League Rules


Basketball League

Thank you for volunteering! Below are important updates about the league.

1. Evaluations: Player evaluations take place Sunday, Aug. 27th, 2023.

Important: All coaches must watch their entire division and take notes.
It is out suggestion to print the player information sheet to take notes on the Saturday or Sunday before evaluations to ensure your copy is as up to date as possible.

Evaluations Responsibilities:
Observe your division and take notes – we will have a space for the coaches on the court.

2. TeamSnap: We will be importing your teams into TeamSnap. As part of the preseason we will be creating your placeholder team and adding you as the coach. After drafts we will be importing all players into TeamSnap. Please do not change team names!!

3. Teams Drafts: We will update this page with specific day/times for the drafts which are held on Google Meet online.

4. Communication: Once your teams have been drafted we ask that coaches reach out to their teams within the next 24 hours introducing yourselves as the coach

5. Practice Allocations: Team practice slots will open after the last draft. An email will be sent to all coaches with a link to the Coaches Portal and instructions on how to book a slot.

6. Team Schedules: We are unable to start working on team schedules until after the Team Drafts end (Tue, Apr. 11th). Please do not reach out with special schedule requests. Schedules are set to go live by Wed, Sept 13th.

7. Jersey/Apparel Pickup: Pickup for the Rookie League (K-2nd) but NOT Boys 2nd grade competitive will take place Saturday Aug 26th. Youth League players will pick up during checkin at evaluations.

Joining Google Meet for Team Drafts

To join the draft using Google Meet, please make sure to copy the emailed link to your browser. If you are using a phone, you will need to download the Google Meet mobile app. If you are on a desktop, the link should take you straight to the draft.

You will need to log in to a Google account to access the draft. Please make sure that you do not have any added security features preventing you from joining the draft. If you do, you my use the Call-In Feature but you may have a harder time following the draft.

Team Drafts

All teams in the Youth League (Boys 2nd Grade and Boys & Girls 3rd grade – High School) divisions are formed via team drafts. Please view important information below.

Draft Rules

The draft follows the rules of a snake draft. If there are 4 coaches numbered 1-4 the picks would go as follows:

  • Round 1: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Round 2: 4, 3, 2, 1
  • Round 3: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • and so on…

Evaluations Guidelines

All players are expected to attend evaluations. If they are not present, they will be placed on the Wait List and marked as “No Eval.” These players are ineligible to be drafted* and will instead be randomly assigned to a team at the end of a draft until all teams have 10 players (or 11 if a coach is willing). These players cannot be traded.

* The only way these players can be selected is if a coach volunteers information about the player before the draft begins. This information should include the player’s approximate height, position, notable skills (e.g. good ball handler or shooter) and a ranking between 1-10. If the player is mentioned in this way, they are only eligible to be drafted in the first 3 rounds – after which, they will be randomly assigned to teams at the end of the draft.

**New: If players are on the wait-list and we do not have enough coaches to take all players than no players can be nominated and will instead be a random hat pick at the end until all teams have 10 players.**

Coaches’ Children

Coaches’ children are automatically placed on their own team. They will be ranked by our staff from evaluations and placed in the round they were identified as minus ONE round. **New** If a coaches pick is a 1st round player adjusted to 2nd round pick they will go at the end of the draft. Example if there are 6 coaches and 2 have a player deemed a 1st round pick they would take slots 5 and 6.

In the event that a coach has multiple children on the same team, the lowest-ranked player will use their real rating. Example: A coach has 2 children that were ranked as a 1st round pick and 2nd round pick. The coach would have their children as a 2nd round and 3rd round pick.


Trades will be conducted at the end of the draft. Coaches do not have to accept trades and players can only be traded +/- one round pick.

Example: If a coach is attempting to receive a different team’s 3rd round pick, only his or hers 2nd, 3rd and 4th round players would be eligible in the trade.

Any players caught performing poorly on purpose (“sand-bagging”) at evaluations will be treated as a 1st round pick and not subject to the minus one round rule.

Team Drafts

Drafts are via Google Meet. Please make sure you can login before your designated time slot
Links have not been set up yet - Look for an email this coming week

Sept 5thTuesdayGirls 5th/6th7:00p8:00phttps://meet.google.com/xkz-mqem-kjj
Sept 5thTuesdayGirls 3rd/4th8:00p9:00phttps://meet.google.com/tse-jrtt-cxj
Sept 5thWednesdayGirls 7th/8th7:00p8:00phttps://meet.google.com/riz-epaf-amf
Sept 6thWednesdayBoys 4th8:00p9:30phttps://meet.google.com/sit-rniz-ebz
Sept 7thThursdayBoys 8th9:30p10:45phttps://meet.google.com/dea-qnjj-fgy
Sept 7thThursdayBoys 6th7:00p8:15phttps://meet.google.com/jqn-dkgp-qqw
Sept 7thThursdayBoys 3rd8:15p9:30phttps://meet.google.com/pvx-snne-tqv
Sept 11thMondayBoys 7th5:45p7:00phttps://meet.google.com/pyr-uvas-uhm
Sept 11thMondayBoys 5th7:00p8:15phttps://meet.google.com/nfd-itso-uqx
Sept 11thMondayBoys 2nd Competitive8:15p9:30phttps://meet.google.com/ooq-avyz-yiy

Contact Your Team

Sample email for after your team's draft.

Hi Team,

My name is Coach [Name] and I will be your coach for the 2023-24 Basketball Fall League! Our Team ID for the schedule is [ex. G3401 – Last Name].

Our first game will be on Sunday, Sept. 17th. We will be holding our first practice on [insert date]. The League hasn’t sent out the schedule yet, but I’ll reach out with an update when I have it to let you know where we will be meeting and what I’ll be wearing.

Looking forward to this upcoming season!

[Coaches Name]

Youth Divisions

Player Info

Note: Speed Test is time to dribble sideline to sideline. SoCal Elite scores are between 1 and 5, with 5 being the best. Photos and videos will not be available until a few days after evaluations.

Player PhotosEvaluations Video
PhotoHeightSpeedSoCal RankingDraft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberLast NameFirst NameSibling Name YouthGenderGrade (Boys)ExperienceDifferent SportsAthletic AbilityOther SportSchool DistrictIUSD SchoolsTUSD SchoolsNewport/Mesa SchoolsName of SchoolYouth Volunteer as
8missed 2nd eval8.73B203 - Jung1254QuihuisDylanMale2nd Grade1 SeasonYes3 = Goodmaybe baseballTUSD (Tustin)Heritage (K-5)Buyout
410.163B203 - Jung2224DesaiAvirMale2nd Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Peters Canyon (K-6)Buyout
79.141B203 - Jung3203JungJordanMale2nd Grade2 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentBasketball (club: tues and thurs) and soccer (Rec: days tbd)TUSD (Tustin)Heritage (K-5)Head Coach
1missed 2nd eval104B203 - Jung4223KuraniCadenMale2nd Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Ladera (K-6)Buyout
No ShowB203 - Jung5221Rashid-MerrittAizanMale2nd GradeNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
109.264B203 - Jung6228KimCamdenMale2nd Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
110.51B203 - Jung7213TangAlexMale2nd Grade1 SeasonYes3 = GoodBasketball and swimmingIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)Buyout
3missed 2nd eval10.82B203 - Jung8214PatelDevMale2nd Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Ladera (K-6)Buyout
99.22B203 - Jung9227PakTheoMale2nd Grade3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentTUSD (Tustin)Peters Canyon (K-6)Buyout
210.33B201 - Pineda1238JohalJayvinMale2nd Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)Buyout
1010.34B201 - Pineda2247ChangBraydenMale2nd Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = Goodswimming and maybe soccer clubIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)Buyout
78.642B201 - Pineda3201PinedaFinleyMale2nd Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)Head Coach
3missed 2nd eval9.63B201 - Pineda4218RodriguezBlakeMale2nd Grade4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentRec - Pony Irvine Baseball, Pre-Club Liverpool SoccerIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)Buyout
310.92B201 - Pineda5209DakakKaiMale2nd Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)Co-Coach
11112B201 - Pineda6222HanNoelMale2nd Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
4 + 6missed 2nd eval10.92B201 - Pineda7255MateljanHenryMale2nd Grade2 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentTennisIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)Buyout
993B201 - Pineda8219LeeMacintoshMale2nd Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
510.53B201 - Pineda9233KrishnavajjulaVibhuMale2nd Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)Buyout
7missed 2nd eval9.65B202 - Schweiss1215SagudEvanMale2nd Grade3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)Buyout
3missed 2nd eval10.114B202 - Schweiss2206ProperDukeMale2nd Grade1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentPrivate School/District Not ListedSeashore AcademyCo-Coach
4 + 610.23B202 - Schweiss3256LefevreArloMale2nd GradeNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)University Park (K-6)Buyout
9missed 2nd eval9.433B202 - Schweiss4202SchweissEllisMale2nd Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodNEWPORT/MESAAndersen (K-6)Head Coach
19.24B202 - Schweiss5217JangCamdenMale2nd Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodFlag footballTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
5missed 2nd eval94B202 - Schweiss6230CourthialGabrielMale2nd Grade2 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentRecreational soccer with IYSLIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)Buyout
614.63B202 - Schweiss7241JambusariaReynMale2nd Grade1 SeasonYes4 = ExcellentAYSO - Soccer, SaturdayTUSD (Tustin)Arroyo (K-6)Buyout
89.73B202 - Schweiss8251KarasikAlexanderMale2nd GradeNoneYes4 = ExcellentTennis (rec), swimming (rec)TUSD (Tustin)Peters Canyon (K-6)Buyout
2114B202 - Schweiss9225LiTerryMale2nd GradeNoneNo1 = New to SportsIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)Buyout
79.44B205 - Lai1208ChanColinMale2nd Grade2 SeasonsYes2 = NoviceBaseballIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)Co-Coach
58.74B205 - Lai2231HuangCamdenMale2nd Grade4 or moreYes2 = NoviceMonday-tennisIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)Buyout
79.644B205 - Lai3205LAINATHANMale2nd Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)Head Coach
89.84B205 - Lai4243PatelSanjayMale2nd Grade3 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentAYSO soccer SaturdaysIUSD (Irvine)Eastwood (K-6)Buyout
88.43B205 - Lai5240ChungJordanMale2nd Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)Buyout
210.42B205 - Lai6234NguyenLondonMale2nd Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NovicePrivate School/District Not ListedPlavanBuyout
49.63B205 - Lai7239YouAveryMale2nd Grade3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
68.63B205 - Lai8250ZhangJamesMale2nd Grade2 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentWednesday basketball academyIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)Buyout
4112B205 - Lai9237RandhawaEthanMale2nd Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
1194B206 - Tong | Ramasami1245WangConnorMale2nd Grade1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)Buyout
11104B206 - Tong | Ramasami2248CheungCarsonMale2nd Grade2 SeasonsYes2 = NoviceBaseballIUSD (Irvine)Brywood (K-6)Buyout
39.23B206 - Tong | Ramasami3207BrehmerMichaelMale2nd Grade1 SeasonNo5 = AllstarIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)Co-Coach
59.335B206 - Tong | Ramasami4210TongKyleMale2nd Grade1 SeasonYes3 = GoodBaseball - schedule is not yet outIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)Co-Coach
39.92B206 - Tong | Ramasami5211KaushikSiddharthMale2nd Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Springbrook (K-6)Co-Coach
89.34B206 - Tong | Ramasami6244PonnoluVihaanMale2nd Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)Buyout
109.44B206 - Tong | Ramasami7232GopiSahishnuINVALID - Siddarth KaushikMale2nd Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Springbrook (K-6)Buyout
610.33B206 - Tong | Ramasami8242CohenHenryMale2nd Grade2 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentUnknown schedule for baseball but games are on SaturdayIUSD (Irvine)Eastwood (K-6)Buyout
29.72B206 - Tong | Ramasami9246LaiChristianMale2nd Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)Buyout
109.55B204 - Hertzfeldt1257LeeCalebMale2nd Grade3 SeasonsNo5 = AllstarIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Head Coach
No ShowB204 - Hertzfeldt2258TorresNoahMale2nd Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodNEWPORT/MESAKillybrooke (K-6)Head Coach
993B204 - Hertzfeldt3226KuangRichardMale2nd Grade1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceTennis and swimmingPrivate School/District Not ListedVillage MontessoriBuyout
1936B204 - Hertzfeldt4204HertzfeldtWhitakerMale2nd Grade1 SeasonYes4 = Excellentflag football, fridaysIUSD (Irvine)Eastshore (K-6)Head Coach
49.72B204 - Hertzfeldt5252FeinglassZahnMale2nd Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not ListedPegasusBuyout
1103B204 - Hertzfeldt6220vibhakerdilanMale2nd Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
1110.23B204 - Hertzfeldt7253ZamanZaynMale2nd Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodHockeyIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)Buyout
28.83B204 - Hertzfeldt8235SaighaniAlecMale2nd GradeNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)Buyout
10N/APhoto onlyB204 - Hertzfeldt9236AbdallaNaseemMale2nd Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Northwood (K-6)Buyout
missed 2nd evalNo ShowB204 - Hertzfeldt10249TranMatthewMale2nd Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Heritage (K-5)Buyout
Player PhotosEvaluations Video
PhotoHeightSpeedSoCal RankingDraft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberLast NameFirst NameSibling Name YouthGenderGrade (Boys)ExperienceDifferent SportsAthletic AbilityOther SportSchool DistrictIUSD SchoolsTUSD SchoolsNewport/Mesa SchoolsName of SchoolYouth Volunteer as
68.95B307 - Sabha | Sturm1332HardyMycahMale3rd Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodClub basketball TBDNEWPORT/MESAPaularino (K-6)Buyout
108.564B307 - Sabha | Sturm2340CamachoGavinMale3rd Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)Buyout
19.141B307 - Sabha | Sturm3306SturmAndrewMale3rd Grade1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Meadow Park (K-6)Co-Coach
18.64B307 - Sabha | Sturm4310SabhaRyanMale3rd Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Turtle Rock (K-6)Co-Coach
39.83B307 - Sabha | Sturm5317AlameRyanMale3rd GradeNoneNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Eastwood (K-6)Buyout
48.33B307 - Sabha | Sturm6345QinAaronMale3rd Grade3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)Buyout
38.23B307 - Sabha | Sturm7330HoangSamMale3rd Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)Buyout
910.91B307 - Sabha | Sturm8323BemanianGavinMale3rd Grade3 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
5B307 - Sabha | Sturm9328VanceGraysonMale3rd Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NovicePrivate School/District Not ListedNewport ChristianBuyout
99.24B301 - Liu1315KapterianAaronMale3rd Grade2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Northwood (K-6)Buyout
No Show2B301 - Liu2301LiuBrendanMale3rd Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)Head Coach
No ShowB301 - Liu3324NguyenCharlesMale3rd Grade3 SeasonsYes2 = NoviceFlag footballIUSD (Irvine)Plaza Vista (K-8)Buyout
28.73B301 - Liu4358YauConnorMale3rd Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Ladera (K-6)Buyout
118.93B301 - Liu5360LongAllenMale3rd Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Greentree (K-6)Buyout
5102B301 - Liu6308RoCamdenMale3rd Grade4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentFlag football, fridayTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Co-Coach
119.13B301 - Liu7351KooEthanMale3rd Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
69.82B301 - Liu8364HoEthanMale3rd Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
1112B301 - Liu9348BhatiaViyanMale3rd Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)Buyout
68.95B306 - Shah1336KuznetsovIvanMale3rd Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Santiago Hills (K-6)Buyout
610.64B306 - Shah2346GestineGabrielMale3rd GradeNoneYes2 = NoviceClub Hockey. Not sure days yetIUSD (Irvine)Northwood (K-6)Buyout
119.14B306 - Shah3343ThongJordanMale3rd Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodFlag Football (Rec, Fridays)Private School/District Not ListedFoothill Ranch ElementaryBuyout
89.54B306 - Shah4326KalutantrigeArikMale3rd Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Ladera (K-6)Buyout
99.22B306 - Shah5333RamanDevanMale3rd Grade4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentFootball, FridaysIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
710.123B306 - Shah6309ShahAydenMale3rd Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Co-Coach
18.73B306 - Shah7314WangDeanMale3rd GradeNoneNo2 = NoviceNEWPORT/MESANewport Coast (K-6)Buyout
291B306 - Shah8349WildApolloMale3rd Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodTennis (Wednesdays, but it could change to Mondays depending on our schedule)IUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)Buyout
No ShowB306 - Shah9322LoriaRockwellMale3rd Grade4 or moreYes5 = AllstarClub Soccer & Flag Football Soccer is on Mon/Wed with games on the weekends Football games are on Fridays with practices TBDIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)Buyout
37.94B302 - Dang1331FandinoElijah FandinoMale3rd GradeNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
410.64B302 - Dang2339LeAaronMale3rd Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Tustin Memorial (K-6)Buyout
711.32B302 - Dang3318ModiIshaanMale3rd Grade3 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)Buyout
99.534B302 - Dang4302DangArcherMale3rd Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Head Coach
1092B302 - Dang5353BhootraShouryaMale3rd Grade1 SeasonYes3 = Goodschool basketballIUSD (Irvine)Brywood (K-6)Buyout
48.73B302 - Dang6341MillerPrestonMale3rd Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)Buyout
28.73B302 - Dang7354ShinJacobMale3rd Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)Buyout
99.13B302 - Dang8316NourparvarBryceMale3rd Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Arroyo (K-6)Buyout
No ShowB302 - Dang9335ShahRanveerMale3rd Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
119.14B305 - Patel1337NishimuraMatthewMale3rd Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodFootball on Fridays (rec)TUSD (Tustin)Heritage (K-5)Buyout
1123B305 - Patel2334AlhakeemLaithMale3rd Grade3 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentFlag footballIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
28.124B305 - Patel3363ArteagaJaxsonMale3rd GradeNoneYes2 = NoviceTustin AYSOTUSD (Tustin)Guin Foss (K-6)Buyout
69.14B305 - Patel4350WatkinsAlphiMale3rd Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Heritage (K-5)Buyout
Video 5 & 69.525B305 - Patel5305BhalaniArjunMale3rd Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)Head Coach
89.43B305 - Patel6329ThakkarShayanMale3rd Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Peters Canyon (K-6)Buyout
47.72B305 - Patel7356Hildebrand-LarraDavidMale3rd GradeNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)Buyout
28.73B305 - Patel8355NguyenEvanMale3rd Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodTues and Weds Karate 5pm, Fri piano 4:30pm, Sun Swim 10:30amPrivate School/District Not ListedRosita ElementaryBuyout
No ShowB305 - Patel9362BelmonteJordanMale3rd Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)Buyout
108.64B303 - Kulkarni | Garrovillas1359ZhaoEthanMale3rd Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodSwimmingPrivate School/District Not ListedStratford SchoolBuyout
58.93B303 - Kulkarni | Garrovillas2321CaoPrimeMale3rd Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodJiu JitsuIUSD (Irvine)College Park (K-6)Buyout
59.946B303 - Kulkarni | Garrovillas3307GarrovillasEliMale3rd Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Meadow Park (K-6)Co-Coach
59.23B303 - Kulkarni | Garrovillas4303KulkarniSwanikMale3rd Grade1 SeasonYes4 = ExcellentVolleyballIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Head Coach
894B303 - Kulkarni | Garrovillas5342ShoemakerCarterMale3rd Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodSoccer - AYSO extra, practices on Tuesday/Thursday, games on SaturdayTUSD (Tustin)Arroyo (K-6)Buyout
89.72B303 - Kulkarni | Garrovillas6347ShahAvyayMale3rd Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Brywood (K-6)Buyout
473B303 - Kulkarni | Garrovillas7361ErarslanMesutMale3rd Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Meadow Park (K-6)Buyout
310.41B303 - Kulkarni | Garrovillas8327ChenRyanMale3rd GradeNoneNo1 = New to SportsIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)Buyout
No ShowB303 - Kulkarni | Garrovillas9363GuChengyuanMale3rd GradeNoneYes1 = New to SportsGolfPrivate School/District Not ListedFairmont schoolHead Coach
710.13B304 - Austin | Oh1311VillanuevaEmilioMale3rd GradeNoneYes2 = NoviceSoccerIUSD (Irvine)Oak Creek (K-6)Co-Coach
79.63B304 - Austin | Oh2312LeeDannyMale3rd Grade1 SeasonYes4 = ExcellentJr Ducks 10UA HockeyPrivate School/District Not ListedFaimonth Schools SJCBuyout
109.13B304 - Austin | Oh3338ChamtiehRamiMale3rd Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Peters Canyon (K-6)Buyout
38.72B304 - Austin | Oh4325NairAdityaMale3rd Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Peters Canyon (K-6)Buyout
710.327B304 - Austin | Oh5304AustinRyanMale3rd Grade1 SeasonYes3 = GoodBaseballTUSD (Tustin)Hicks Canyon (K-5)Co-Coach
10922B304 - Austin | Oh6365OhAsherMale3rd GradeNoneYes2 = NoviceTaekwondoTUSD (Tustin)Hicks Canyon (K-5)Co-Coach
11113B304 - Austin | Oh7319KuoIsaacMale3rd Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Portola HS (9-12)Buyout
1112.32B304 - Austin | Oh8344GhaniZakariyaMale3rd Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)Buyout
No ShowB304 - Austin | Oh9320IradjpanahSohrabMale3rd Grade2 SeasonsYes1 = New to Sportstennis, swimmingTUSD (Tustin)Hicks Canyon (K-5)Buyout
No ShowB304 - Austin | Oh10352GiuffridaLucianoMale3rd Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not ListedRed Hill Lutheran SchoolBuyout
Player PhotosEvaluations Video
PhotoHeightSpeedSoCal RankingDraft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberLast NameFirst NameSibling Name YouthGenderGrade (Boys)ExperienceDifferent SportsAthletic AbilityOther SportSchool DistrictIUSD SchoolsTUSD SchoolsNewport/Mesa SchoolsName of SchoolYouth Volunteer as
78.35B404 - Yun1429SparksHeavenMale4th Grade1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentPrivate School/District Not ListedRed Hill Lutheran SchoolBuyout
168.1No scrimmage | 3B404 - Yun2427LiuWilliamMale4th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodTravel ball baseball.TUSD (Tustin)Peters Canyon (K-6)Buyout
158.7no scrimmage | 41B404 - Yun3404YunRileyMale4th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodClub: BaseballTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Head Coach
69.32B404 - Yun4425ParkRaonMale4th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
511.82B404 - Yun5418TsaiMarshallMale4th GradeNoneYes3 = GoodRec baseballTUSD (Tustin)Myford (K-6)Buyout
129.83B404 - Yun6473FuKennyMale4th Grade4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)Buyout
59.83B404 - Yun7417NguyenMarcusMale4th GradeNoneYes3 = GoodAZOT swim team Mon-FriPrivate School/District Not ListedMariners Christian SchoolBuyout
No ShowB404 - Yun8313NguyenNolanMale4th Grade2 SeasonsYes2 = NoviceBaseballIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)Buyout
No ShowB404 - Yun9421KwakZacharyMale4th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
110.74B408 - Chao1413NakagawaKaidenMale4th GradeNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Meadow Park (K-6)Buyout
994B408 - Chao2438ChenLoganMale4th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodFridays - Matt Leinart Flag FootballPrivate School/District Not ListedPacific AcademyBuyout
88.43B408 - Chao3457LeeZackaryMale4th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
59.932B408 - Chao4408ChaoMatthewMale4th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not ListedPacific AcademyHead Coach
119.73B408 - Chao54357ChangJoon WooMale4th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)Buyout
98.82B408 - Chao6442AjbaniRiyanMale4th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)Buyout
38.92B408 - Chao7436LanAaronMale4th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)Buyout
No ShowB408 - Chao8460KimLoganMale4th GradeNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)Buyout
No ShowB408 - Chao9461CohenNathanMale4th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodIce HockeyIUSD (Irvine)Meadow Park (K-6)Head Coach
14N/ANo ScrimmageB407 - Jin1448HarrisBlakeMale4th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)Buyout
118.83B407 - Jin2428AgarwalKushalMale4th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)Buyout
109.32B407 - Jin3462LiuJackMale4th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
39.833B407 - Jin4407JinIanMale4th Grade3 SeasonsYes2 = NoviceTae kwon do, tues/thurs/friIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)Head Coach
212.73B407 - Jin5439ChamtiehRJMale4th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Peters Canyon (K-6)Buyout
Winter Evals4'5"9.5No Show | 3B407 - Jin6441AhnAericMale4th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodTaekwondoTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
793B407 - Jin7430HuEricMale4th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodNoPrivate School/District Not ListedFairmontBuyout
4112B407 - Jin8466BrandesNathanMale4th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)Buyout
No ShowB407 - Jin9452YeJasperMale4th Grade1 SeasonYes2 = Novice3 years' competitive swimming with Aquazot clubIUSD (Irvine)Brywood (K-6)Co-Coach
88.54B405 - Lerner1445LeeLoganMale4th Grade1 SeasonYes3 = GoodSoccer club (schedule is not out yet)IUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
1292B405 - Lerner2472LaiEnochMale4th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Turtle Rock (K-6)Buyout
68.73B405 - Lerner3467NawrockiNewtonMale4th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodFencing 3 times a week, swimTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
98.534B405 - Lerner4405LernerJoshuaMale4th Grade4 or moreYes5 = AllstarFootball (Thursdays and Fridays)IUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)Head Coach
18.43B405 - Lerner5416KimSeanMale4th Grade1 SeasonYes3 = GoodBaseballIUSD (Irvine)Eastwood (K-6)Buyout
310.22B405 - Lerner6433MirzaNyleMale4th Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)College Park (K-6)Buyout
119.92B405 - Lerner7440JhaSamikMale4th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)Buyout
109.53B405 - Lerner8469ShiehJakeMale4th Grade2 SeasonsYes2 = NoviceFootball weekdays + friday gamesIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)Buyout
No ShowB405 - Lerner9419AbdaliDeanMale4th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = Goodsoccer, tennisPrivate School/District Not Listedivy crestBuyout
292B406 - Galdamez1434AckermannTiagoSebastian AckermannMale4th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Myford (K-6)Buyout
210.23B406 - Galdamez2435AckermannSebastianTiago AckermannMale4th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Myford (K-6)Buyout
No ShowB406 - Galdamez3447HoganRJMale4th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Myford (K-6)Buyout
411.52B406 - Galdamez4458PengBraedonCollin PengMale4th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NovicePrivate School/District Not ListedFoothill Ranch ElementaryBuyout
411.22B406 - Galdamez5459PengCollinBraedon PengMale4th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NovicePrivate School/District Not ListedFoothill Ranch ElementaryBuyout
511.325B406 - Galdamez6406GaldamezLukeMale4th Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Myford (K-6)Head Coach
129.12B406 - Galdamez7456CheungEthanMale4th Grade3 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Brywood (K-6)Buyout
1010.13B406 - Galdamez8468ParkMatthewMale4th GradeNoneYes3 = Goodflag football games on Fridays, flag football practice day TBDTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
No ShowB406 - Galdamez9426mengseanMale4th Grade4 or moreYes4 = Excellentfootball, snoop youth football leagueIUSD (Irvine)Stone Creek (K-6)Buyout
18.74B402 - Peterson1410ChaoLucasMale4th Grade2 SeasonsNo5 = AllstarIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)Co-Coach
128.74B402 - Peterson2464ZhuJasonMale4th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Santiago Hills (K-6)Buyout
19.346B402 - Peterson3402PetersonAshvinMale4th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Santiago Hills (K-6)Head Coach
78.93B402 - Peterson4422ChenWeissmanMale4th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NovicePrivate School/District Not Listedst johnsBuyout
29.82B402 - Peterson5432ChenAlexanderMale4th Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
39.72B402 - Peterson6446RuizHanselMale4th Grade3 SeasonsNo2 = NovicePrivate School/District Not ListedFoothill Ranch Elementary SchoolBuyout
78.92B402 - Peterson7415WuKevinMale4th Grade3 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
510.82B402 - Peterson8412ShwehdiSadeqMale4th GradeNoneNo2 = NovicePrivate School/District Not ListedNew HorizonCo-Coach
38.84B403 - Lee1409VelevPhillipMale4th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Oak Creek (K-6)Co-Coach
110.12B403 - Lee2424AhmedMusaMale4th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not ListedNew HorizonBuyout
78.347B403 - Lee3403LeeEvanMale4th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)Head Coach
10103B403 - Lee4474ABDELFATTAHBASILMale4th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
119.43B403 - Lee5423MaldonadoSantinoMale4th GradeNoneYes4 = ExcellentBaseball club Monday and FridayIUSD (Irvine)Greentree (K-6)Buyout
89.32B403 - Lee6465GandhiDevMale4th Grade4 or moreYes2 = NoviceIrvine pony baseball Rec teamIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)Buyout
1111.33B403 - Lee7455KimJayMale4th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)Buyout
13112B403 - Lee8431LiLeoMale4th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)Buyout
98.55B401 - Lam1443WangConnorMale4th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodGolfIUSD (Irvine)Brywood (K-6)Buyout
From Winter4'2"10.8No Show | 3B401 - Lam2420ChinamalliBhavishMale4th Grade4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)Buyout
108.34B401 - Lam3449ZhangNicholasMale4th Grade3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)Buyout
1112.238B401 - Lam4401LamCodyMale4th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)Head Coach
Winter Evals4'2"9No Show | 3B401 - Lam5437JoeJaydenMale4th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Turtle Rock (K-6)Buyout
68.32B401 - Lam6471HeZichengMale4th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)Buyout
From Winter4'5"8.9No Show | 2B401 - Lam7411MahmoudTayseerMale4th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Ladera (K-6)Co-Coach
129.63B401 - Lam8461ParkTheodoreMale4th Grade1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceSoccer, Liverpool Pre-Club (T,Th,Sat)IUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)Buyout
410.53B409 - Reed1470SchaibleLiamMale4th GradeNoneYes3 = GoodAYSO soccerNEWPORT/MESANewport Heights (K-6)Buyout
6104B409 - Reed2444KimZacharyMale4th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)Buyout
68.92B409 - Reed3463SyElijahMale4th Grade3 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Heritage (K-5)Buyout
410.439B409 - Reed4475ReedJacksonMale4th Grade3 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Oak Creek (K-6)Head Coach
88.62B409 - Reed5453ZhuJasperMale4th Grade4 or moreYes4 = ExcellenttennisTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
29.61B409 - Reed6454KotopoulisJamesMale4th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Hicks Canyon (K-5)Buyout
99.62B409 - Reed7414PardeshiAriMale4th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Hicks Canyon (K-5)Buyout
8103B409 - Reed8451ChienHendersonMale4th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
Player PhotosEvaluations Video
PhotoHeightSpeedSoCal RankingDraft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberLast NameFirst NameSibling Name YouthGenderGrade (Boys)ExperienceDifferent SportsAthletic AbilityOther SportSchool DistrictIUSD SchoolsTUSD SchoolsNewport/Mesa SchoolsName of SchoolYouth Volunteer as
58.14B501 - Mustafa1511ShunmugasundaramSuryaMale5th Grade2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)Buyout
58.24B501 - Mustafa2543TummalaAshwikMale5th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Stone Creek (K-6)Buyout
107.42B501 - Mustafa3539LinIsaacMale5th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)Buyout
117.931B501 - Mustafa4501MustafaGhassanMale5th Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NovicePrivate School/District Not ListedChaparralHead Coach
88.14B501 - Mustafa5541LiuOliverMale5th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Santiago Hills (K-6)Buyout
49.23B501 - Mustafa6537MahmoudNoahMale5th Grade4 or moreYes3 = Goodswimming and karateIUSD (Irvine)Eastwood (K-6)Buyout
79.44B501 - Mustafa7510GreggOliverMale5th GradeNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)Buyout
2 8.23B501 - Mustafa8544AgustinIsaiahMale5th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not ListedAnaheim Hills Elementary SchoolBuyout
138.33B501 - Mustafa9548KooDylanEthan KooMale5th GradeNoneNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
No ShowB501 - Mustafa10519MapeJackMale5th Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = Goodsoccer on Saturdays- practice Monday and ThursdayPrivate School/District Not ListedOur Lady Queen of AngelsBuyout
Winter Evals4'6"9No Show | 4B504 - Sessions1520HighsmithAneelMale5th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Turtle Rock (K-6)Buyout
No Show2B504 - Sessions2504SessionsLandynMale5th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Meadow Park (K-6)Head Coach
1 8.84B504 - Sessions3529ThanthrySkandaMale5th Grade3 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentKarateIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)Buyout
78.33B504 - Sessions4534GindiElijahMale5th Grade1 SeasonYes4 = ExcellentClub Soccer, Monday, Wednesday, SaturdayIUSD (Irvine)College Park (K-6)Buyout
37.53B504 - Sessions5526OakeyTheodoreMale5th Grade3 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentFlag football. (Friday night games)IUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)Buyout
68.82B504 - Sessions6549DevuMihirMale5th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)Buyout
38.83B504 - Sessions7516MadanbhaviViaanMale5th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)Buyout
38.33B504 - Sessions8523SmithBenjaminMale5th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not ListedLake Forest ElementaryBuyout
88.53B504 - Sessions9547SivasubramaniamAkashMale5th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)Buyout
No ShowB504 - Sessions10567DingJohnMale5th Grade3 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellenttennisIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)Head Coach
4 7.55B505 - Lui1531LinKingstonMale5th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodTennis, WednesdayIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)Buyout
1 8.14B505 - Lui2525SunTanghaoMale5th Grade1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)Buyout
47.94B505 - Lui3527zhangchenyuMale5th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)Buyout
Winter Evals4'8"8No Show | 33B505 - Lui4558LuiJacobMale5th Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodTaekwondoIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)Buyout
28.63B505 - Lui5557YouBrandonMale5th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)Buyout
118.33B505 - Lui6538WuJaydenMale5th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not ListedStratford SchoolBuyout
128.83B505 - Lui7W916LeeDanielMale5th GradeNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Head Coach
410.72B505 - Lui8552TranLucasMale5th Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodgolfTUSD (Tustin)Heritage (K-5)Buyout
2 10.32B505 - Lui9568ParkJasonMale5th GradeNoneYes1 = New to SportsgolfIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)Buyout
No ShowB505 - Lui10522ChuEthanMale5th GradeNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Northwood (K-6)Buyout
1 8.64B503 - Chang1530HaElliottMale5th Grade4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)Buyout
57.63B503 - Chang2545ChangRyanMale5th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodSwim club (Mon-Fri)IUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)Buyout
37.344B503 - Chang3503ChangJoshuaMale5th Grade4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)Head Coach
77.93B503 - Chang4533GowdaVivaanMale5th Grade1 SeasonYes3 = GoodTennisIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)Buyout
883B503 - Chang5546KimPrestonMale5th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodFlag footballIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)Buyout
117.93B503 - Chang6517ZhangJoshuaMale5th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodHockey recIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)Buyout
98.42B503 - Chang7512ZhangSimbaMale5th Grade1 SeasonYes3 = GoodtennisIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)Buyout
Winter Evals4'6"8No Show | 3B503 - Chang8528WangYiran (Warren)Male5th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not ListedfairmontBuyout
6103B503 - Chang9569TianJacobMale5th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Northwood (K-6)Buyout
310.22B503 - Chang10524HelmBijanMale5th GradeNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Bonita Canyon (K-6)Buyout
19.43B507 - Nixon1518HuangDeverickMale5th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)Buyout
994yesB507 - Nixon2513ZelayaEvanMale5th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodBasketball training Mondays and ThursdaysPrivate School/District Not ListedGreenvilleBuyout
27.94B507 - Nixon3550ParkEliasMale5th Grade3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)Buyout
Winter Evals4'5"9No Show | 3B507 - Nixon4542NakhaiAaronMale5th Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodSoccerPrivate School/District Not ListedCraigBuyout
88.83B507 - Nixon5567LeiAlanMale5th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)Buyout
1094B507 - Nixon6561AlvarezZacharyMale5th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Myford (K-6)Buyout
69.42B507 - Nixon7555AnBradyMale5th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)Buyout
910.22B507 - Nixon8507ShenFelixMale5th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Eastshore (K-6)Buyout
12113B507 - Nixon9560FangHowarMale5th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)Buyout
68.82B507 - Nixon10559KunduruSriMale5th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)Buyout
No ShowB507 - Nixon11532NguyenWillMale5th Grade3 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Plaza Vista (K-8)Buyout
5B507 - Nixon
97.95B506 - Lee1515ParkNolanMale5th Grade3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentPrivate School/District Not ListedPacific AcademyBuyout
No Show6B506 - Lee2568LeeIanMale5th GradeNoneNo2 = NovicePrivate School/District Not Listedfletcher elementaryHead Coach
87.83yesB506 - Lee3551ZhangRobertMale5th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Stone Creek (K-6)Buyout
107.64B506 - Lee4536LeeMatthewMale5th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodSoccorIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)Buyout
78.54B506 - Lee5508HenryFranklinMale5th Grade1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceFlag FootballTUSD (Tustin)Tustin Memorial (K-6)Buyout
27.34B506 - Lee6556LoranceGideonMale5th GradeNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)College Park (K-6)Buyout
69.53B506 - Lee7553BanerjeeEvaanMale5th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Turtle Rock (K-6)Buyout
58.33B506 - Lee8509OnealRonanMale5th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Bonita Canyon (K-6)Buyout
58.33B506 - Lee9505RaoVivaanMale5th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)Co-Coach
118.73B506 - Lee10554IftekharSafwanMale5th Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NovicePrivate School/District Not ListedJourney schoolBuyout
No ShowB506 - Lee11563RiosJulianMale5th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Arroyo (K-6)Buyout
No ShowB502 - Shah1566FabianLuca AndresMale5th GradeNoneYes1 = New to SportsBaseball - SaturdaysIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
77.94B502 - Shah2535TuculescuRomanMale5th Grade4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentTUSD (Tustin)Heritage (K-5)Buyout
118.147B502 - Shah3502ShahAaryanMale5th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Head Coach
98.34B502 - Shah4506ChengSamuelMale5th Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)Buyout
19.53B502 - Shah5514DedhiaRohanMale5th Grade2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)Buyout
128.33B502 - Shah6562MousaviDanielMale5th Grade3 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
48.94B502 - Shah7564MalikAazlaanMale5th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Oak Creek (K-6)Buyout
108.73B502 - Shah8540MiaoOwenMale5th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Turtle Rock (K-6)Buyout
1210.23B502 - Shah9565LeeJacksonMale5th GradeNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)Buyout
109.71B502 - Shah10521ParthasarathyVihanMale5th GradeNoneYes3 = GoodSwimmingIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)Buyout
Player PhotosEvaluations Video
PhotoHeightSpeedSoCal RankingDraft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberLast NameFirst NameSibling Name YouthGenderGrade (Boys)ExperienceDifferent SportsAthletic AbilityOther SportSchool DistrictIUSD SchoolsTUSD SchoolsNewport/Mesa SchoolsName of SchoolYouth Volunteer as
1010.33B605 - Chi | Baume1637TaoNathanMale6th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)Buyout
78.72B605 - Chi | Baume2653TangiralaAkshayMale6th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)Buyout
129.741B605 - Chi | Baume3606BaumeDanielMale6th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodNEWPORT/MESAPaularino (K-6)Co-Coach
39.43B605 - Chi | Baume4607ChiIanMale6th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)Co-Coach
77.53B605 - Chi | Baume5612PatelAaryanMale6th Grade2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)Buyout
37.93B605 - Chi | Baume6627OnConnorMale6th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NovicePrivate School/District Not ListedFletcher Elementary (Orange USD)Buyout
28.63B605 - Chi | Baume7630RodriguezGordonMale6th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodBaseball (Irvine Pony)IUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)Buyout
28.93B605 - Chi | Baume8658LiYu AnMale6th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)Buyout
810.32B605 - Chi | Baume9617StarkeWalkerMale6th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)Buyout
18.34B602 - Tran1623AbkarianAdrianMale6th GradeNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Springbrook (K-6)Buyout
89.54B602 - Tran2609GordonLucasMale6th Grade1 SeasonYes3 = GoodTrack and fieldIUSD (Irvine)Plaza Vista (K-8)Buyout
69.142B602 - Tran3602Ong TranConnorMale6th GradeNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)Head Coach
18.12B602 - Tran4614LitvinAntonMale6th Grade4 or moreNo5 = AllstarIUSD (Irvine)Santiago Hills (K-6)Buyout
28.14B602 - Tran5648LauGarrettMale6th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)Buyout
13104B602 - Tran6652QinTerryMale6th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)Buyout
1011.81B602 - Tran7610BosamKunaalMale6th Grade1 SeasonYes4 = ExcellentSoccerIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)Buyout
48.72B602 - Tran8649ShafferNicolasMale6th Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Pioneer (7-8)Buyout
No ShowB604 - Nguyen1631GrossoCashMale6th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)Buyout
127.953B604 - Nguyen2605NguyenRyuMale6th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodSaturdaysPrivate School/District Not ListedAllen ElementaryHead Coach
99.44B604 - Nguyen3643Diaz JrOmarMale6th Grade4 or moreNo5 = AllstarIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)Buyout
29.53B604 - Nguyen4640DiazAlijahMale6th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodNEWPORT/MESACollege Park (K-6)Buyout
48.34B604 - Nguyen5651MatsushitaDylanMale6th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)Buyout
127.83B604 - Nguyen6620HsuCarsonMale6th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not ListedMvcsBuyout
48.83B604 - Nguyen7632YehKasonMale6th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)Buyout
6102B604 - Nguyen8618TranJustinMale6th GradeNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Northwood (K-6)Buyout
8102B604 - Nguyen9641HwangDylanMale6th Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)Buyout
784B606 - Lerner | Shah1654FanEthanMale6th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Turtle Rock (K-6)Buyout
139.24B606 - Lerner | Shah2638KimTheoMale6th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodtennisTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
9 8.93B606 - Lerner | Shah3660SyedSulaimanMale6th Grade2 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentKempo and swimmingIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)Buyout
128.834B606 - Lerner | Shah4608ShahAravMale6th Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodSoccerIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)Co-Coach
109.73B606 - Lerner | Shah5647LernerMatthewMale6th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)Co-Coach
98.54B606 - Lerner | Shah6659JoshiJaiMale6th Grade3 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentRec soccer through AysoIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)Buyout
39.22B606 - Lerner | Shah7615FarmanianFarnamMale6th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Eastwood (K-6)Buyout
78.72B606 - Lerner | Shah8646KaneRohanMale6th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodSwimmingIUSD (Irvine)Eastwood (K-6)Buyout
N/AN/ANo ShowB606 - Lerner | Shah9662VillanuevaLucasMale6th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodFlag FootballIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)Head Coach
107.93B603 - Pham1613SidhuAngadMale6th Grade1 SeasonYes3 = GoodMight play school sports: football, volleyballPrivate School/District Not ListedFairmontBuyout
128.64B603 - Pham2621BurdikinMaksenMale6th Grade4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Bonita Canyon (K-6)Buyout
88.935B603 - Pham3603PhamEthanKayden BuiMale6th Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Head Coach
810.13B603 - Pham4604BuiKaydenEthan PhamMale6th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Head Coach
48.94B603 - Pham5650XingOscarMale6th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodSwimmingIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)Buyout
108.32B603 - Pham6642ZhangJosephMale6th Grade3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)Buyout
110.32B603 - Pham7622StephensElijahMale6th GradeNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)Buyout
110.73B603 - Pham8619SayaEsaMale6th Grade3 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)Buyout
B603 - Pham9663VohraVinayakMale6th Grade4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentPrivate School/District Not ListedPegasus SchoolHead Coach
1011.32B601 - Lam1639ElgamalJoeMale6th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)Buyout
1192B601 - Lam2636LinEthanMale6th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)Buyout
783B601 - Lam3661Prados MiaoCarlosMale6th Grade3 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentTable Tennis, KaratePrivate School/District Not ListedIrvine International AcademyHead Coach
69.936B601 - Lam4601ISHIICLARKMale6th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)Head Coach
382B601 - Lam5611BerniusEdgarasMale6th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
Winter Evals4'8"7.7No Show | 3B601 - Lam6655LiuHeavenMale6th Grade1 SeasonYes2 = Novicegreat park tennisPrivate School/District Not ListedTVT Commuity day schoolBuyout
68.63B601 - Lam7626GilLoganMale6th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodGolf and Tae Kwon DoIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)Buyout
38.83B601 - Lam8625EbelDylanMale6th Grade1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)Buyout
No ShowB601 - Lam9616ZhengAndrewMale6th Grade1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
184B607 - Mahan1624KimJaydenMale6th Grade4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentSwimmingTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
137.857B607 - Mahan2634MahanMasonAria Mahan and Liam MahanMale6th Grade4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)Head Coach
138.74B607 - Mahan3633MahanLiamAria Mahan and Mason MahanMale6th Grade4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)Head Coach
138.24B607 - Mahan4635MahanAriaMason Mahan and Liam MahanMale6th Grade4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)Head Coach
47.94B607 - Mahan5628ReddyVinishMale6th Grade2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
98.63B607 - Mahan6645SoTimothyMale6th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Meadow Park (K-6)Buyout
69.73B607 - Mahan7629AhmedImaadMale6th GradeNoneNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)Buyout
293B607 - Mahan8644YuTerenceMale6th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Bonita Canyon (K-6)Buyout
Player PhotosEvaluations Video
PhotoHeightSpeedSoCal RankingDraft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberLast NameFirst NameSibling Name YouthGenderGrade (Boys)ExperienceDifferent SportsAthletic AbilityOther SportSchool DistrictIUSD SchoolsTUSD SchoolsNewport/Mesa SchoolsName of SchoolYouth Volunteer as
48.74B701 - Yu1731VoKameronMale7th Grade4 or moreYes5 = AllstarGolfIUSD (Irvine)Lakeside (7-8)Buyout
58.23B701 - Yu2709BerryDhruvMale7th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceNEWPORT/MESACorona del Mar (7-8)Buyout
67.73B701 - Yu3741WuKianMale7th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)Buyout
37.63B701 - Yu4729HuynhCameronMale7th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Venado (7-8)Buyout
5??B701 - Yu5711TariKenanMale7th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodVolleyball days will be different than Sunday.IUSD (Irvine)South Lake (7-8)Buyout
9 9.121B701 - Yu6701YuZongyouMale7th GradeNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)Head Coach
Winter Evals5'10.2No Show | 3B701 - Yu7708LewHenryMale7th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)Buyout
Winter Evals5'8.7No Show | 3B701 - Yu8736BickAugustusMale7th Grade4 or moreNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)Buyout
592B701 - Yu9714LewisAldenMale7th Grade3 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)South Lake (7-8)Buyout
68.14B706 - Lee1745BrownsellDavidBryce BrownsellMale7th Grade2 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentClub soccerTUSD (Tustin)Hewes (7-8)Buyout
684B706 - Lee2746BrownsellBryceDavid BrownsellMale7th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodClub soccerTUSD (Tustin)Hewes (7-8)Buyout
37.13B706 - Lee3724GeeJasonMale7th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)Buyout
Winter Evals5'1"7.6No Show | 32B706 - Lee4752LeeCadenMale7th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)Head Coach
17.34B706 - Lee5725PakNoahMale7th Grade4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentNOVA AquaticsTUSD (Tustin)Pioneer (7-8)Buyout
58.13B706 - Lee6718KolanupakaPrabhasMale7th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)Buyout
78.64B706 - Lee7720MozaffarAyaanMale7th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodTaekwondoIUSD (Irvine)Rancho San Joaquin (7-8)Buyout
67.73B706 - Lee8739LoranceNoahMale7th GradeNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Venado (7-8)Buyout
No ShowB706 - Lee9751GuChengyiChengyuan GuMale7th Grade1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceGolfPrivate School/District Not ListedFairmont schoolHead Coach
17.25B702 - Bui | Fawaz1728TorresAvenMale7th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)Buyout
37.843B702 - Bui | Fawaz2702BuiBlakeMale7th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Lakeside (7-8)Co-Coach
77.44B702 - Bui | Fawaz3703FawazNadalMale7th Grade3 SeasonsYes4 = ExcellentTennisIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)Co-Coach
47.33B702 - Bui | Fawaz4742MackenzieOliverMale7th Grade1 SeasonYes3 = GoodFlag Football- days varyPrivate School/District Not ListedSt. Margaret's Episcopal SchoolBuyout
37.33B702 - Bui | Fawaz5707Richardson LeclercHenryMale7th Grade2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentTUSD (Tustin)Pioneer (7-8)Buyout
88.73B702 - Bui | Fawaz6721YouBradMale7th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)Buyout
47.63B702 - Bui | Fawaz7740ChenLucasMale7th GradeNoneYes3 = GoodSwimming in Nova aquaticsIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)Buyout
78.43B702 - Bui | Fawaz8715BaiJulianMale7th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Pioneer (7-8)Buyout
No ShowB702 - Bui | Fawaz9750ZhangAlbertMale7th Grade3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Rancho San Joaquin (7-8)Head Coach
N/AN/A4.8B704 - Joshi | Cho1749LynDarrenMale7th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Rancho San Joaquin (7-8)Head Coach
48.23B704 - Joshi | Cho2748DacharlaSreeMale7th Grade3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentTUSD (Tustin)Legacy Magnet AcademyBuyout
16.85B704 - Joshi | Cho3734HouBrianMale7th Grade4 or moreYes4 = ExcellenttennisIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)Buyout
38.334B704 - Joshi | Cho4704ChoDavidMale7th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)Co-Coach
78.42B704 - Joshi | Cho5705JoshiSyonMale7th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodSocal Elite VolleyballIUSD (Irvine)Lakeside (7-8)Co-Coach
28.23B704 - Joshi | Cho6W912KearnsBrentMale7th GradeNoneNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)Buyout
28.43B704 - Joshi | Cho7744RuppCadenMale7th Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodFlag footballTUSD (Tustin)Hewes (7-8)Buyout
28.63B704 - Joshi | Cho8743KongHudsonMale7th Grade3 SeasonsNo2 = NovicePrivate School/District Not ListedPrentice SchoolBuyout
No ShowB704 - Joshi | Cho9706BatlaZainMale7th GradeNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
27.64B705 - La1735ManningCashMale7th GradeNoneNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not ListedAVMSBuyout
87.83B705 - La2727AhnDavidMale7th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
77.24B705 - La3710OhPaulMale7th Grade2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Venado (7-8)Buyout
17.535B705 - La4730LaJamesMale7th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)South Lake (7-8)Head Coach
58.43B705 - La5719PalushiMarvinMale7th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)Buyout
88.43B705 - La6747TseoThomasMale7th Grade1 SeasonYes2 = NoviceGolfIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)Buyout
99.23B705 - La7717SaturRyanMale7th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)Buyout
19.13B705 - La8722AhmedSaifMale7th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Venado (7-8)Buyout
No ShowB705 - La9752WANGTAO XIANG(LENNY)Male7th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Rancho San Joaquin (7-8)Buyout
No ShowB703 - Austin1712KIMJUSTINJonathan PangMale7th Grade1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)Buyout
No ShowB703 - Austin2713PangJonathanJUSTIN KIMMale7th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)Buyout
97.54B703 - Austin3737SeguraJosephMale7th Grade4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentPrivate School/District Not ListedMendezBuyout
28.336B703 - Austin4W914 | 732AUSTINASHERMale7th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Rancho San Joaquin (7-8)Head Coach
48.34B703 - Austin5733StrainSuttonMale7th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NovicePrivate School/District Not ListedLa Paz Intermediate (SVUSD)Buyout
87.23B703 - Austin6723ReevesJakeMale7th Grade4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentTUSD (Tustin)Pioneer (7-8)Buyout
68.43B703 - Austin7738YouAndrewMale7th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Venado (7-8)Buyout
87.73B703 - Austin8726VermaAnayMale7th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)Buyout
Player PhotosEvaluations Video
PhotoHeightSpeedSoCal RankingDraft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberLast NameFirst NameSibling Name YouthGenderGrade (Boys)ExperienceDifferent SportsAthletic AbilityOther SportSchool DistrictIUSD SchoolsTUSD SchoolsNewport/Mesa SchoolsName of SchoolYouth Volunteer as
46.55B803 - Rodriquez1808HayashidaRyanMale8th Grade2 SeasonsNo5 = AllstarIUSD (Irvine)South Lake (7-8)Buyout
86.451B803 - Rodriquez2834AgnewCurrenMale8th Grade3 SeasonsNo5 = AllstarPrivate School/District Not ListedCalvary ChristianBuyout
88.13B803 - Rodriquez3W920MaioccoMaxCurren AgnewMale8th Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodFlag Football at schoolTUSD (Tustin)Utt (7-8)Head Coach
No ShowB803 - Rodriquez4813LawsonBradenMale8th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
764B803 - Rodriquez5821FandinoEnzoMale8th Grade3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
67.14B803 - Rodriquez6803LeeJonaMale8th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodSocal Elite Volleyball on SaturdaysIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
17.84B803 - Rodriquez7815CervantesIsaacMale8th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Venado (7-8)Buyout
98.23B803 - Rodriquez8805DangBrianMale8th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)Buyout
58.32B803 - Rodriquez9830KaushikRishivanMale8th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Venado (7-8)Buyout
Winter Evals5'1"8.3No Show | 3B803 - Rodriquez10842MusalShivenMale8th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)Head Coach
Winter Evals5'1"8.9No Show | 3B803 - Rodriquez11816GrossoRyanMale8th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Venado (7-8)Buyout
27.34B801 - Matsushita1841WangLucasMale8th Grade1 SeasonYes4 = ExcellentSwim (Speed aquatics) Monday Tuesday Thursday at nightIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)Buyout
7.43B801 - Matsushita2831HablaniAyaanMale8th Grade4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
76.83B801 - Matsushita3827WungRandyMale8th Grade2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)Buyout
17.532B801 - Matsushita4801MatsushitaTylerMale8th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)Head Coach
67.92B801 - Matsushita5829PerezDeanMale8th Grade4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)Buyout
27.33B801 - Matsushita6833DinhBenjaminMale8th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)Buyout
37.53B801 - Matsushita7824HuangHudsonMale8th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)Buyout
47.42B801 - Matsushita8814JokumsenRobertMale8th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodGolfIUSD (Irvine)Lakeside (7-8)Buyout
No ShowB801 - Matsushita9806YuTerrenceMale8th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)Buyout
57.32B801 - Matsushita10832WarehKareemMale8th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not ListedCabrillo PointBuyout
No ShowB801 - Matsushita11839kimJohnMale8th Grade4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)Buyout
98.153B804 - Bayati | Jacobs1828JamshidianRadinMale8th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)Buyout
97.84B804 - Bayati | Jacobs2837LaiAustinMale8th Grade4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)Buyout
86.25B804 - Bayati | Jacobs3W932LeeJabezMale8th Grade3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Head Coach
78.72B804 - Bayati | Jacobs4825JimenezNathanMale8th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not ListedMacArthur Fundamental IntermediateBuyout
4?????????B804 - Bayati | Jacobs5822CarsonGavinMale8th Grade1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)Buyout
58.14B804 - Bayati | Jacobs6840Sturgeon IIIBrantMale8th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)South Lake (7-8)Buyout
873B804 - Bayati | Jacobs7820MorrellGavinMale8th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)Buyout
97.73B804 - Bayati | Jacobs8811seoJuanMale8th Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodTennisIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)Buyout
77.92B804 - Bayati | Jacobs9807ChoiAidenMale8th Grade4 or moreNo5 = AllstarTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
772B804 - Bayati | Jacobs10804QiuYichengMale8th Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodRowingPrivate School/District Not ListedFairmont San Juan CapistranoBuyout
86.65B802 - Kurtz2835ParikhAakashMale8th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Lakeside (7-8)Buyout
No Show4B802 - Kurtz3802KurtzLandonMale8th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)Head Coach
17.83B802 - Kurtz4819LuuJoshuaMale8th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)Buyout
98.94B802 - Kurtz5826AlkabbaniHamzaMale8th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not ListedNew horizonBuyout
17.24B802 - Kurtz6812RayZackMale8th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodNEWPORT/MESAEnsign (7-8)Buyout
97.33B802 - Kurtz7838OULUCASMale8th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)Buyout
47.74B802 - Kurtz8809KimIanCaleb KimMale8th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
47.12B802 - Kurtz9810KimCalebIan KimMale8th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
183B802 - Kurtz10823ChockBrandonMale8th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
No ShowB802 - Kurtz11818D'SouzaDanielMale8th GradeNoneYes3 = GoodSoCal AquaticsTUSD (Tustin)Legacy Magnet AcademyBuyout
Player PhotosEvaluations Video
PhotoHeightSpeedSoCal RankingDraft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberLast NameFirst NameSibling Name YouthGenderGrade (Girls)ExperienceDifferent SportsAthletic AbilityOther SportSchool DistrictIUSD SchoolsTUSD SchoolsNewport/Mesa SchoolsName of SchoolYouth Volunteer as
28.64G3404 - Lawson14335ShimomuraRyleeFemale4th Grade4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentFemales in Flag - Matt Leinart League Friday night gamesTUSD (Tustin)Arroyo (K-6)Buyout
110.24G3404 - Lawson24338RackowEllaFemale4th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not ListedTVTBuyout
49.441G3404 - Lawson34316LawsonSevynFemale4th Grade3 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Meadow Park (K-6)Head Coach
70.74G3404 - Lawson44329KhenanshoElianaFemale4th Grade1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
610.34G3404 - Lawson54339FonsecaAnjalieFemale4th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not ListedCalvary Santa AnaBuyout
612.33G3404 - Lawson63409DixonMayaFemale3rd Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = Goodsoccer on saturdaysTUSD (Tustin)Hicks Canyon (K-5)Buyout
410.43G3404 - Lawson74323QuaderJasmineFemale4th Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Springbrook (K-6)Buyout
110.73G3404 - Lawson84331KrishnavajjulaAishanaFemale4th GradeNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)Buyout
511.53G3404 - Lawson94321ZimmermanAlisonFemale4th GradeNoneYes1 = New to Sportstai kwon doIUSD (Irvine)Alderwood (K-6)Buyout
G3404 - Lawson10Wait ListDantuonoOliviaFemale3rd Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Santiago Hills (K-6)Head Coach
38.54G3403 - Henderson13410WangEllenFemale3rd Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)Buyout
79.34G3403 - Henderson24333KnoxElliottFemale4th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Solis Park (K-8)Buyout
712.542G3403 - Henderson33402HendersonEdithFemale3rd Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodSwimming; flag footballIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)Head Coach
Winter Evals4'6"8.7No Show | 4G3403 - Henderson44327McCarthyNoraFemale4th Grade4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentFlag football, FridaysPrivate School/District Not ListedSt. John’s Lutheran - OrangeBuyout
311.13G3403 - Henderson53407GamboaColette (Coco)Female3rd Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Plaza Vista (K-8)Buyout
49.54G3403 - Henderson64332KalinskyEmilyFemale4th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)Buyout
611.43G3403 - Henderson73408CharlesJulietFemale3rd Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)Buyout
615.82G3403 - Henderson83413MehtaRadhikaFemale3rd Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)Buyout
711.22G3403 - Henderson93411AggarwalAalyaFemale3rd Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
No ShowG3403 - Henderson103404PatelSannayaFemale3rd Grade2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)Buyout
49.73G3402 - Alacar14330MockEmmaFemale4th Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodIronmen- Tuesday/wknds Gymnastics-th/th nightsIUSD (Irvine)Loma Ridge (K-6)Buyout
510.44G3402 - Alacar24324BarryAvaFemale4th Grade2 SeasonsYes2 = NoviceAyso soccer. Games Saturdays practices tbdNEWPORT/MESAEastbluff (K-6)Buyout
410.53G3402 - Alacar34328SinthusiriSilvie SinthusiriFemale4th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodKarateIUSD (Irvine)Northwood (K-6)Buyout
512.933G3402 - Alacar44315LavarroSarinaFemale4th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodMMA/Parkour - Tuesdays/ThursdaysIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Head Coach
29.43G3402 - Alacar54318IyerSuviFemale4th Grade1 SeasonYes3 = GoodNova swim club 3X a week.IUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)Co-Coach
110.44G3402 - Alacar64319HsiSophieFemale4th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)Co-Coach
110.82G3402 - Alacar74320NAMANIANVITHAFemale4th GradeNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)Buyout
79.72G3402 - Alacar84334BishnoiAnishkaFemale4th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)Buyout
612.21G3402 - Alacar93403ReshLexiFemale3rd Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodSoccerIUSD (Irvine)Stone Creek (K-6)Co-Coach
No ShowG3402 - Alacar103407VohraAanyaFemale3rd Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not ListedPegasus SchoolHead Coach
293G3401 - Cun14325EbelMilaFemale4th Grade2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)Buyout
29.34G3401 - Cun24326LouieOliviaFemale4th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
310.0144G3401 - Cun33401CunEllieFemale3rd Grade4 or moreNo5 = AllstarPrivate School/District Not ListedLa Madera ElementaryHead Coach
510.83G3401 - Cun44337RobertsonHaileyFemale4th Grade1 SeasonNo4 = ExcellentPrivate School/District Not ListedFoothill Ranch ElementaryBuyout
18.94G3401 - Cun54336RockoffMadelynFemale4th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Meadow Park (K-6)Buyout
311.34G3401 - Cun63412DangKyndallFemale3rd Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Tustin Memorial (K-6)Buyout
511.72G3401 - Cun74322BerryJayaFemale4th Grade1 SeasonNo1 = New to SportsNEWPORT/MESAEastbluff (K-6)Buyout
312.13G3401 - Cun83414ThaiSadieFemale3rd Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)Buyout
212.92G3401 - Cun93405AggarwalRainaFemale3rd GradeNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)Buyout
No ShowG3401 - Cun103406BainsRuheenFemale3rd Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cypress Village (K-6)Buyout
Player PhotosEvaluations Video
PhotoHeightSpeedSoCal RankingDraft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberLast NameFirst NameSibling Name YouthGenderGrade (Girls)ExperienceDifferent SportsAthletic AbilityOther SportSchool DistrictIUSD SchoolsTUSD SchoolsNewport/Mesa SchoolsName of SchoolYouth Volunteer as
28.24G5604 - Luu16534ThakkarAshiahFemale6th Grade4 or moreNo5 = AllstarTUSD (Tustin)Pioneer (7-8)Buyout
59.43G5604 - Luu25620VelascoSarahFemale5th Grade1 SeasonYes4 = ExcellentFlag football - Tustin FNL, possibly SoccerPrivate School/District Not ListedPanorama ElementaryBuyout
57.841G5604 - Luu36527LuuPrishaFemale6th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)Head Coach
793G5604 - Luu45622OHLaimFemale5th GradeNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)Buyout
68.23G5604 - Luu56538De FlaviisAnnaFemale6th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Turtle Rock (K-6)Buyout
29.13G5604 - Luu66541HenkelRyleeFemale6th Grade2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Brywood (K-6)Buyout
28.43G5604 - Luu75624AHNJaeeunFemale5th GradeNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Oak Creek (K-6)Buyout
G5604 - LuuLate RegAdithamPranamyaFemale6th GradeNoneNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Cadence Park (K-8)Head Coach
48.85G5602 - Yean16539KuoBrielleFemale6th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodFlag Football Tues/Thurs/FridayTUSD (Tustin)Orchard Hills (K-8)Buyout
68.43G5602 - Yean26535LavarroEmmanuelle (Emi)Female6th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodMMA/Parkour - Tuesday/ThursdayIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
58.93G5602 - Yean36530DierckEmilyFemale6th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Oak Creek (K-6)Buyout
48.532G5602 - Yean46526YeanKarinaFemale6th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Head Coach
19.43G5602 - Yean55615RubinEmmaFemale5th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Westpark (K-6)Buyout
49.63G5602 - Yean75625GaldamezIsabellaFemale6th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Pioneer (7-8)Co-Coach
No ShowG5602 - Yean85644VeneracionLailaFemale5th GradeNoneNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Stonegate (K-6)Head Coach
Winter Evals4'7"10.9No Show | 2G5603 - Gates15609LONGLONGFemale5th Grade2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Greentree (K-6)Buyout
48.93G5603 - Gates2W918ValdezMiaFemale6th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodVolleyball at school. M-Th from 3:15 - 4:15. Can miss days if needed.Private School/District Not ListedSt. Jeanne de LestonnacBuyout
No ShowG5603 - Gates35621MorganAnnieFemale5th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Springbrook (K-6)Buyout
38.733G5603 - Gates45602GatesMilaFemale5th Grade1 SeasonYes3 = Goodsoccer - ThursdayIUSD (Irvine)Springbrook (K-6)Head Coach
18.84G5603 - Gates55607BeachKennedyFemale5th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodNEWPORT/MESAKaiser (3,4,5,6)Buyout
78.312G5603 - Gates65642SobrinoSofiaFemale5th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Springbrook (K-6)Buyout
19.53G5603 - Gates75610JacobsSophiaFemale5th Grade4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Springbrook (K-6)Buyout
No ShowG5603 - Gates85604BhatiaEvaFemale5th Grade2 SeasonsNo4 = ExcellentPrivate School/District Not ListedFairmontCo-Coach
18.34G5601 - Kurtz15605StalinAudreaFemale5th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Eastshore (K-6)Buyout
49.24G5601 - Kurtz26529YehMeganFemale6th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Brywood (K-6)Buyout
78.64G5601 - Kurtz35606MuthuNiviFemale5th Grade4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Deerfield (K-6)Buyout
Winter Evals5'2"9.1No Show | 3G5601 - Kurtz46540BickGraceFemale6th Grade4 or moreNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Santiago Hills (K-6)Buyout
Spring Evals8'7"No Show | 24G5601 - Kurtz55601KurtzMaliyaFemale5th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Santiago Hills (K-6)Head Coach
510.23G5601 - Kurtz66528BhamidipatiDivyaFemale6th Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)College Park (K-6)Buyout
68.13G5601 - Kurtz76533CarrollAudreyFemale6th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not ListedTVTBuyout
510.23G5601 - Kurtz85613JakubiecLarkFemale5th Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodFlag football, FridayIUSD (Irvine)Canyon View (K-6)Buyout
110.15G5605 - Sim15608NourparvarMaceyFemale5th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Arroyo (K-6)Buyout
38.44G5605 - Sim25623DomeLilahFemale5th Grade4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentFlag football friday night gamesTUSD (Tustin)Arroyo (K-6)Buyout
Winter Evals4'10"8.7No Show | 3G5605 - Sim35612DoshiSarinaFemale5th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodPateadores Club Soccer Mondays/Wednesdays 6-7:30 and Matt Leinhart Flag Football. Soccer days may change based on field availability in AugustIUSD (Irvine)Eastwood (K-6)Buyout
38.935G5605 - Sim45603SimSiennaFemale5th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Arroyo (K-6)Head Coach
38.35G5605 - Sim55617KuyRachelFemale5th Grade1 SeasonNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)College Park (K-6)Buyout
29.23G5605 - Sim65618LeKaylaFemale5th Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceTUSD (Tustin)Tustin Memorial (K-6)Buyout
Winter Evals4'8"8.63No Show | 3G5605 - Sim76532HuangKellyFemale6th Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NoviceIUSD (Irvine)Turtle Rock (K-6)Buyout
38.73G5605 - Sim85616OrwigSienaFemale5th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
Player PhotosEvaluations Video
PhotoHeightSpeedSoCal RankingDraft OrderTeamRoundEval NumberLast NameFirst NameSibling Name YouthGenderGrade (Girls)ExperienceDifferent SportsAthletic AbilityOther SportSchool DistrictIUSD SchoolsTUSD SchoolsNewport/Mesa SchoolsName of SchoolYouth Volunteer as
17.94G7802 - Shomali18718SiaHannahFemale8th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Rancho San Joaquin (7-8)Buyout
310.33G7802 - Shomali27808Sainz CortezTiffanyFemale7th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)Buyout
29.34G7802 - Shomali47803ParimooAarnaFemale7th Grade4 or moreNo4 = ExcellentIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
No ShowG7802 - Shomali48719LuoAngelaFemale8th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not Listedthe Pegasus SchoolBuyout
29.122G7802 - Shomali58712ShomaliAryanaFemale8th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Jeffrey Trail (7-8)Co-Coach
110.13G7802 - Shomali68714ChangLeahFemale8th Grade1 SeasonYes4 = ExcellentTennisIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)Buyout
Winter Evals4'11"9.2No Show | 2G7802 - Shomali78720HaSydnieFemale8th Grade4 or moreYes3 = GoodRec flag footballIUSD (Irvine)Woodbury (K-6)Buyout
48.34G7803 - Hasan18717LinChristineFemale8th Grade4 or moreYes4 = ExcellenttennisIUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)Buyout
29.43G7803 - Hasan27807AckermannNataliaFemale7th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodTUSD (Tustin)Pioneer (7-8)Buyout
313.81G7803 - Hasan37802FangMingyueFemale7th GradeNoneNo1 = New to SportsIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
28.54G7803 - Hasan48713PhanAdelineFemale8th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not ListedMasuda Middle SchoolBuyout
29.421G7803 - Hasan57801HasanHelenaFemale7th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)Co-Coach
112.42G7803 - Hasan68721RajulaMischka ReddyFemale8th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)Buyout
310.82G7803 - Hasan77804ElsharkasyJudyFemale7th Grade1 SeasonNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not ListedOCSBuyout
4113G7803 - Hasan88722MansoorZoyaFemale8th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Rancho San Joaquin (7-8)Buyout
3103G7801 - Lam17805DoshiRiyaFemale7th Grade4 or moreYes4 = ExcellentPateadores ECRL soccer M/W and Matt Leinhart Females in FlagIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)Buyout
Winter Evals5'9.6No ShowG7801 - Lam27809BuiKaylaFemale7th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Beacon Park (K-8)Buyout
4843G7801 - Lam38711ChangHaileyFemale8th Grade4 or moreNo3 = GoodIUSD (Irvine)Portola Springs (K-6)Head Coach
48.44G7801 - Lam38715HalsellCamrynFemale8th Grade3 SeasonsNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not ListedAliso Viejo Middle schoolBuyout
No ShowG7801 - Lam57810LeQuangKanaFemale7th Grade3 SeasonsYes3 = GoodRec tennis - Mondays, ice skating - usually Tuesdays/Wed.IUSD (Irvine)Vista Verde (K-8)Buyout
39.43G7801 - Lam67806SinthusiriSammieFemale7th Grade2 SeasonsYes3 = GoodKarateIUSD (Irvine)Sierra Vista (7-8)Buyout
110.73G7801 - Lam78716BanzonMaliyaFemale8th Grade2 SeasonsNo2 = NovicePrivate School/District Not ListedSantiago middle schoolBuyout
111.22G7801 - Lam88723ZarBellaFemale8th Grade2 SeasonsNo3 = GoodPrivate School/District Not ListedHoly Family Catholic SchoolBuyout

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