2024 Basketball Fall League

  • Dates: Aug. 25th – Oct. 2024
  • Boys: K thru 8th grade
  • Girls: K thru 8th grade
  • Day/Time: Sundays after 10:30 AM
  • Season: 6-7 games
  • Location: IUSD / TUSD gyms

Calendar of Events

Tentative dates (subject to change)

Mon, June 10th: Registration opens
Fri, Aug. 23rd: Registration closes (wait list opens)

Sat, Aug. 25th: Youth (2nd–8th grade) divisions Player Evaluations

Tue, Sep. 3rd – Tue, Sep. 10th: Youth Divisions team drafts (by coaches)

Wed, Sep. 11th: Schedules and Team Rosters published

Sun, Sep. 15th: Week 1 Games
Sun, Sep. 22nd: Week 2 Games
Sun, Sep. 29th: Week 3 Games
Sun, Oct. 6th: Week 4 Games
Sun, Oct. 13th: Week 5 Games
Sun, Oct. 20th: Week 6 Games
Sun, Oct. 27th: Week 7 Games

2024 Basketball Fall League - Preformed Team Submission

Hi Coach!

Thank you for volunteering to be a Head Coach and registering a Preformed Team for this upcoming season. This registration will educate you on our policies and allow you to submit your roster.

Please do not complete this registration if you are not the Head Coach.

Preformed Teams Agreement

  1. A preformed team must not be a seasonal club team – this is a recreational league.
  2. Preformed teams must have 8-10 players.
  3. Preformed teams must wear current SoCal Elite uniforms during competition.
  4. Registration deadline for preformed teams is two weeks prior to preseason player evaluations. If the submitted roster is not complete, the coach must attend the draft to complete their roster.
  5. All teams will receive an email update of their status and rosters prior to the deadline.
  6. It is the coach’s responsibility to double-check and ensure all team members are correct.
  7. SoCal Elite Sports reserves the right to make changes throughout the season that we do not foresee.

If playing in a Preformed Division

  • Preformed Division games will not have a player participation rule. This means there are free substitutions with players checking in at the scorer's table.
  • No players can be added to the preformed team after the registration deadline and before the draft.

If playing in a Youth Division

  • Youth Division games have player participation rules and all players must play at least 20 minutes per game.
  • If a preformed team wins against one of the division's top drafted teams by 20+ points, that team will be required to play their next game up an additional division (+2 grade levels).

Preformed Division Placement

  • Preformed Division of the oldest player on the team with other preformed teams. (4+ teams required)
  • In the event we do not have 4+ preformed teams, your team would play up one grade in the Preformed Division (if available) or the Youth Division.

Participation Rules

  • Teams in the preformed divisions and any team playing them will not have player participation rules. This means there are free substitutions with players checking in at the scorer's table.
  • All playing time is determined by the coach.

Team Size

  • All preformed teams are required to have 8-10 players to be eligible to participate.
  • If a preformed team does not meet the required number of players, the coach will need to attend the Youth Division's draft and draft additional players to complete the team's roster.


  • Only the Head Coach may register as a volunteer during player registration.
  • All other preformed team members must pay the non-volunteer buyout fee.

Preformed Team Info

Preformed Team Roster