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HOME (White Jersey) is the second or bottom team listed.
Rookie (TK–2nd Grade) times posted are when practice starts.

Calendar of Events

October 22: Evaluations (3rd–8th Grade)
October 28/29: Make-up Evaluations (2nd–8th Grade)
November 4th : Make-up Evaluations (2nd Grade)
November 5th thru 10th: Drafts & Teams Formation
November 10: Youth League (3rd–8th) Teams Released

November 10–12: Veteran’s Day Weekend (NO Games)

November 12: Youth League (3rd–8th) Schedules Released
November 18th : Make-up Evaluations (2nd Grade)
November 18-19: Youth League (3rd–8th) Preseason Games

November 28: Rookie League (TK–2nd) Teams & Schedules Released

December 2-3 (Week 1): First Rookie & Youth League Games
December 9-10 (Week 2): Second Rookie & Youth League Games
December 16-17 (Week 3): Third Rookie & Youth League Games

December 18 – January 5 (Holiday Break): NO Games

January 6-7 (Week 4): Fourth Rookie & Youth League Games
January 13-14 (Week 5): Fifth Rookie & Youth League Games
January 20-21 (Week 6): Sixth Rookie & Youth League Games
January 27-28 (Week 7): Seventh Rookie & Youth League Games
February 3 (Week 8): Eighth & Final Rookie League Games
February 4: Super Bowl Sunday (No Youth League Games)

February 11 (Week 9): Eighth & Final Regular Season Youth Games

February 18 (Week 10): Youth League Playoff Games Begin
February 25 (Week 11): Youth League Championship Games