | Leang14340ActivefonsecaAnjalie4th Grade4th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodNot ListedCalvary Christian School
37.542nd round All LeagueG3407 - Mahoney | Leang23413ActiveCraverAva3rd Grade3rd Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodSwim (M-Th) , Football (Fri), Gymnastics (Sat), Track (Wed)IUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.933rd round All LeagueG3407 - Mahoney | Leang33420ActiveHendersonEdith3rd Grade3rd Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodGymnastics; swimmingIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)
37.74G3407 - Mahoney | Leang43411ActiveDixonMaya3rd Grade3rd Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Hicks Canyon (K-5)
27.933G3407 - Mahoney | Leang53404ActiveMahoneyMaiLien3rd Grade3rd GradeNoneYes2 = NoviceSET Water Polo - Monday and Wednesday but we can postpone until afterwardsNot ListedGates Elementary
29.72G3407 - Mahoney | Leang63403ActiveLeangJalen3rd Grade3rd Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Peters Canyon (K-6)
38.93G3407 - Mahoney | Leang73408ActiveZafarAariya3rd Grade3rd Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)
37.93G3407 - Mahoney | Leang83409ActiveMehtaRadhika3rd Grade3rd Grade3 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)
47.92G3407 - Mahoney | Leang94338ActiveAggarwalAalya4th Grade4th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
27.651st round All LeagueG3403 - Kahn14344ActiveChouekeLucy4th Grade4th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Meadow Park (K-6)
37.752nd round All League4G3403 - Kahn23401ActiveKAHNAmelia3rd Grade3rd Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodSoccerIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)
38.343rd round All LeagueG3403 - Kahn33417ActiveCharlesJuliet3rd Grade3rd Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)
28.33G3403 - Kahn43415ActiveManchakJune3rd Grade3rd Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)
47.74G3403 - Kahn53418ActiveKettunenEllen3rd Grade3rd GradeNoneNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)
19.24G3403 - Kahn64332ActiveQuaderJasmine4th Grade4th Grade4 or moreNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Springbrook (K-6)
204G3403 - Kahn73405ActiveGamboaColette (Coco)3rd Grade3rd Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Plaza Vista (K-8)
17.93G3403 - Kahn83407ActiveLeungNaomi3rd Grade3rd GradeNoneNo1 = New to SportsIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)
39.72G3403 - Kahn93412ActiveNami-QuinonesLiana3rd Grade3rd GradeNoneNo1 = New to SportsIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)
3741st round All LeagueG3406 - Boyle | Darcy14335ActiveGaoEmma4th Grade4th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodBasketball AcademyIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)
27.645G3406 - Boyle | Darcy24325ActiveBoyleFianna4th Grade4th GradeNoneNo2 = NoviceNot ListedSJDL
2842nd round All LeagueG3406 - Boyle | Darcy34326ActiveRyanAvaOlivia Ryan4th Grade4th GradeNoneYes1 = New to SportsTustin Fire SoccerNot ListedSJDL
28.64G3406 - Boyle | Darcy44327ActiveRyanOliviaAva Ryan4th Grade4th GradeNoneNo1 = New to SportsPrivate School/District Not ListedSJDL
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.94G3406 - Boyle | Darcy54343ActiveWrightAbigail4th Grade4th Grade3 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceNot ListedRed hill Lutheran
38.93G3406 - Boyle | Darcy64331ActiveKalinskyEmily4th Grade4th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)
17.42G3406 - Boyle | Darcy73414ActiveHongLuvia3rd Grade3rd GradeNoneNo1 = New to SportsIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)
27.63G3406 - Boyle | Darcy83421ActiveMahoneyEvie-Mae3rd Grade3rd GradeNoneNo2 = NoviceNot ListedWagon Wheel
NoShow3rd round All LeagueG3406 - Boyle | Darcy93449ActiveZHENGMIA3rd Grade3rd Grade3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.65G3405 - Tamm14337ActiveHaunSasha4th Grade4th Grade3 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentSoftballIUSD (Irvine)Eastshore (K-6)
19.72G3405 - Tamm24345ActiveDixitSuhana4th Grade4th GradeNoneYes2 = NoviceKarateIUSD (Irvine)Northwood (K-6)
G1Makeup eval (11/19)843rd round All League6G3405 - Tamm34323ActiveTammJacqueline4th Grade4th Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodTennis. Monday and Wednesdays.NEWPORT/MESALincoln (K-6)
28.631st round All LeagueG3405 - Tamm43410ActiveLawBridget3rd Grade3rd Grade4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentSoccer - Liverpool (undecided)IUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)
403G3405 - Tamm53416ActivePatelSannaya3rd Grade3rd Grade3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)
193G3405 - Tamm64329ActiveBrehmBrooke4th Grade4th GradeNoneNo2 = NoviceNot ListedPanorama Elementary
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)8.43G3405 - Tamm73447ActiveSadeghiScarlet3rd Grade3rd Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)8.12G3405 - Tamm84328ActivePatelSanya4th Grade4th GradeNoneYes1 = New to SportsClub SoccerIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)
NoShow2nd round All LeagueG3405 - Tamm93419ActiveDoucetCorinne3rd Grade3rd Grade3 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentClub Soccer - SoCal BluesIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)
47.142nd round All LeagueG3404 - Lawson14341ActiveHarringtonSelby4th Grade4th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Springbrook (K-6)
17.74G3404 - Lawson24346ActiveKhenanshoEliana4th Grade4th Grade2 SeasonsNo5 = AllstarTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
17.5431st round All League7G3404 - Lawson34324ActiveLawsonSevyn4th Grade4th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Meadow Park (K-6)
484G3404 - Lawson44330ActiveCuevasAlessandra4th Grade4th Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Hicks Canyon (K-5)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.83G3404 - Lawson54342ActiveWeitzelGenevieve4th Grade4th GradeNoneYes2 = NoviceClub Soccer off season Tuesday/ ThursdayTUSD (Tustin)Arroyo (K-6)
G1Makeup eval (11/19)8.93G3404 - Lawson63402ActivePalkhiwalaNalina3rd Grade3rd Grade1 SeasonYes3 = GoodTravel softballTUSD (Tustin)Tustin Memorial (K-6)
47.93G3404 - Lawson74336ActiveSachinKumarShruthika4th Grade4th GradeNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.32G3404 - Lawson84448ActiveOnAgatha4th Grade4th GradeNoneNo1 = New to SportsNot Listed
3rd round All LeagueG3404 - Lawson9Late addActiveChangMadelyn3rd Grade3rd Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodNot ListedGCS
PlayersEvaluationsPlayers (Makeup)Evaluations (Makeup)
Grp PhotoHeightSpeedRankingFall League Drafted (1-3 only)Draft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberAll LeagueLast NameFirst NameSibling Name YouthGenderGrade (Girls)ExperienceDifferent SportsAthletic AbilityOther SportSchool DistrictIUSD SchoolsTUSD SchoolsNewport/Mesa SchoolsName of SchoolYouth Volunteer as
27.342nd round All LeagueG5603 - Mahar16532ActiveRichardson LeclercStella6th Grade6th Grade1 SeasonYes4 = ExcellentMatt Leinart Flag Football (Fridays and practice TBD)TUSD (Tustin)Pioneer (7-8)
17.43G5603 - Mahar25618ActiveCarinoCadence5th Grade5th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)
1731st round All LeagueG5603 - Mahar36533ActiveYoungJovie6th Grade6th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
18.23G5603 - Mahar46528ActiveAbdullahRuqaiya6th Grade6th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)
17.133rd round All League1G5603 - Mahar5 ActiveMaharJannah6th Grade6th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)
38.23G5603 - Mahar65624ActiveBassyoniNora5th Grade5th GradeNoneYes3 = GoodGymnastics - ThursdayNot ListedNew Horizon
27.23G5603 - Mahar75612ActiveJacobsSophia5th Grade5th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Springbrook (K-6)
38.43G5603 - Mahar85605ActiveSturmLexa5th Grade5th GradeNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Meadow Park (K-6)
28.23G5603 - Mahar95609ActiveLeungLaurel5th Grade5th GradeNoneNo1 = New to SportsIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)
16.5511st round All LeagueG5604 - Gerlach16535ActiveKuoBrielle6th Grade6th Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
27.243rd round All LeagueG5604 - Gerlach26537ActivePulipatiSnigdha6th Grade6th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)
2842nd round All LeagueG5604 - Gerlach36530ActivePASTAGIAELINA6th Grade6th Grade1 SeasonYes3 = GoodMon,Tue,Wed,ThuIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.63G5604 - Gerlach45620ActiveBaileyJill5th Grade5th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)
27.932G5604 - Gerlach56525ActiveGerlachMillie6th Grade6th Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceNot ListedLake Forest Elementary School
27.933G5604 - Gerlach65610ActiveMuthuNivi5th Grade5th Grade4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)
37.83G5604 - Gerlach76539ActiveRileyFinley6th Grade6th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodNot ListedSt John Baptist
39.43G5604 - Gerlach85623ActiveJakubiecLark5th Grade5th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)
27.73G5604 - Gerlach95606ActiveBaylissKara5th Grade5th GradeNoneNo2 = NoviceNot ListedOrange County Classical Academy
11st round All League3G5601 - Sim1ActiveNourparvarMacey5th Grade5th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Arroyo (K-6)
22nd round All LeagueG5601 - Sim (Fall)2ActiveDomeLilah5th Grade5th Grade4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentTUSD (Tustin)Arroyo (K-6)
33rd round All LeagueG5601 - Sim (Fall)3ActiveDoshiSarina5th Grade5th Grade4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentClub Soccer Irvine Pateadores Mon/Wednesday 5:30-7:30IUSD (Irvine)Eastwood (K-6)
G5601 - Sim (Fall)4ActiveSimSienna5th Grade5th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Arroyo (K-6)
G5601 - Sim (Fall)5ActiveLeKayla5th Grade5th Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Tustin Memorial (K-6)
37.823G5601 - Sim (Fall)66538ActiveDierckEmily6th Grade6th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Oak Creek (K-6)
G5601 - Sim (Fall)7ActiveHuangKelly6th Grade6th Grade3 SeasonsNo1 = New to SportsIUSD (Irvine)Turtle Rock (K-6)
G5601 - Sim (Fall)8ActiveOrwigSiena5th Grade5th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)8.82G5601 - Sim (Fall)95641ActiveGewainAbigail5th Grade5th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Arroyo (K-6)
37422nd round All LeagueG5605 - Kurtz16531ActiveLavarroEmmanuelle (Emi)6th Grade6th Grade4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentMMA/Parkour - Tu/ThIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)
NoShow21st round All LeagueG5605 - Kurtz26536ActiveYehMegan6th Grade6th Grade4 or moreNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Brywood (K-6)
37.143rd round All League4G5605 - Kurtz35601ActiveKurtzMaliya5th Grade5th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Santiago Hills (K-6)
17.53G5605 - Kurtz46526ActivePetersonMischa6th Grade6th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)
37.63G5605 - Kurtz55619ActiveMeekhofAnjali5th Grade5th Grade2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentTUSD (Tustin)Tustin Memorial (K-6)
273G5605 - Kurtz65616ActiveChittendenGwen5th Grade5th Grade2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Greentree (K-6)
37.43G5605 - Kurtz75604ActiveBhatiaEva5th Grade5th Grade1 SeasonYes4 = ExcellentSoccer; AYSO ; Practice Days not shared yet; Saturday games.Not ListedFairmont SJC
17.93G5605 - Kurtz86534ActiveTateElizabeth6th Grade6th Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)
NoShowG5605 - Kurtz96529ActiveBhamidipatiDivya6th Grade6th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)College Park (K-6)
11st round All League5G5602 - Luu1ActiveThakkarAshiah6th Grade6th Grade4 or moreNo5 = AllstarTUSD (Tustin)Pioneer (7-8)
2G5602 - Luu (Fall)2ActiveVelascoSarah5th Grade5th Grade3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentNot ListedPanorama Elementary
32nd round All LeagueG5602 - Luu (Fall)3ActiveLuuPrisha6th Grade6th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)
G5602 - Luu (Fall)4ActiveOHLaim5th Grade5th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)
G5602 - Luu (Fall)5ActiveDe FlaviisAnna6th Grade6th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Turtle Rock (K-6)
G5602 - Luu (Fall)6ActiveHenkelRylee6th Grade6th Grade3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Brywood (K-6)
G5602 - Luu (Fall)7ActiveAHNJaeeun5th Grade5th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Oak Creek (K-6)
G5602 - Luu (Fall)8ActiveAdithamPranamya6th Grade6th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)
NoShowG5602 - Luu (Fall)95611ActiveShroffSerena5th Grade5th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Plaza Vista (K-8)
3rd round All LeagueG5602 - Luu (Fall)10Late add 11/29ActiveBurwellSoraya6th Grade6th Grade1 SeasonNo5 = AllstarIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)
27.7411st round All LeagueG5606 - Gates15613ActiveStalinAudrea5th Grade5th Grade1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Eastshore (K-6)
17.531G5606 - Gates25621ActiveWangEllen5th Grade5th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)
NoShow1G5606 - Gates35640ActiveLONGLONG5th Grade5th Grade3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Greentree (K-6)
37.23G5606 - Gates45622ActiveSobrinoSofia5th Grade5th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Springbrook (K-6)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.632nd round All League6G5606 - Gates55602ActiveGatesMila5th Grade5th Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodSoccerIUSD (Irvine)Springbrook (K-6)
48NoRatingG5606 - Gates65603ActiveJohnsonKate5th Grade5th Grade1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceSoccerIUSD (Irvine)Springbrook (K-6)
17.533G5606 - Gates75614ActiveMorganAnnie5th Grade5th Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Springbrook (K-6)
18.23G5606 - Gates85617ActiveRubinEmma5th Grade5th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodGymnastics, dance, footballIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)
NoShow3rd round All LeagueG5606 - Gates95642ActiveOdegaardGrace6th Grade6th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodSoftball and soccer (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays some weekends)IUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)
NoShowG5606 - Gates105607ActiveGagePeyton5th Grade5th Grade1 SeasonYes3 = GoodSoccer - Monday and WednesdayNot ListedFairmont North Tustin
PlayersEvaluationsPlayers (Makeup)Evaluations (Makeup)
Grp PhotoHeightSpeedRankingFall League Drafted (1-3 only)Draft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberAll LeagueLast NameFirst NameSibling Name YouthGenderGrade (Girls)ExperienceDifferent SportsAthletic AbilityOther SportSchool DistrictIUSD SchoolsTUSD SchoolsNewport/Mesa SchoolsName of SchoolYouth Volunteer as
17.731st round All League7801ActiveNguyenAimee7th Grade7th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Pioneer (7-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.147802ActiveVaratharajNishayvini7th Grade7th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Venado (7-8)
17.347803ActiveGaoDoris7th Grade7th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodBasketball AcademyIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)
17.737804ActiveOwensMackenzie7th Grade7th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Lakeside (7-8)
17.337805ActiveBouillonMelia7th Grade7th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodMatt Leinart- rec Flag Football (Wednesdays, Fridays)IUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
27.357806ActiveSinthusiriSammie7th Grade7th Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodKarateIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7417809ActiveDoshiRiya7th Grade7th Grade4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentClub Soccer Pateadores ECRL Mon/Weds 4-6pm, Tuesday 5:45-7, and Thursday 5:45-7:45PMIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)6.737810ActiveLeQuangKana7th Grade7th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodTennis (rec) and ice skatingIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)
17.437811ActiveBouassoulHeba7th Grade7th GradeNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
17.947812ActiveAwadallahFarida7th Grade7th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodWeekly practiceIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
27.132nd round All League8713ActiveShomaliAryana8th Grade8th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
26.7438714ActiveChangHailey8th Grade8th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
27.738715ActiveRajulaMischka Reddy8th Grade8th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.438716ActiveChangLeah8th Grade8th Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodTennisIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)
17.538717ActivePhanAdeline8th Grade8th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodNot ListedMasuda Middle School
1748718ActiveRojasOlivia8th Grade8th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodNEWPORT/MESACosta Mesa (7-8)
17.938719ActiveAshtonRylee8th Grade8th Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodSchool - weekday gamesNot ListedSantiago Charter Middle School
G1Makeup Eval (11/19)7.4418720ActiveLinChristine8th Grade8th Grade4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentTENNISIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)
16.938722ActiveQuraishiZainab8th Grade8th GradeNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)
NoShow8721ActiveHaSydnie8th Grade8th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodFlag footballIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)
wait list7822ActiveAlhakeemLina7th Grade7th Grade1 SeasonYes4 = ExcellentSoccerIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)

Important Concussion Information