Once you catch the basketball, especially out on the perimeter, immediately set yourself into a triple threat position. One of the basic fundamental rules when holding a basketball, a triple threat position makes you an immediate threat to make a basketball move that leads to the score. The term “Triple Threat” comes from the fact that you have 3 options that you can make from a triple threat position. This is a position every offensive player should be in when they still have used their dribble yet.

To be in a good triple threat position, you need to spread your feet shoulder width apart, slightly bend your knees, and be ready to shoot at any time.

Once you are in a good triple threat position, you have three options. Those three options are to shoot, to pass, or to dribble the ball and drive towards the basket. Furthermore, facing the basket while in a triple threat position can help you see the entire court to read the defensive players and to identify any open players on your team. Furthermore, you can move around in position while setting a pivot foot by performing basic moves like the jab step.

If you master the triple threat position, unlimited amount of moves exist for you to utilize your footwork to easily score the ball for either yourself or for your teammates.