League Rules


Basketball League

Thank you for volunteering! Below are important updates about the league.

1. Evaluations: Player evaluations take place Sunday, Nov. 6th, 2022.

Important: All coaches must watch their entire division and take notes.

Evaluations Responsibilities:

A. Sign the back of your child’s evaluation number to verify you are willing to coach
B. Observe your division and take notes – we will have a space for the coaches on the court (Boys 3rd Grade coaches should show up at the earliest start time of their group)

2. TeamSnap: We will be importing your teams into TeamSnap. As part of the preseason we will be creating your placeholder team and adding you as the coach. After drafts we will be importing all players into TeamSnap. Please do not change team names!!

3. Teams Drafts: We will update this page with specific day/times for the drafts which are held on Google Meet online.

4. Communication: Once your teams have been drafted we ask that coaches reach out to their teams within the next 24 hours introducing yourselves as the coach

5. Practice Allocations: Team practice slots will open after the last draft. An email will be sent to all coaches with a link to the Coaches Portal and instructions on how to book a slot.

6. Team Schedules: We are unable to start working on team schedules until after the Team Drafts end (Wed, Nov. 23rd). Please do not reach out with special schedule requests. Schedules are set to go live by Wed, Nov 30th.

7. Jersey/Apparel Pickup: Pickup for the Rookie League will take place Nov 13th. Youth League coaches will need to pick up their team bundles Evaluations. Details will be released after bundles are built.

Joining Google Meet for Team Drafts

To join the draft using Google Meet, please make sure to copy the emailed link to your browser. If you are using a phone, you will need to download the Google Meet mobile app. If you are on a desktop, the link should take you straight to the draft.

You will need to log in to a Google account to access the draft. Please make sure that you do not have any added security features preventing you from joining the draft. If you do, you my use the Call-In Feature but you may have a harder time following the draft.

Team Drafts

All teams in the 3rd Grade – High School divisions are formed via team drafts. Please view important information below.

Draft Rules

The draft follows the rules of a snake draft. If there are 4 coaches numbered 1-4 the picks would go as follows:

  • Round 1: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Round 2: 4, 3, 2, 1
  • Round 3: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • and so on…

Evaluations Guidelines

All players are expected to attend evaluations. If they are not present, they will be placed on the Wait List and marked as “No Eval.” These players are ineligible to be drafted* and will instead be randomly assigned to a team at the end of a draft until all teams have 10 players (or 11 if a coach is willing). These players cannot be traded.

* The only way these players can be selected is if a coach volunteers information about the player before the draft begins. This information should include the player’s approximate height, position, notable skills (e.g. good ball handler or shooter) and a ranking between 1-10. If the player is mentioned in this way, they are only eligible to be drafted in the first 3 rounds – after which, they will be randomly assigned to teams at the end of the draft.

**New: If players are on the wait-list and we do not have enough coaches to take all players than no players can be nominated and will instead be a random hat pick at the end until all teams have 10 players.**

Coaches’ Children

Coaches’ children are automatically placed on their own team. They will be ranked by our staff from evaluations and placed in the round they were identified as minus ONE round. **New** If a coaches pick is a 1st round player adjusted to 2nd round pick they will go at the end of the draft. Example if there are 6 coaches and 2 have a player deemed a 1st round pick they would take slots 5 and 6.

In the event that a coach has multiple children on the same team, the lowest-ranked player will use their real rating. Example: A coach has 2 children that were ranked as a 1st round pick and 2nd round pick. The coach would have his children as a 2nd round and 3rd round pick.


Trades will be conducted at the end of the draft. Coaches do not have to accept trades and players can only be traded +/- one round pick.

Example: If a coach is attempting to receive a different team’s 3rd round pick, only his or hers 2nd, 3rd and 4th round players would be eligible in the trade.

Any players caught performing poorly on purpose (“sand-bagging”) at evaluations will be treated as a 1st round pick and not subject to the minus one round rule.

Team Drafts

Drafts are via Google Meet. Please make sure you can login before your designated time slot
Links have not been set up yet - Look for an email this coming week

Nov 16thWednesdayGirls 3rd/4th6:00p7:00phttps://meet.google.com/adb-qyfp-kny
Nov 16thWednesdayGirls 7th/8th7:00p7:45phttps://meet.google.com/pwn-qpgh-mpv
Nov 16thWednesdayBoys 3rd7:45p9:30phttps://meet.google.com/svc-hbkm-wzz
Nov 17thThursdayGirls 5th/6th5:45p6:45phttps://meet.google.com/zsb-mpub-gmp
Nov 17thThursdayBoys 6th6:45p8:15phttps://meet.google.com/wdv-mvzy-moa
Nov 17thThursdayBoys 4th8:15p9:30phttps://meet.google.com/fvt-qnku-scc
Nov 21stMondayBoys 8th6:00p7:00phttps://meet.google.com/eip-iohp-ixm
Nov 21stMondayBoys 7th7:00p8:15phttps://meet.google.com/xth-vend-ynf
Nov 21stMondayBoys 5th8:15p9:30phttps://meet.google.com/rsa-ocxg-twq
Nov 22ndTuesdayHigh School8:00p9:00phttps://meet.google.com/czv-ijqm-ndc

Contact Your Team

Sample email for after your team's draft.

Hi Team,

My name is Coach [Name] and I will be your coach for the 2022-23 Basketball Winter League! Our Team ID for the schedule is [ex. G3401 – Last Name].

Our first game will be on Sunday, Dec. 4th. We will be holding our first practice on [insert date]. The League hasn’t sent out the schedule yet, but I’ll reach out with an update when I have it to let you know where we will be meeting and what I’ll be wearing.

Looking forward to this upcoming season!

[Coaches Name]

Rookie League

Boys TK (Winter Only)


Boys K–2nd Grade


Girls K–2nd Grade


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