Pre-Built Team Submission

Pre-Built Team Agreement

  1. The Coach is responsible for contacting team members and following up on registrations.
  2. Pre-built teams for the League will play in a prebuilt division (4+ teams) OR the division equivalent to the oldest player on their team plus 1. (Example: A team of 3rd graders would play in the 4th grade division.). These teams must not be a seasonal club team. This is a recreational league.
    1. Teams playing in a prebuilt division (min 4 teams) will have bracket play at the end of the season with the top 2 teams receiving medals.
    2. Teams playing against drafted teams will not be playing in a bracket or have their games scores reflected in the standings. As these games are outside the standings there will not be any medals handed out. Teams will still get the same number of expected games.
  3. **New** Prebuilt teams and any teams they play against will not have a player participation rule. This means there are free substitutions with players checking in at the table.
    1. If a prebuilt team wins against one of a division's top drafted teams by 20+ points that team will be required to play their next game an additional division up (+2 grade levels).
  4. It is the Coach's responsibility to notify their team of the rule changes and placement of teams (prebuilt division or playing up) .
  5. It is the coach’s responsibility to obtain player Roster information. Roster information consists of player name, email and grade.
  6. Pre-built teams MUST have a minimum of 9 players.
  7. Pre-built teams MUST wear current SoCal Elite uniforms during competition.
  8. Registration deadline for Pre-built teams is two (2) weeks prior to league evaluations. If the roster is not complete, then players will be automatically placed in the draft and drafted.
  9. No players will be added to the team after the two (2) weeks prior evaluations.
  10. All 2nd grade players playing up must register in the 3rd grade division. (Youth Division, NOT Rookie Division)
  11. All teams will receive an email update of their status and rosters prior to the deadline.
  12. It is the coach’s responsibility to double-check and ensure all team members are correct.
  13. There are NO REFUNDS for players on teams who were unable to reach 9 players.
  14. SoCal Elite Sports reserves the right to make changes throughout the season that we do not foresee.

Pre-Built Team Info

Pre-Built Team Roster