Thank You

Thank you for coaching with us in the 2023-24 School Year. We genuinely appreciate all of your help working with the players in our community.

We are considering a number of changes for the 2024-25 school year’s leagues, but we wanted to first give coaches an opportunity to offer suggestions and feedback based on previous league experience.

Please review the proposed changes below, and complete our brief survey with feedback to improve future leagues.

Overview of Changes

All suggestions are subject to change and will be finalized before the start of next preseason.

1. Head Coach Discount

Selected Head Coaches (no Co-Coaches) who complete the following will be refunded their Player’s League fee (not including apparel items, City of Irvine fee, etc.) after the second week of play.

    1. Complete the coach survey.
    2. Approved as a Head Coach for a drafted team (no Co-Coach).
    3. Attend both Player Evaluations (see section 2 below for changes).
    4. Nominate and submit top 10 players in your division (section 2).
    5. Attend team’s draft.

2. Player Evaluations

    1. Evaluations will only consist of 1 week of scrimmages. The entire division will have the same evaluation time and will be split into 20 players on a court in teams of 10 (wearing white & black reversible SoCal Elite jerseys). Teams will rotate to play one quarter each against different teams to give coaches an opportunity to see how players do in game situations.
    2. Coaches will be required to nominate their top 10 players in their division including coaches’ kids.

3. Team Drafts

    1. Coaches will be required to draft their 1st round pick from their top player list.
    2. From here the draft will continue as normal in a snake draft.
    3. Coaches’ kids will be drafted in whichever round they are determined to be.
    4. “No Eval” players will be eligible to be drafted in the first three rounds (limit 1 drafted no-eval player per team). If players miss evaluations and are not drafted they will be placed at the end of the draft on a random team (if there is space) or on the bottom of the wait list.

4. Indoor Gym Time

We will continue to try and get indoor gym time for teams to utilize on Fridays and Saturdays. We cannot guarantee that we will have access to gyms but when we do we will release them to coaches.

5. End-of-Season Brackets

We would like to move away from end-of-season brackets and instead focus entirely on pool play.

    1. Divisions with 4-6 teams will likely remain in one pool with winners determined by overall standings.
    2. Divisions with 7+ teams will likely split into two different pools after the second or third week of games. Split would be based on team performance to provide more competitive games.

6. Stats Tracking

We will be asking parents and our table to track individual points per game to get an average points scored per player in each season. This will only be viewable by coaches and be additional information to help coaches better draft teams.

7. Pre-built Teams and Keeping your Teams Together

One of the difficulties when it comes to drafts is that we often have coaches ask to either form a pre-built team (pre-selected players that play one division up) or coaches who want to keep their drafted teams together from the previous season.

Our ideal solution is to create standalone divisions for pre-built / pre-drafted teams.

If you have any suggestions please indicate it in the survey.


2023-24 Coaching Survey