Triple Threat for Basketball Beginners

Once you catch the basketball, especially out on the perimeter, immediately set yourself into a triple threat position. One of the basic fundamental rules when holding a basketball, a triple threat position makes you an immediate threat to make a basketball move that leads to the score. The term “Triple Threat” comes from the fact that you have 3 options that you can make from a triple threat position. This is a position every offensive player should be in when they still have used their dribble yet.

To be in a good triple threat position, you need to spread your feet shoulder width apart, slightly bend your knees, and be ready to shoot at any time.

Once you are in a good triple threat position, you have three options. Those three options are to shoot, to pass, or to dribble the ball and drive towards the basket. Furthermore, facing the basket while in a triple threat position can help you see the entire court to read the defensive players and to identify any open players on your team. Furthermore, you can move around in position while setting a pivot foot by performing basic moves like the jab step.

If you master the triple threat position, unlimited amount of moves exist for you to utilize your footwork to easily score the ball for either yourself or for your teammates.

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Crossover Dribble for Basketball Beginners

Basketball players utilize the crossover dribble, one of the more basic ball-handling skills a youth player can learn, to create space from defenders. To perform a crossover dribble, you switch your hand from one hand to the other. If you crossover from your right to left hand, step with your right foot simultaneously while crossing over to make your crossover more effective.

To master a basic crossover, utilize these few key fundamental tips

1. Keep the ball low. When performing a crossover, make sure the ball stays below your knees. The higher the ball gets when performing a crossover dribble, the higher probability the defensive player will steal the ball.

2. Follow through on your crossover. I commonly observe youth basketball players not following through on their crossover dribble, losing the ball pretty often. To follow through is to make sure the hand that the ball was in initially to swing past the center of your body when switching from one hand to another. You should think of a swinging pendulum as an analogy, where your arms swing back and forth. Make sure to emphasize following through with your arms especially during stationary crossover drills.

3. Once you attempt to drive towards the basket after performing a crossover, swing your outside leg around towards the opposite side of the body. This will help you shield off your body from the defensive player when driving towards the basket.

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Basketball Layups for Beginners

Before learning the vast amount of different shots in basketball, all youth basketball players need to learn how to shoot a basic layup first. A layup is the easiest shot to learn and most of the points in youth basketball comes from making a layup.

Before shooting the layup, you get to take 2 steps towards the basket without the referee calling a traveling violation on you.

Therefore, step with your right foot first, then jump off of your left foot elevating the right knee as high as you can when attemping a right-handed layup. The opposite applies if you are attempting to shoot a left-handed layup; first step will be with your left foot, then take off with your right foot, elevating your left knee up.

All basketball players, especially youth basketball players, must utilize the backboard when they attempt a layup. To use the backboard try to hit the top corner on the square that is on the side you shoot the layup with the basketball. Therefore, if you are attempting to shoot a right-handed layup, try to have the basketball hit the top right hand corner of the square on the backboard. If you are attempting a layup on the left side of the basket, try to hit the top left-hand corner of the square on the backboard.

Try to learn how to use the hand of the side you are on. Therefore, utilize your right hand when shooting a right-handed layup while utilizing the left hand to make a left-handed layup.

At first it can be difficult to develop coordination to shoot a layup on both sides of the basket. However, please not get discouraged if you have trouble maintaining the correct footwork and shot for a layup. Hard work will always prevail at the end.


Basketball Pivot

Basketball Pivoting for Beginners

Imagine this for a moment…

You are playing in a basketball game and become stuck with the ball after dribbling. How can you move? Well, you cannot move by dribbling the ball or shuffling your feet around or else the referee will call a traveling violation on you.

However, players can pivot when holding onto the ball. Players pivot while in possession of the ball to move in any direction while still keeping the pivot foot still on the floor. The only way to move your pivot foot is to keep it on your toes to pivot around.

As you can see in the video, you can perform a front pivot or reverse pivot. To identify which foot is your pivot foot, consider which foot moves first once you hold onto the ball. You will be allowed to move that foot around while your opposite foot will be your pivot foot.

When you pivot, you want to stick your elbows out to gain more resistance against a defensive player trying to steal the ball away from you. When you pivot around, protect the ball and keep it away from your defensive player.

Also, you can rip through while you pivot. Ripping through means to swing your arms from one direction to the other to make it harder on the defensive player to steal the ball away from you.

When you rip through, you must keep the ball down, which will help keep your elbows down also. If you rip through with your elbows at the height around your head, your elbow will most likely knock your opponent down after hitting his or her face, resulting in an offensive foul or even a flagrant foul.

Executing the pivot technique will help result in less traveling violations against you and the rest of your team.

If you would like to master the pivot technique along with other fundamental basketball moves that will make you a better basketball player, please join and sign up for our Weekly Training Basketball Academy.

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SoCal-Elite Sports Announces Thanksgiving and Winter Break Basketball Camps

Register Now: 2014 Thanksgiving / Winter Basketball Camps

Irvine, CA – SoCal-Elite Sports is proud to announce the opening of registration for the 2014 Thanksgiving and Winter Break basketball camps. The Thanksgiving Camp will be held November 24-26 at Northwood High School. The two Winter Break Camps will be held December 22-24 and December 29-31.

All camps will be from 8:30am to 11:30am and include a FREE SoCal-Elite t-shirt and local Kid’s Meal vouchers.

The camp will feature professional, college, and high school coaches. With SoCal-Elite’s fall and winter league seasons right around the corner, the Thanksgiving and Winter Break basketball camps are an excellent avenue to refine your skill-sets.

Most importantly, these are fun and enjoyable camps where each camper will receive attention from the coaching staff. All of the campers will be grouped based on age and skill level, fostering a positive learning environment and a competitive atmosphere for all.

To register for SoCal-Elite’s Thanksgiving and Winter Break basketball camps, click here.