Many youth basketball coaches and players run the pick and roll since they can effectively easily score while keeping the game simple. A pick and roll occurs when the on-ball screener sets the screen for the ball-handler, then cuts to the basket as soon as the ball-handler goes off the screen.

One problem I have noticed relates to the vulnerable position the screener places himself or herself in for a referee to call an illegal screen violation on him or her, resulting in a turnover.

Both the screener AND the ball handler can be at fault for different causes that results in an illegal screen violation.

Referee can call an illegal screen violation for a variety of reasons. I Listed below the most common causes for an illegal-screen violation and a solution to prevent that from occurring.

Cause: Ball-screener does not have his body set and moves his feet while the ball-handler is driving past the ball-screener.

Solution: The screener has to set his foot shoulder width apart to have a wide base to cover more ground to screen the opponent. Furthermore, the ball-handler should try to rub his inside shoulder (shoulder closest to screener) with the screener to prevent the screener from feeling tempted to either shuffle his or her feet or move his or her upper body to screen whoever the ball-handler’s defender.

Cause: Ball-handler does not let the screener set the screen. This occurs in a pick and roll play when the ball-handler shows no patience and drives to the basket before the screener has time to set the screen. The violation occurs even if the screener has his body set while ballhandler drives by the ball-screener due to the lack of opportunity for the defensive player to react to a screen being set.

Solution: On a pick and roll play, the ball-handler needs to wait for the screener to set the screen before he makes his move to the basket.

Cause: Ball-screener moves outside body parts, including knees, foot, and any part of the arm outside of the width of his screen, which is shoulder width apart.

Solution: Simple. Keep all of your body part tucked in and within shoulder width apart.

If you have any question in regards to illegal screen movements, please comment below.