2015 SoCal-Elite Spring Basketball League

2016 Spring Basketball League Welcome Letter

Hi Parents,

Thank you for registering for our 2016 Spring Basketball League! The season is just around the corner!

Please read all of the following information below. This is a tentative schedule of important dates to remember for Spring League:

January 31st: Early Bird Fee Expires
February 28th: Registration closes @ midnight
March 13th (Sun): Evaluations | Jersey Pickup
March 14th – 17th: Teams will be formed (Coaches Draft)
March 15th: Finalized Schedule will be posted
March 17th: Coaches will contact players
March 18th: Team rosters will be posted online!
March 20th (Sun): Spring League Begins!
March 27th (Sun): Easter Sunday (NO GAMES)
March 28th – 31st: Spring Break Camp
May 1st (Sun): Final Weekend | Championship Sunday (Possible Double Headers)

*Schedule subject to change
We will be sending more info in the coming weeks!


Thank you,

SoCal-Elite Staff

On-Ball Basketball Defense for Beginners

Did you know that you be the worst offensive player on your team and still become one of the main reason why your team wins.

For example, former NBA great Bruce Bowen was one of the worst offensive players on the San Antonio Spurs. However, his excellent defense play on the opponent’s best offensive player on a nightly basis helped propel the San Antonio Spurs to 3 NBA Championships, evidenced by the fact the NBA elected him into its NBA All-Defensive Team 8 times throughout his illustrious career.

Playing excellent defense is as important, if not more important, as scoring the ball a lot. Even if your shots are going through the basket, you can keep your team in the game just by playing defense and preventing your opponent from scoring.

Playing good on-ball basketball defense mostly comes down to how badly do you want to prevent your opponent from scoring. You have to mentally possess the mindset that you will not let your opponent score.

Here, I will lay down some fundamental on-ball defensive techniques that will get you started on becoming one of the best defensive players on your team.

1. Arm/Hand Movement and Positioning. Use your arms and hands to your advantage. Use it to not only to steal the ball, but also to deflect passes and block your opponent’s vision of the entire court to prevent him or her from finding an open player. Also, as a general guideline, keep the hand opposite of the side your opponent dribbling the ball down with palm up so you can steal the ball, while keeping the same hand up to block your opponent’s vision.

2. Feet positioning. Make sure to keep your foot shoulder-width apart and bend your knees in a comfortable position so you can quickly move around while sliding. Players especially at youth level should force the opponent to dribble towards his weak-hand to have more success to prevent him or her from scoring. Also, make sure to stay on your toes to have quicker reaction time instead of on your heels.

3. Slide your feet. When you are sliding your feet, push off your inside foot to slide quickly towards one direction. For example, when sliding to the left, push off your right foot to quickly slide to the left side. Also, make sure your foot does not cross, or else the offensive player will immediately drive past you if he or she changes direction.

4. Do not jump on shot fakes. I see a lot of youth basketball players jump to try to block a shot when the oppenent fakes to shoot the ball. An effective technique to disrupt a person’s shot would be to put your hands up while maintaining good positioning in case he or she tries to drive past you. If you can, try to put your hand close to the shooter’s face to disrupt his or her shot even more effectively.

Despite these fundamental techniques I have laid out as a foundation, it is definitely not enough to make you become an excellent defensive player. Practice and repetition is the key to becoming a solid defender. Join our Weekly Training Basketball Academy to put these defensive techniques to use and learn how to play good defense in different game-like situations.

SoCal-Elite Basketball Camp III

SoCal-Elite Basketball Camp III Recap

Day One (8/11)

SoCal-Elite’s third Summer Basketball Camp kicked-off Monday morning as about 90 eager campers walked into the gym at 9:00am. Before the fun and games, all of the coaches were introduced and ground rules were set to make sure each player had the best experience at camp. All players were then divided into groups, first by age and then by skill level. Like any sport, it is always important to start off with a warm up. Coaches led warm ups in each individual group, ages 4 to 14, through ball handling and stretching. Next was the core of the camp, stations. Monday’s stations consisted of six stations in the areas of: 1. Ball handling, 2. Shooting, 3. Passing, 4. Footwork, 5. Defense, and 6. Lay-ups. Each station ran about ten minutes long and players were able to interact with every coach through the rotations as they learned and practiced a new skill. Lastly, campers ended the day with 5 on 5 scrimmages and closed with a traditional SCE huddle.

Day Two (8/12)

On Tuesday morning, campers were up bright and early at the SCCCA. Just before nine o’ clock, balls were flying; players were already dribbling and shooting baskets while they waited for the starting whistle to sound. As always, warm up groups were divided and the day began. Campers fell into a routine of warm ups, stations, snack, and games after day two. Tuesday’s stations were 20 minutes long and focused on: hand-eye coordination using tennis balls, shooting in the key, shooting form, and transitions from defense to offense.

Day Three (8/13)

Before Day Three of camp began, players were working hard to perfect their free throws, jump shots, and some of them, their three pointers. Some coaches were showing off their 3-point range, trick shots, and not quite perfected dunks. Wednesday’s warm ups included pivot squats, figure 8 dribbling between the legs, bear crawls, and backwards dribbling. The day’s stations of three 20-minute rotations focused on two ball dribbling, a defensive shell drill that showed players how to position their bodies -“see player, see ball”, and games of lightning.

Day Four (8/14)

Thursday was probably the day most campers were excited but sad about because it was the last day! Just before the last day of camp started, campers were practicing on their own while others had fun watching some of our coaches compete in games of lightning. After warm ups, teams were given jerseys and then split off into stations. Thursday’s stations comprised of 20-minute rotations of ball handling, games, and more games! At the end of camp each player took home a SoCal-Elite shirt, a drawstring bag, kid’s meal vouchers, OC Youth Sports bracelets, and a new basketball. At the end of the week, all players had a great time playing and learning about basketball, improved on their skills, and took home awesome gifts and memories!

If you or some you know is interested in joining our final summer basketball of the summer (Aug. 25-28), click here: SoCal-Elite Summer Basketball Camp IV