Welcome to Preseason

We hope you are excited as we are to kick off our Volleyball Fall League! All players MUST attend evaluations/intro to skills on August 26th. 

T-shirt and apparel order info can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Player Info and Orders

Player's Grade should reflect "2023-2024 School Year"
*notify us if player info is incorrect*

2023 Fall Volleyball League

FirstLastGenderGradeT-shirt SizeVolleyballSocksHatWomen's JacketParent Volunteer Role
AbigailAbyMale4th GradeYouth LargeNoYouth SocksNoNo
AlyssaParsiFemale5th GradeYouth LargeNoNoNoNoVolunteer Coach
AmelieSevinFemale5th GradeAdult SmallNoNoNoNo
AnkithKrishnanMale4th GradeYouth MediumNoNoNoNo
AnnabelleFuFemale6th GradeYouth MediumNoNoNoNoVolunteer Coach
ArjunMangarajuMale5th GradeYouth LargeNoNoNoNo
CaliWangFemale4th GradeYouth LargeNoNoNoNo
CalistaValesFemale4th GradeYouth MediumVolleyballNoNoNo
CamillaLauFemale6th GradeAdult SmallNoNoNoNoVolunteer Coach
CelineTsogkhuuFemale6th GradeYouth LargeNoNoNoNo
ElleOstowskiFemale5th GradeYouth SmallVolleyballYouth SocksNoAdult Small
EmmaBlockFemale6th GradeAdult SmallNoYouth SocksNoNoVolunteer Coach
EvelynKimFemale4th GradeYouth LargeNoNoNoNo
FelixZhangMale5th GradeYouth LargeVolleyballNoNoNoPlayer Evaluations Coordinator
FrankZhangMale5th GradeYouth LargeVolleyballNoNoNoPlayer Evaluations Coordinator
HarperWuFemale5th GradeYouth MediumNoNoNoNo
JacobGordinMale5th GradeYouth LargeNoNoNoNo
JanelleYauMale4th GradeYouth MediumNoNoNoNoVolunteer Coach
JillBaileyFemale5th GradeYouth MediumNoNoNoNo
JonahKimMale6th GradeYouth LargeNoNoNoNo
Jun SuOkMale6th GradeAdult MediumNoRookie SocksAdult HatNo
KarinaThomasFemale4th GradeYouth MediumNoNoNoNo
KaylaSajadianFemale4th GradeYouth MediumVolleyballNoNoNo
KaylaTongFemale4th GradeYouth MediumVolleyballNoNoNo
KingsleyDaiMale5th GradeYouth LargeNoYouth SocksYouth HatNo
LandonNaganoMale4th GradeYouth MediumNoNoNoNoPlayer Evaluations Coordinator
LeilaTaletovicFemale6th GradeYouth LargeNoNoNoNo
MonaMongeFemale5th GradeYouth LargeNoNoNoNo
NolanKapadiaMale5th GradeYouth LargeVolleyballYouth SocksYouth HatNo
OliviaLauFemale4th GradeYouth MediumNoNoNoNoVolunteer Coach
RachelHokensFemale4th GradeYouth MediumNoNoNoNo
ScarlettO'KellyFemale5th GradeYouth LargeNoNoNoNo
SiennaSheferFemale4th GradeAdult SmallNoNoNoNo
SOPHIACHIANGFemale4th GradeAdult SmallNoNoNoNo
SophiaAllamehzadehFemale6th GradeYouth LargeNoNoNoNo
sophiamcmahonFemale6th GradeYouth LargeNoNoNoNo
SophieXuFemale5th GradeYouth LargeNoNoNoNo
SydneyLuFemale6th GradeYouth MediumNoNoNoNoVolunteer Coach
TrishaKherFemale6th GradeYouth LargeNoNoNoNo
VioletWinnenFemale4th GradeYouth MediumVolleyballNoNoNoVolunteer Coach
ZivaSahulFemale6th GradeYouth MediumNoNoNoNoVolunteer Coach
FirstLastGenderGradeT-shirt SizeVolleyballSocksHatWomen's JacketParent Volunteer Role
AafiyaMahmoodFemale8th GradeAdult MediumNoNoNoNo
AaravShaliaMale9th GradeYouth MediumNoNoNoNo
AarushKeerthiMale7th GradeAdult MediumNoNoNoNoVolunteer Coach
AkhileshKuppiliMale8th GradeAdult MediumNoNoNoNo
AlexLovelandMale7th GradeAdult SmallNoNoNoNo
AliIdrissMale8th GradeAdult SmallNoNoNoNo
Ana LuizaSousaFemale8th GradeYouth SmallNoNoNoNo
christinahuFemale7th GradeAdult MediumNoNoNoNoVolunteer Coach
DanielaDeSantisFemale8th GradeAdult MediumNoRookie SocksNoNo
DerekChenMale8th GradeAdult SmallNoNoNoNo
EllaAholaFemale8th GradeAdult SmallNoNoNoNo
EllenKIMFemale7th GradeYouth LargeNoNoNoNo
EmilieRiveraFemale7th GradeAdult SmallNoNoNoNo
Emma BlueStarkeFemale8th GradeYouth LargeNoNoNoNo
EthanSingerMale7th GradeAdult SmallVolleyballNoNoNo
EvanBrooksMale8th GradeAdult SmallNoNoNoNoPlayer Evaluations Coordinator
GavinMengMale7th GradeAdult SmallNoNoNoNo
HeidiGriggsFemale7th GradeYouth MediumNoYouth SocksNoNo
HeidiGriggsFemale7th GradeYouth MediumNoYouth SocksNoNo
IsabellaHsiaFemale7th GradeYouth MediumNoNoNoNo
JasonPhamMale7th GradeYouth LargeNoNoNoNoVolunteer Coach
KaylaKwakFemale7th GradeAdult SmallNoNoNoNo
KennethWangMale7th GradeAdult SmallNoNoNoNo
LiaHarveyFemale8th GradeAdult MediumNoNoNoNoVolunteer Coach
LoganSunMale7th GradeAdult X-LargeNoNoNoNo
LydiaMorganFemale7th GradeAdult SmallNoNoNoNo
Mengxuan AliceLiFemale7th GradeYouth LargeNoNoNoNo
MilenaAllredFemale8th GradeAdult MediumNoNoNoNo
NathanSoMale8th GradeAdult SmallNoNoNoNo
NicolasTsaiMale8th GradeAdult SmallVolleyballNoNoNo
QuinleyChoyFemale7th GradeYouth LargeNoNoNoNoPlayer Evaluations Coordinator
ReaganChiFemale8th GradeAdult MediumNoNoNoNo
SalmaEssahebFemale7th GradeAdult MediumNoNoNoNo
SoNomuraFemale8th GradeAdult SmallNoNoNoNo
SophiaPenjwiniFemale7th GradeAdult SmallNoNoNoNo
VinaVatandoustFemale7th GradeYouth MediumNoNoNoNo
WilliamRivera, Jr.Male8th GradeAdult LargeNoNoNoNo
ZoeWeichselbergerFemale9th GradeAdult MediumNoNoNoNo
ZoyaFreemanFemale7th GradeYouth MediumNoNoNoNo

Player Evaluations/Intro to Skills

(4th–9th Grade)

Please arrive 15 minutes earlier than your child’s start time by grade. If you ordered additional apparel, you will be able to pick it up during check-in. 

Player Evaluation/Introduction to Skills is MANDATORY

Note: Do not bring a volleyball to evaluations.

Saturday, August 26th

Times: See table below

University High School Gyms

4771 Campus Drive Irvine, CA 92612

Evaluation Times

Important: Arrive 15 minutes before scheduled start time to check-in.

GradesStart EndLocation
4th-6th10:00AM11:30AMUniversity High School Main Gym
7th-9th12:00PM1:30PMUniversity High School Main Gym


Gym entrance is next to the parking lot off Culver Dr.

League Info

Calendar of Events


Thu, June 1st: Player registration opens
Fri, Aug. 25th: Player registration closes

Sat, Aug. 26th: Player evaluations & introduction

Mon, Aug. 28th – Fri, Sep. 1st: Formation of teams
Tue, Sep. 5th: Team rosters and schedules published

Sat, Sep. 9th: Week 1 – Practice/matches
Sat, Sep. 16th: Week 2 – Practice/matches
Sat, Sep. 23rd: Week 3 – Practice/matches
Sat, Sep. 30th: Week 4 – Practice/matches
Sat, Oct. 7th: Week 5 – Practice/matches
Sat, Oct. 21st: Week 6 – Practice/matches
Sat, Oct. 28th: Week 7 – Championship Week (Added)


Player Evaluation Day gives SoCal Elite’s volleyball coaching staff an opportunity to observe each player’s volleyball ability and knowledge before teams are formed. Each registered player will go through a basic volleyball skill assessment that encompasses passing, setting, hitting, and serving.

After players are evaluated, teams will be formed internally to provide a competitive and fun experience for all players. Teams are coed and formed by dispersing talent as evenly as possible to ensure fairness – they are not limited by the number of boys or girls on each team.

Our volleyball league practices will be led by SoCal Elite’s volleyball coaching staff with the help of Parent Coach volunteers.

SoCal Elite is always looking for volunteer Parent Coaches for all seasonal leagues. If you are unable to, or do not want to, volunteer to help operate SoCal Elite’s volleyball leagues efficiently, you are required to pay a ‘buy-out fee’ to cover the cost of bringing on additional staff members.

Each week there will be a two-hour session for players to get an opportunity to practice and play scrimmages. Your whole division will practice together. After practice is over, your team will play a scheduled scrimmage against another team in your division. Depending on the division’s volleyball ability, there may be modifications to the games to provide the best experience.