Before learning the vast amount of different shots in basketball, all youth basketball players need to learn how to shoot a basic layup first. A layup is the easiest shot to learn and most of the points in youth basketball comes from making a layup.

Before shooting the layup, you get to take 2 steps towards the basket without the referee calling a traveling violation on you.

Therefore, step with your right foot first, then jump off of your left foot elevating the right knee as high as you can when attemping a right-handed layup. The opposite applies if you are attempting to shoot a left-handed layup; first step will be with your left foot, then take off with your right foot, elevating your left knee up.

All basketball players, especially youth basketball players, must utilize the backboard when they attempt a layup. To use the backboard try to hit the top corner on the square that is on the side you shoot the layup with the basketball. Therefore, if you are attempting to shoot a right-handed layup, try to have the basketball hit the top right hand corner of the square on the backboard. If you are attempting a layup on the left side of the basket, try to hit the top left-hand corner of the square on the backboard.

Try to learn how to use the hand of the side you are on. Therefore, utilize your right hand when shooting a right-handed layup while utilizing the left hand to make a left-handed layup.

At first it can be difficult to develop coordination to shoot a layup on both sides of the basket. However, please not get discouraged if you have trouble maintaining the correct footwork and shot for a layup. Hard work will always prevail at the end.