Basketball Fall League

Aug. 21st thru Oct. 23rd, 2022

Registration • $215 $265
Discount ends July 4th Limited Availability

Please note: Parent volunteer buyout = $59

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SoCal Elite’s Basketball Leagues offer the best, most organized experience for all ages and skill levels in the Irvine and Tustin areas. The Fall League serves as a ramp up for the primary basketball season – winter.

  • Boys or Girls: K thru 8th grade
  • Day/Time: Sundays after 11 AM
  • Season: 6 weeks
  • Location: IUSD / TUSD gyms

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Baraa K.
March 3, 2019

We started with SoCal Elite in the rec leagues and moved up to club basketball thereafter. All together, we’ve been with SoCal Elite for about 5 years. In the leagues and academy, SoCal Elite provided my son with the environment to work on his individual skills and fundamentals. Overall, I recommend SoCal Elite if your child is serious about basketball.

Rob S.
June 6, 2018

SoCal Elite has it all. Whether you’re looking for a rec league, a camp, weekly training or a club team, SoCal Elite has it covered. My son has been playing in SoCal Elite since kinder and started with the parent-coached rec league. That was was a great time coaching his teams for several years and seeing his growth as a player. So if you’re looking for a great way to bond with your kid, SoCal Elite has it.

Mike F.
January 6, 2018

My two boys played SoCal Elite basketball and really enjoyed it. I’ve been involved in other youth sports organizations but admittedly I don’t know much about basketball. They took the time to train me and educate me so I could help our team. It was always a great experience. Now that my boys are older, one of them is actually a referee for them. It’s a great organization.

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Rookie (K–2nd)

Boys or Girls

Beginner players with instruction and pregame practices. All games are played on 8-foot hoops. Each player is guaranteed 20 minutes of playing time per game and each team has up to 10 players max.


6 practices/games guaranteed!

  • Boys K–2nd: Sundays after 11 AM
  • Girls K–2nd: Sundays after 11 AM

Practice + Game = 1.5 hours each week

Locations (Irvine & Tustin)

  • IUSD gyms
  • TUSD gyms

Divisions (Boys or Girls)

  • BK (Kindergarten)
  • B1 (1st Grade)
  • B2 (2nd Grade)
  • GK-1 (Girls K-1st)
  • G1-2 (Girls 1st-2nd)

Youth (2nd–8th)

Boys or Girls

Youth players looking for equal playing time and skill levels. Each player is guaranteed 20 minutes of playing time per game and each team has up to 10 players max.


6+ games guaranteed!

  • Boys 2nd–8th: Sundays after 11 AM
  • Girls 3rd–8th: Sundays after 11 AM

Locations (Irvine & Tustin)

  • IUSD gyms
  • TUSD gyms

Divisions (Boys or Girls)

  • B3 (3rd Grade)
  • B4 (4th Grade)
  • B5 (5th Grade)
  • B6 (6th Grade)
  • B7/8 (7th/8th Grade)
  • G3 (3rd/4th Grade)
  • G2 (5th/6th Grade)
  • G1 (7th/8th Grade)

About The League

Calendar of Events

June 1st: Registration opens

Aug. 21st: Player Evaluations + Apparel Pickup (Rookie & Youth)

Aug. 28th–31st: Youth League Drafts

Sep. 1st–5th: Team Formation (Rookie & Youth)

Sep. 8th: Schedules and Team Rosters published (rosters are Rookie divisions only; Youth League divisions should be contacting directly)

Sep. 11th: Week 1 Games

Sep. 18th: Week 2 Games

Sep. 25th: Week 3 Games

Oct. 2nd: Week 4 Games

Oct. 9th: Week 5 Games

Oct. 16th: Week 6 Games (Last week of Rookie divisions)

Oct. 23rd: Week 7 (Championship Sunday for Youth divisions)


SoCal Elite Sports prides itself on having the best youth basketball league in Orange County. What started out as a “Rookie League” for grades K–2nd has transformed into one of the largest youth basketball leagues in Orange County. After over 28 seasons, SoCal Elite has tailored its league to meet popular demands and has remained in tune with the ever-changing ways of basketball. Basketball is a dynamic sport in which trends, styles and rules are constantly being tweaked. The key to SoCal Elite’s success has been creating the most enjoyable experience possible for all players. Experienced staff members and coaches manage SoCal Elite’s operations, which leads to a more productive environment for players. Unlike most youth basketball organizations, SoCal Elite has four seasonal leagues in the spring, summer, fall and winter. This allows players to play year-round, if they so choose.

The Winter League is the prime time for youth basketball. During other seasons (spring, summer and fall), most youth players play multiple sports or have other obligations. As a result, our Spring/Summer/Fall Leagues are just 6-8 games on Sundays. The Spring/Summer/Fall Leagues are our off-season leagues and are primarily for those players who wish to play basketball games year-round. If you would like additional practice during our off-season leagues, please join our SoCal Elite Academy.

Our coaches are parent volunteers. Our staff members will assist any coaches who need help or who are coaching for the very first time.

All games are played at local IUSD / TUSD High School gyms, Concordia University, the Jewish Community Center (JCCOC) or at local community center gyms.

For our Rookie and Youth Divisions, equal participation for all players is guaranteed. Each player is guaranteed to play a minimum of 20 minutes per game.

For the Rookie Division, teams are formed by Division first then Schools/Areas. For the Youth Division, teams are formed by grade and through drafts after player evaluations.

SoCal Elite is always looking for volunteer basketball coaches for all seasonal leagues. If you are unable to, or do not want to, volunteer to help operate SoCal Elite’s basketball leagues efficiently, you are required to pay a ‘buy-out fee’ to cover the cost of bringing on additional staff members.

Fall League

SoCal Elite’s Youth Basketball Fall League and is for all boys or girls, ages 5-14. The League runs from September thru October with six games guaranteed and is for everyone: beginners, advanced and anyone in-between. SoCal Elite’s League is for players that wish to play in a basketball league with the most organized and enjoyable community-based environment.

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